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Chapter 795: Beginning to Make the Pill

Lost sanity?

Qingfeng Li's brows tensed up after hearing what Xianzhi Qin said. His gaze became serious.

Qingfeng Li was an ancient martial artist and knew what it meant to lose sanity when cultivating martial art. It happens when the practioner took a short cut in order to gain power. If the practioner doesn't succeed, his mental health and physical body would crash.

It was extremely dangerous when an ancient martialist went crazy. If the practioner wasn't treated immediately then they would die.

"Miss Qin, I have the method to produce the Life-Prolonging pill, but I don't have the ingredients."

"Don't worry, I will give you the ingredients."

"Alright, you have to give me extra. I only have the method, but I don't have the experience and might waste some extra ingredients." Qingfeng Li said.

Qingfeng Li took a pen and paper and wrote hundreds of ingredients. These ingredients were used to make the Life-Prolonging pill and were crucial ingredients of the elixir. It was super complicated.

The reason that Qingfeng Li wanted so many ingredients was that he needed to try it out first and might fail and waste some ingredients. Only after he acquired the experiences he needed, could he make the Life-Prolonging pill.

Xianzhi Qin was extremely quick. She started finding the ingredients with the list made by Qingfeng Li by her.

The ingredients Qingfeng Li

wrote were extremely precious; it needed to be old and high quality as well, it had to be from the wild and cannot be produced by men.

One had to say that Fiery Emperor Palace was extremely wealthy, Xianzhi Qin was able to find most of the ingredients within the storehouse. There were only three extremely precious ones that she couldn't find.

The three that couldn't be found were the Flower of Paradise, Fruit of Flame, and Dragon Grass.

When Xianzhi Qin dropped off all the ingredients with a helicopter, Qingfeng Li's brows tensed up.

"Miss Qin, the Life-Prolonging pill needed nine ingredients, but you only had 6. You are missing the Flower of Paradise, Fruit of Flame, and Dragon Hrass." Qingfeng Li sighed and said.

Xianzhi Qin's expression changed and said: "Wolf King, those three are legendary ingredients and most people have only seen records of them. We couldn't find anything related to it."

Qingfeng Li nodded and understood. The Flower of paradise grew beside the entrance of hell, the fruit of flame grew in the depth of the volcanoes, and dragon grass was legendary and appeared only beside dragon dens.

The Fiery Emperor Palace was extremely powerful, but they weren't godlike or hidden rulers of the world. It was natural that they didn't have something as precious as those three ingredients.

"Miss Qin, without the three

three ingredients, the probability of success would drop a lot and the elixir will only have a fifth of its original effect. It might only extend the life of your father by a month." Qingfeng Li said.

In order to make the Life-Prolonging pill, nine ingredients were needed. The three that weren't found were the most important ones and Qingfeng Li could only use other ingredients to replace it. The final product wasn't going to be as effective as the perfect one.

"Wolf King, extending it by a month is fine. We will try to find the Flower of Paradise, Fruit of Flame and Dragon grass within this month." Xianzhi Qin said with a grateful tone.

She thought her father was going to die for sure and didn't think his life could be extended by a month. It was good enough for her and she was happy.

After Qingfeng Li finished talking with Xianzhi Qin, he started to prepare to make the Life-Prolonging pill. He had to start from the most basic ones since it was the first time he tried making elixirs.

There were three factors that were needed to make an elixir, namely the elixir alchemy furnace, ingredients, and fire.

He got the alchemy furnace and the ingredients already. The only thing he was missing was fire.

Qingfeng Li told Xianzhi Qin to bring a large

a large quantity of Fo Tan stones and lit them under the alchemy furnace.

A Fo Tan stone is a type of stone that can burn. It was formed after volcanoes erupt, was red, and could emit extremely hot temperature in the thousands, perfect for making elixirs.

Qingfeng Li threw in the stones and lit it up. The temperature immediately increased.

Qingfeng Li first started with the basic elixirs and threw in jinseng, lingzhi, and some other ingredients into the alchemy furnace.

He followed the steps on the book and was okay in the beginning, but during the middle steps, the alchemy furnace's cover flew out and the ingredients exploded too.

He failed.

Qingfeng Li's brows tensed up; he failed his first time. Even though it was the most basic elixir, it was extremely hard to make and he failed.

But Qingfeng Li didn't give up. He knew that it was extremely hard to make an elixir. If it was easy, everyone would have become an alchemist.

Even though Qingfeng Li had the instructions, he could only improve slowly without the help of a teacher.

After the first failure, Qingfeng Li didn't blindly start his second attempt. Instead, he thought about the reasons that made him fail.

He was thinking what went wrong during the process and where did the mistake occur.

Failing wasn't bad, as long as he could find out where find out where he was wrong and improve the next time.


At the foot of the mountain, Gu clan's leader Zhentian Gu, Tang clan's leader Jianghe Tang, Jiang clan's leader Qiandao Jiang and Zhongtian Tie were all waiting.

Everyone would be surprised if they found out the leaders all set up a trap for killing just Qingfeng Li.

"Chief Gu, why hasn't Qingfeng Li come out yet?" Zhongtian Tie's face was extremely gloomy.

He had waited here for a super long time in order to kill Qingfeng Li. But Qingfeng Li hid inside the villa and hadn't come out yet, so he was pissed.

Zhentian Gu looked at the villa and said, "With the information I got, Qingfeng Li is currently making elixirs inside the Sky Mountain villa. He is probably making the Life-Prolonging pill for Fiery Emperor Palace's leader."

Making elixirs?

Everyone's expression changed. They all knew Qingfeng Li acquired the and wanted to keep it as their own. Thus why they were trying to kill Qingfeng Li.

"Leader Gu, I think we should force our way in, kill Qingfeng Li, and acquire that alchemy book." Qiandao Jiang said.

Zhentian Gu's brows tensed and he said, "The villa belongs to Fiery Emperor Palace. If we were to force our way in and kill someone, the leader of the Fiery Emperor Palace would not be happy."

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