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Chapter 805: Cold Blood's Scheme

"Let go fatty, I can hardly breathe!" Qingfeng rolled his eyes and complained.

After Hao Luo had gotten married, he had no trouble getting fed or sleeping, so now he's fatter than ever, and had nearly smothered Qingfeng with his hug.

Hao released Qingfeng, and appeared to be embarrassed. It had been a while since he had last seen Qingfeng, and now he couldn't be happier.

"How's the company, fatty?" Qingfeng asked, although he hadn't been to the company in a while, he still cared very much for it.

"Big brother Li, the company had been facing some troubles lately. I heard director Wanqiu Xia said that the business isn't going so great." Hao Luo said melancholically.

Hao Luo wasn't sure what exactly the troubles the company was going through were, but he clearly heard from company seniors that the company hasn't been profiting, even to the point that it had affected some of the employee's wages.

Qingfeng talked with Hao Luo for a short while and went into the company.

Inside the company sales department, a few gathered to talk about these troubles.

"Did you hear? The company has been having issues with its resources."

"I know, a friend of mine works in purchasing. They said a few jade companies won't provide us with these resources. The amount the company has in storage isn't enough."

"Sigh, without these resources, then there wouldn't be jade and jewellery to be made, and we'll have nothing to sell."

A lot of people in the sales department were discussing. They knew that the Ice Snow Corporation was facing a very severe issue that hasn't been dealt with yet.

As Qingfeng entered the sales department, he overheard these people's discussion, and couldn't help but to be worried.

"Oh, Mr.Li, you're at the company?" said a sudden crisp voice.

It was a pretty girl that spoke. She had a cute face, perky nose, red luscious lips, and an alluring set of blinking eyes.

She wore a pale blue work dress that accentuated her large breasts and perky butt.

Qingfeng's eyes lit up at the sight of such an innocent hot girl, he smiled, "Little Xiaoyue, haven't seen you in a while. You've become more beautiful."

"Oh big brother Li, you've always had a sweet tongue." Xiaoyue Zhang blushed, and her heart thumped as she looked at Qingfeng. 

Qingfeng found it was funny that even after all this time, she still blushed at the sight of him. 

"Little Xiaoyue, I heard the company's been dealing with some issues, is that true?" Qingfeng asked.

Xiaoyue's innocent face turned sad, she said, "Our company ran out of resources. The Emerald Jade company refuses to give us anymore."

"Oh right big brother Li, CEO

CEO Xue Lin is at work today. She's frustrated over this issue right now."

"Little Xiaoyue, how powerful is this Emerald Jade company?"

"Very! This Emerald Jade Company is the biggest jade resource supplier of Southern Huaxia. A lot of jade jewellery companies source from them, but they refuse to supply us." Xiaoyue said angrily.

The Emerald Jade Company is the biggest jade supplier in Southern Huaxia's sixteen provinces, and they supplied over 80% of the natural jade resources.

Xiaoyue didn't understand why the Emerald Jade Company only refused to deal with the Ice Snow Corporation. It seemed to have some hidden intentions.

"Oh little Xiaoyue, don't be upset. I'll think of something. I'm off to see the CEO." Qingfeng waved goodbye and went for the CEO office.

Office of the CEO.

Xue Lin just happened to be on the phone with the CEO of the Emerald Jade Company.

"President Xue (TL: it's the last name which means Blood, not Xue Lin's first name which means snow in Chinese), we've always had great cooperation in the past! Why refuse to sell raw jade to us now?"

"President Lin, there is a shortage of these natural resources. It's all been bought out by other companies. If you'd like to buy some, you'll have to come to Jiangnan province and purchase these yourself."

"President Xue, I've been feeling ill. Can director Wanqiu Xia

Wanqiu Xia go?"

"No, it has to be President Lin yourself, or we won't sell you any raw jade." CEO Xue hung up right after he spoke.

Xue Lin was infuriated with the ringing tone coming from the other end. Asshole! This Emerald Jade Company CEO is a total asshole, forcing her to travel to Jiangnan province.

Although Xue Lin may be upset, she had already decided to pay the Jiangnan province a visit. She knew that without the natural jade resources, her company would go bankrupt.

Simultaneously, at the Emerald Jade Company offices in Jiangnan province.

Jiangnan province was the most financially advanced province in the sixteen Southern Huaxia provinces. They had the highest earnings, the most active financial market, in which jade stone, gold, white silver and other natural resources were the most abundant in the whole country.

Emerald Jade Company was the biggest company in Jiangnan province, and one of the largest companies in the south, with a market price of over a hundred billion.

Two people sat inside the company office.

On the CEO chair sat a large middle-aged man with dark and dense eyebrows, with a red mark in between.

His name was Li Xue, the CEO of Emerald Jade Company, who was amongst the Forbes top fifty wealthiest men.

In front of Li Xue sat a handsome youth, but with a perched lip a perched lip and hints of evil thoughts glistening in his eyes.

If Qingfeng came in, he would immediately recognize this dark youth as Cold Blood, the young lord of the Crimson Blood Sect.

"Young master, I've followed your instructions to stop all sourcing to Ice Snow Corporation to force CEO Xue Lin into coming here." Li Xue stood up and spoke with respect.

"Thank you uncle Li Xue. I will tell father, and after this is over, we will reward you with one blood vitality pill." Cold Blood smiled nonchalantly.

If those from the outside world saw how Li Xue greeted Cold Blood with such respect, they would be in total shock. After all Li Xue was the amongst the top fifty richest men in the Huaxia region.

Unknown to Huaxia citizens, Li Xue was a follower of the Crimson Blood Sect, and the Emerald Jade Company was a subsidiary under the Crimson Blood Sect.

In the martial world, it didn't matter if it was black or white, orthodox or unorthodox, they all had companies and industries in the common world. Some of the biggest companies and corporations were in fact controlled by these ancient martial powers.

Under Cold Blood's investigation, they found out that Xue Lin was Qingfeng's wife. He wanted to kill Qingfeng, but knew he wasn't Qingfeng's opponent. So, taking it out on his wife would be a wise option.

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