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"Chief Gu, Fthe iery Emperor Palace's leader is most definitely weak right now because they are trying to acquire a Life-Prolonging pill. He can't even secure his own life, why would he bother with Qingfeng Li's. This is our chance to kill him." the Iron Fist sect's leader Zhongtian Tie said.

Apart from Zhentian Gu, Zhongtian Tie hated Qingfeng Li the most. Both the son and daughter of Zhongtian Tie were killed by Qingfeng Li, as well as Elder Hongpo Tie.

Regarding Qingfeng Li, Zhongtian Tie hated him and wanted to drink his blood and eat his meat. He wanted Qingfeng Li to beg him for his life.

Zhentian Gu went quiet for a bit and said, "The Fiery Emperor Palace is the most powerful force of the ancient martial world. Let us wait a bit longer. If Qingfeng Li still doesn't come down by the morning, we will go up and kill him."

Even though Zhongtian Tie wasn't happy, he knew Zhentian Gu was right. After all, the villa belonged to Fiery Emperor Palace. The moment they went up to kill Qingfeng Li, it would mean that they are declaring war with the Fiery Emperor Palace.


Inside the Sky Mountain villa.

Qingfeng Li was trying to make the pill and knew nothing about what was happening at the foot of the mountain.

Fail, fail, fail...

After Qingfeng Li failed his first time and concluded what went wrong, he continued to try to produce the pills, but he still failed continuously.

He failed nine times in a row.

One had to say, it was extremely hard to produce pills. Even with the help of the book and the alchemy furnace, Qingfeng Li still failed multiple times.

Even though he failed nine times in a row, Qingfeng Li began to slowly grasp the concept regarding the process of making pills. The first time he failed was because of the temperature, second time was because of the ratio of the ingredients, and the third was because of his mental state...

After he understood why he failed nine times in a row, he started the process again.

Fortunately, Xianzhi Qin was able to bring large amounts of ingredients and allowed Qingfeng Li to keep on experimenting.

Alchemist was an extremely expensive job. With practicing alone would waste hundreds of ingredients. Most people didn't have the wealth to become an Alchemist.

Qingfeng Li was correct to come to the ancient martial arts fair, or else he wouldn't have the resources to practice making elixir pills. He wouldn't have the alchemy furnace nor the ingredients.

The ingredients needed to make the elixir pills were special and could not be purchased through normal channels.

"I am going to succeed this time." Qingfeng Li said looking at the ingredients in his hands.

After failing nine times in a row, Qingfeng Li perfected his methodology.

Qingfeng Li put in all the necessary ingredients, lit the Fo Tan stones, and started following the instructions on his book.

The tenth time Qingfeng Li tried, the alchemy furnace and ingredients didn't explode. There was a soothing smell that came out from the alchemy furnace and made Qingfeng Li extremely relaxed.

He succeeded.

He finally succeeded on the tenth try. Qingfeng Li was extremely happy after looking at the pill he made inside the alchemy furnace.

After countless efforts, Qingfeng Li finally made the vital essence pill.

This pill could increase its practitioner's vital essence. To an alchemist, once he was able to make this pill, other pills became easier to make.

"Let me try the effect of the pill." Qingfeng Li smiled and placed the pill into his mouth.

After the pill dissolved, it formed a vital essence and improved his all the attributes of his body. Finally, it formed a powerful force and congealed in his dantian.

Just a bit more. Qingfeng Li was a little disappointed that he just needed a little bit more of vital essence.

Qingfeng Li was originally an early-stage grandmaster. After eating the pill, he only needed a bit more to achieve the mid-stage grandmaster tier.

If Qingfeng Li continued to make vital essence pill, he could make a few more and achieve the mid-stage grandmaster tier, but there weren't much ingredients left.

Qingfeng Li knew that he couldn't make vital essence pills anymore because he had to use the rest of the ingredients to make the Life-Prolonging pill. After all, the ingredients and the alchemy furnace were provided by the Fiery Emperor Palace, and he had to show his appreciation.

Qingfeng Li started to make the Life-Prolonging pill. He placed the ingredients in and lit the stones again. He followed the instructions bit by bit.


He failed without a doubt.

After all, the Life-Prolonging pill was an extremely advanced pill and was extremely hard to make. Even though Qingfeng Li could make the vital essence pill, he couldn't make the Life-Prolonging pill with one try.

Qingfeng Li didn't give up and continued, but he kept on failing.

This time, Qingfeng Li failed even more. He failed thirty times after trying to produce the pill during the night.

If it was any other, they would've already given up and stopped, but Qingfeng Li didn't.

Qingfeng Li knew the more advanced the pill was, the harder it was to make. Obviously, the Life-Prolonging pills were the hardest to make.

"I have to succeed this time because the ingredients are only available for one more trial." Qingfeng Li looked at the ingredients and became serious.

Qingfeng Li had wasted most of the ingredients and only had nine ingredients left. If he failed once again, then he wouldn't have enough ingredients to make the Life-Prolonging pill.

Qingfeng Li placed the nine ingredients into the alchemy furnace carefully and lit up the stones. He followed the instructions with every detail.

First step, second step, third step...

Qingfeng Li was careful with every step he took because he was scared to make any mistakes. After finishing all the steps, a silver white pill formed within the alchemy furnace.

Yes, you were right, it was silver white. It was different than normal pills as they were normally red or blue-green. The Life-Prolonging pill was white, meaning it is a high quality product.

"It's full of life energy." Qingfeng Li was extremely happy as he felt the liveliness radiating from the pill.

Qingfeng Li knew he successfully made the Life-Prolonging pill.

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