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Chapter 799: Invincible Body

"Qingfeng Li is so strong, he doesn't seem to be at a disadvantage even though he is fighting two powerful grandmasters."

"Yeah, Zhongtian Tie's Gravity Realm has defeated countless opponents. Now, he actually can't defeat Qingfeng Li."

"Forget about Zhongtian Tie! Qiandao Jiang's Thousand Blades technique didn't seem to have done anything on Qingfeng Li either!"

The crowd babbled in the background, overwhelmed with shock.

Although the people around didn't know much about QingFeng Li, Zhongtian Tie and Qiandao Jiang were two of the famously known Orthodox Eighty-One Grandmasters, and their reputations were built through their strength.

Zhongtian and Qiandao defeated countless Higher Heaven tier Masters and martial warriors when they were young. Ultimately, they became reputable warriors on the Grandmaster list.

In the Ancient Martial Arts World, the power structures were divided into subordinate, intermediate, advanced and supreme. The Iron Fist Clan belonged to the advanced power level, and the four Ancient Martial Art Clans of Tianjing city also belonged to the advanced power level. The Fiery Emperor Palace, on the other hand, belonged to the Supreme power level.

The judgment of a clan's power level was based on the numbers of their masters. The lord of the Fiery Emperor Palace was the strongest, and thus he was ranked as one of the highest in the grandmaster list and the strongest of Huaxia's Ancient Martial Art field. Naturally, the

Fiery Emperor Palace remained within the Supreme tier of the power ranking.

However, the lord of the Fiery Emperor Palace is suffering from vital essence deviation right now and lost his sanity from cultivating. And that's why Zhongtian Tie and the others dared to attack Qingfeng Li.

Some people in the crowd knew a little bit about the situation, but some were kept in the dark. But these things didn't matter anymore. What was important was the fact that Qingfeng Li blocked the attacks from the two powerful grandmasters, and seemed like a fairy tale to the people around.

"Qiandao Jiang, your Thousand Blades technique is too weak." Qingfeng Li gently said, while shaking his head.

With this comment, Qiandao Jiang's face turned pale. As the head of the Jiang clan, Qiandao wanted to kill Qingfeng Li right at the moment, as Qingfeng had humiliated him so many times today already.

"Thousand Blades Realm!" Jian shouted angrily, releasing his realm.

Jiang's Thousand Blades Realm can create a blades realm within ten feet. Blades were formed by the vital essence and were everywhere inside the realm, attacking continuously to those who are within.

"Inferno realm!" Qingfeng Li directly released his realm.

Each Grandmaster has their own powerful realm, an extremely powerful force created by mana energy and vital essence. Within ten feet, they can control opponent's freedom, attacking their enemies.

Qingfeng Li did not

not fear his opponents' strength nor martial art skills, but careful with their realms. Luckily, he now can control his own offensive inferno realm.

Qingfeng Li's realm was around ten feet in size, filled with genuine inferno, with scorching hot air similar to an explosive firework.

The impact of essence fire and blades triggered an earthshaking loud noise, seemingly there was an earthquake and the air was cut in half.

A huge energy wave spread in all direction, shattering the surrounding trees and crashing down to the ground, splashing scattered dust and rocks.

The frightened crowd started to back away, avoiding the clashing between two powerful realms.


Neither Qingfeng Li nor Qiandao Jiang could withstand the huge energy shock. They both took a huge step back as the impacts of the realm disappeared.

No one could do any harm to another as they both had territory powers and were same as powerful.

In fact, Qingfeng Li still had a low apperception on the Inferno Realm. He had only understood one percent of the full alchemy furnaceential of the realm. If he could enhance his attack, defeating Qiandao Jiang would be easy.

Realms are difficult to be fully understood, as Qingfeng Li was still new to this. He could easily release the realm, but he couldn't enhance his realm as he didn't have the training methods.


After Qingfeng Li released his realm, it cost him

cost him a huge amount of strength and vital essence energy. As his body became weakened, Zhongtian Tie suddenly released his Gravity Realm, directly shrouded all over Qingfeng.

Qingfeng Li couldn't move an inch like his body weighted as heavy as a mountain, or a giant meteorite was crushing him.

Earth had its own gravity, and that is the reason why people can stay on the ground instead of flying to the sky or the outer universe.

Gravity Realm increased the gravity force almost by ten times more than the normal. Imagine almost fifteen of you own selves standing on top of yourself, how heavy would that be. With this weight, no one would be able to move their bodies.

"Asshole, sneak attack again." Qingfeng Li stared at Zhongtian Tie with his eyes shining like the cold light of the forest.

Zhongtian Tie was so despicable, as he was waiting to capture Li with his realm after Qingfeng and Qiandao Jiang released their realms.

"Hahahaha, Qingfeng Li. You are trapped in my Gravity Realm, and you are going to die today!" Zhongtian Tie said with a cold-blooded smile, flashing his thirst of blood through his eyes. 

ZhongTtan Tie attracted a huge tree that was around ten meters tall with his Gravity Realm and smashed it toward Qingfeng Li powerfully with the intention to kill.

Trapped in the Gravity Realm, Qingfeng Li couldn't move an couldn't move an inch but to watch the tree smashing towards him.


The giant tree crashed onto Qingfeng and splattered into bits and pieces. Qingfeng Li remained unharmed, and the pieces turned into dust, disappearing into the thin air.

Qingfeng Li's body seemed like it was made of steel, how could a tree hurt him if neither blades nor arrows could pinch through his skin.

"God damn, Qingfeng Li's body is too strong, he is literally undefeatable."

"That's for sure an Invincible Body! See, even the tree was shattered into pieces by his body."

"Qingfeng Li must have mastered some powerful martial art techniques, or else how is this possible?"

The crowd looked at Qingfeng in shocking, filled with jealousy and envy.

Zhongtian Tie couldn't hide his embarrassment from his face, disbelieving the fact that his attack made no effect on Qingfeng.

With a shout of anger, Zhongtian released his Gravity realm again, pulling tens of giant, hardened granite rocks into the air.

Giving in all the strength that Zhongtian had, dozens of giant rocks went flying, splitting the air in half, towards Qingfeng's body, wishing to smash him into a meat-pie.

Boom! Boom! Bang!

Dozens of giant rocks smashed into Qingfeng's body, just like eggs smashing onto a steel wall. Rocks shattered into pieces, yet Qingfeng Li remained totally unharmed.

Although the giant rocks seemed mighty to the crowd, it was barely an itch for Qingfeng Li.

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