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"Come and face your death." Qingfeng Li gave the two the middle finger.

Qingfeng Li never had any sympathy for his enemies. There was only one choice, send them to hell.

"Qingfeng Li, I am going to crush your head today." Zhongtian Tie smirked.

Even though Baidao Jiang didn't talk, the murderous intent in his eyes cannot be hidden. It looked like it could almost form a murderous storm.

The two were extremely pissed after Qingfeng Li's insults. They could only calm down by killing Qingfeng Li.

Bang bang bang bang!

Zhongtian Tie started walking and with every step he took, there was a hole left behind. The ground could not contain his power.

"Gravity Realm." Zhongtian Tie hounded and released his territorial power immediately.

The Gravity realm was a special territory that was hard to grasp. Once it was released, all objects within ten miles would be affected and fall towards the ground.

A tree that was in the realm broke and the bird that was on it fell to the ground and died a gruesome death.

Seeing the gravity realm was released, Qingfeng Li became serious and released his Inferno Realm. It formed a fire shield around him.


With the collision of the two realms made the temperature around them extremely hot and spread towards the crowd. They all felt an extremely powerful force and were forced back.

The two realms were extremely powerful. The collision was like a collision between two trucks. The air exploded and stones were broken into pieces.


When Qingfeng Li and Zhongtian Tie were colliding with each other, Qiandao Jiang took out his blade and hacked towards Qingfeng Li's back.

The knife was 1.5 meters long and was sculpted with complicated patterns. It was extremely powerful from how it looked.

The knife ripped through the air and formed a blade light as it hacked towards Qingfeng Li.

Sneak attack? How dare you sneak attack me.

Qingfeng Li's expression became cold because he hated sneak attacks. How shameful was Qiandao Jiang.

Qingfeng Li took out his sword and swung towards the knife behind his back.

The knife and the red fiery sword collided and made a huge sound. The ground between the two weapons were lit up like it was on fire.

One had to say, Qingfeng Li was extremely powerful because he could face two opponents at the same time and still not be at a disadvantage.

Xianzhi Qin and Niching Luo's eyes were lit up because Qingfeng Li was extremely powerful. Even more powerful than before. Every time they met, Qingfeng Li would always surprise them.

As the young mistress of Fiery Emperor Palace, from all the geniuses that Xianzhi Qin witnessed, no one could be compared and competed with Qingfeng Li.

In the normal world, Qingfeng Li swept the world and became the Wolf King. After entering the ancient martial world, he could also sweep the world and rule it.

Seeing how his knife was blocked by Qingfeng Li surprised Qiandao Jiang.

He was already taking Qingfeng Li extremely seriously, but he found out he wasn't taking Qingfeng Li seriously enough. Qingfeng Li was a beast.

"Qingfeng Li, I didn't think you would achieve grandmaster at such a young age. No wonder you are so arrogant."

"Am I really arrogant? I think you guys are more arrogant, forcing your ways into Fiery Emperor Palace's territory just to kill me."

"Qingfeng Li, even the number one sword grandmaster Geyi Zhao wouldn't dare insult us. Even if you are early-stage grandmaster tier, I am going to hack you open today with my blade." Qiandao Jiao said with a cold voice.

As the leader of Jiang clan and a member of the eighty-one grandmasters, Qiandao Jiang was always respected wherever he went. Qingfeng Li's humiliating insults made a mark in Qiandao Jiang's mind.

Even though Qiandao Jiang discovered that Qingfeng Li was a grandmaster as well, he still decided to hack Qingfeng Li to death.

"Thousand-Edge Blade Technique." Qiandao Jiang hounded and hacked thousands of times immediately. Numerous blade shadows formed and flew towards Qingfeng Li.

One couldn't see which blade was real and which blade was fake. There were just simply too many blades.

was Jiang clan's clan technique and high-tier grandmaster martial art. It could create thousands of fake blade shadows that confuses its opponent.

Of course, not every shadow was real. It was created because the knife was swinging too fast and created after images; only one of the image was real.

If one's mental ability was strong enough, they could see which blade was the real one. If not, then they wouldn't be able to figure out which one was the real one and it would be extremely dangerous.

It was the first time Qingfeng Li faced this style of martial art so he couldn't figure out which blade was the real one.

Even though Qingfeng Li couldn't figure out which blade was the real one, he decided to parry all of the blade. Qingfeng Li's red fiery sword was extremely powerful and could block all incoming attacks.

"Red fiery blast." Qingfeng Li sliced horizontally. This was the first move of red fiery sword.

The first attack was best suited for protection in the current situation. It formed numerous flames in the sky and were like rocks.

But these flames weren't real fire, it was formed by essence fire energy gathering together.

Countless blades and flames collided. It created a firework-like scene, except that it was much louder and much more explosive.

The originally flat ground was exploded with holes after the collision. It was like it got rained by meteorites.

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