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"Master Tie, Qingfeng Li's body is too strong, we have to aim for his head." Qiandao Jiang was reminding Tie while frowning his eyebrows.

Zhongtian Tie nodded, coldly replied, "You're right, Chief Jiang. Let me borrow your long blade so that I can kill Qingfeng Li."

Zhongtian realized that no matter how many times he attacked Qingfeng by controlling those trees and rocks, it would have had no impact other than temporarily trapping him inside the Gravity Realm.

Qiandao nodded as he was handing over his long dark blade to Zhongtie so that he could kill Qingfeng Li.

Only the person who released the realm had control over the realm. Qiandao would not be able to move either if he had entered the Gravity Realm, which was why Jiang handed over his blade to Zhongtie.

Inside the Gravity Realm, Qingfeng Li's body was evolving. The gravity realm was like a giant meteorite weighting down onto and shrinking his body.

Luckily, Qingfeng Li was now as strong as a grandmaster. Normal people like Xiaoyue Zhang would have been smashed into a meat-pie if they were inside the Gravity Realm.

The beauty of Xiaoyue Zhang suddenly came across Li's mind. With a hint of yearning, Qingfeng decided to pay a visit to Eastern Sea city after everything was over.

Not long ago, Qingfeng drank a drop of dragon blood. Although the dragon blood was inside his body, he had only absorbed ten percent of it and the rest remained.

Now with Tie's Gravity Realm pressuring down Qingfeng Li's body, the hidden dragon blood awakened.

So far, the dragon had the strongest body in the world. Not Human, or rocks, or meteorites, but the dragon. They were legendary creatures, with the hardest, toughest bodies that also contained powerful energy.

The dragon blood was boiling inside Qingfeng's body, rumbling with an ancient dragon chant. The ultimate hidden power of the dragon blood was awakened as Qingfeng Li's blood started to transform from red to cyan-blue,

Yes, that's right, from red to cyan-blue. The bloodline was evolving as well as the blood itself.

The first-grade bloodline was the lowest and ninth-grade bloodline was the highest. The higher grade of the bloodline, the stronger you would be.

Bloodline, as well as your blood, could be awakened and evolved.

The First-grade blood is red in color; second-grade blood is cyan-blue in color; the third-grade blood is orange in color and so on. When evolved into ninth grade blood, the blood would be bright yellow gold in color.

However, the silver colored bloodline, known as 'Emperor grade' bloodline, the golden bloodline and the bright-yellow golden bloodline, known as 'Sage grade' and 'Immortal's blood' respectively, went extinct long ago.

Qingfeng Li's bloodline was awakening. However, only one percent of his ancient bloodline has awakened. His red blood was the lowest first-grade bloodline, so low that it wasn't even close to the second-grade bloodline.

In fact, not only Qingfeng Li but also most of the people had only awakened one percent of their bloodline, and they were all the lowest first-grade red bloodline.

However, the situation had changed. With the pressure under the Gravity Realm, Qingfeng's bloodline had evolved into the second-grade cyan-blue bloodline.


With the evolvement of the bloodline, Qingfeng was filled with power, drastically increasing his strength. He directly reached the Middle stage of the Grandmaster Realm.

Not only that, Qingfeng's blood, muscles, and bones once again got condensed and baptized, glowing in a cyan color.

"Such a strong bloodline power!" Qingfeng Li was filled with happiness, feeling the power inside his body.

Now he had absorbed twenty percent of the dragon blood, and his bloodline had evolved into one stage higher.

"Ah, how good would it be if the Gravity Realm is even stronger!" Qingfeng Li sighed with a slight bitterness.

He felt like Zhongtian was too weak, and the force of the Gravity Realm was limited, which was why he could only evolve into the middle stage of Grandmaster and the cyan bloodline.

Qingfeng didn't know that most the people would never be able to evolve their bloodline and would remain at the first-grade red bloodline. The evolvement of his bloodline was the result from all different aspects.

The evolvement would be impossible if it wasn't the fact that there was a drop of dragon blood and the Ancient Wolf-king Bloodline inside Qingfeng Li's body, along with the pressure of Zhongtian Tie's Gravity Realm.

Qingfeng Li slightly moved his finger, realizing that he could move.

After evolving into second-grade bloodline, Zhongtian Tie's Gravity Realm had no effects on Li anymore.

Poor Zhongtian Tie, he had no idea about the evolvement of Li's bloodline and that Qingfeng Li could move freely. He continued walking towards Li.

 "Qingfeng Li. I will cut your head off and feed your dead body to the dogs!" Zhongtian Tie said with a murderous face, standing in front of Li.

Zhongtian Tie's body was shaking because of the excitement of being able to revenge his kids.

Qingfeng pretended that he was still trapped and said: "Zhongtian Tie, I suggest you run away right now and this will be your last chance."

 "Hahaha, you are trapped in my Gravity Realm! You can't even move and you are telling me to escape? What's wrong with you!"

 "Dumbass, I will chop your head off soon."

 "Qingfeng Li, you dare calling me dumbass! I am going to kill you with this blade!" Zhongtian Tie decided to stop this nonsense and to kill Li immediately.

Zhongtian Tie waved his long blade, slashed through the air like a black whirlwind, directly aimed at Li's head.

Xianzhi Qin's pretty face turned into confusions and nervousness, and put her hand on her chest, ready to release the secret power.

As the princess of the Fiery Emperor Palace, Xianzhi Qin was far more powerful than a Higher Heaven tier master. There was some sealed power hidden inside her body, waiting to be unsealed.

Qin was ready to release that power when Qingfeng Li was in danger. However, Li disappeared.

Yes, he disappeared. Not only Qin but Zhongtian Tie also realized that Li disappeared right in front of his eyes in his Gravity Realm.

In fact, when Tie was waving his blade, Qingfeng Li instantly disappeared in place.

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