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Qingfeng pushed open the office door and stepped in.

"Honey, I just heard you on the phone! Where do you think you're going?" Qingfeng questioned with a smile.

When Xue saw that it was Qingfeng who came in, her expressions changed a bit. She tilted her head, and ignored him.

Xue Lin held her own hands together, and encouraged herself deep down. Don't talk to this terrible husband of yours, little Xue!

Qingfeng didn't care too much when Xue ignored him. He poured himself a glass of water and said, "Here honey, drink more water. It's good for you."

"Get out! I have to work." Xue pushed the glass of water aside with pride, and directly demanded Qingfeng to leave.

Qingfeng reluctantly left the office because he saw that Xue was a bit upset, which wouldn't do her body any good. He couldn't jeopardize her health conditions now.

When he was outside of the office, he felt rather bored. At the same time, he phone rang, and it was from Jiaojiao Liu.

In the phone, Jiaojiao Liu told Qingfeng that her sister Ruyan Liu felt a sudden pain in her abdomen, and was rushed to the hospital.

After Qingfeng got the information of Ruyan Liu's hospital, he informed Xiaoyue Zhang of his leave, and rushed to the hospital. Could it be that Ruyan was going through labour? He worried deeply.

Inside the maternity section of the hospital, Ruyan Liu laid on the bed; her attractive face was entirely pale, with pesized drops of sweat incessantly pouring out, as she cried for help endlessly.

Next to Ruyan Liu, Jiaojiao Liu held her sister's hand and comforted her, "Elder sister don't worry, brother-in-law is on his way."

A fifty-some year old woman was in charge of checking out Ruyan Liu, she wore a pair of glasses with a rather round face. She had a white lab coat on, and was very quiet, even when Ruyan Liu cried in paim, so this ob-gyn was clearly experienced.

"Don't worry, I'm just inspecting you" the doctor comforted her and smiled.

When Qingfeng rushed into the room, and saw Ruyan screaming, his heart trembled.

"Doctor, is she nearly there?" Qingfeng asked while he pointed at Ruyan Liu on the bed.

The doctor frowned when she asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm her boyfriend."

"What kind of boyfriend are you? She is about to give birth in about seven more days. The placenta is in the wrong position, why didn't you take good care of her?"

"Umm…I've been occupied."

"You men are always full of trouble. You're all talk when you're wooing women, but as soon as a women is in labour, you run faster than rabbits." The doctor scorned Qingfeng fiercely.

Those near labour shouldn't do any work a week ahead of time. It was advised to rest in the hospital, and be accompanied by the husband or boyfriend. Naturally the men should do household chores such as cooking and washing.

Ruyan Liu only cooked one meal at home that bothered the baby inside. As a result, she's had severe abdomen pain.

The doctor fiercely scolded Qingfeng. Even though he was upset inside, he couldn't show it. After all he counted on the doctor to help Ruyan Liu.

Half an hour later, the doctor gave Ruyan Liu a check-up, along with a few treatments, and then told her to rest on the bed.

"You're her boyfriend, you're not allowed to run around today anymore. Stay in the hospital and take care of her." The doctor said to Qingfeng and left.

Qingfeng nodded, he would not leave even if the doctor didn't order him to. After all, Ruyan Liu was giving birth to a baby, he had to be there for her. 

Women going through labour tended to be lonely, fearful, and paranoid. A lot of these women became depressive, because they didn't have a boyfriend to accompany them.

Naturally, Qingfeng doesn't want Ruyan Liu to get depression, so of course he would be good to her.

"Ruyan, do you have anything you want to eat? Let me get you some," Qingfeng pulled on Ruyan's hand and smiled.

"I want to have some rib stew, it would give the baby more calcium, and make her more healthy." Ruyan rubbed her belly and smiled.

Qingfeng nodded, he had Jiaojiao Liu stay and take care of Ruyan, and left to buy rib stew.

The maternal hospital is the biggest in Eastern Sea city. Many pregnant women choose to come here for delivery, it was professional, safe, responsible, and treated the women with great service.

For example, although the doctor scolded Qingfeng, she did it for Ruyan's good, or Qingfeng would've punished the doctor for being so rude.

The kitchen is in the basement of the maternal hospital; it served various congees, and different kinds of stir-fried dishes and noodles, along with healthy stew.

Qingfeng wanted to buy freshly made rib stew, none of that pre-made stuff, who knows whether if the pre-made was good or not.

Freshly made rib stew was a it more expensive, but for a rich man like Qingfeng it didn't matter, he paid three times the price for the cook to make some fresh soup.

Qingfeng waited on the seats with his thermos when suddenly; someone forcefully tapped him on the shoulder.

It shocked Qingfeng, he hated when someone snuck up on him. As he prepared to swear as he turned around, he immediately closed his mouth and looked on awkwardly as he saw whom it was.

It was an extremely attractive female police officer that stood behind him, she had an alluring face, smooth skin, serious eyes, and dark hair up in a ponytail.

The officer was quite a pretty scene; her straight long legs drew in everyone's eyes.

"Mengyao Xu, what are you doing here?" Qingfeng appeared to feel awkward; the officer wasn't anyone else but Mengyao Xu.

He remembered how Mengyao Xu seduced him earlier, and teased him along. Qingfeng was a bit shy and embarrassed, a grown man slept by a woman, how shameful?

But in all honesty, Mengyao Xu was amazing in bed.

"So, you haven't called me all this time after sleeping with me, there indeed no good men around." Mengyao Xu puckered her red lips and spoke to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng wasn't glad to hear what Mengyao had to say, he said, "whoa whoa whoa little Yao, you've got the wrong idea, it was you who slept me, and used my body, how can you say that? I'm the good guy."

Good guy?

Mengyao burst into laughter, but she felt uncomfortable inside, if this guy was a good guy, then there wouldn't be any bad men in Eastern Sea city.

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