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Chapter 797: Killing Intent From Grandmasters

"Qingfeng Li, come out here and die." Qingfeng Li suddenly heard yelling coming from outside the room. It was extremely loud and could be heard for miles.

Qingfeng Li placed the Life-Prolonging pill by his side carefully and walked outside.

The sun was up and warming up the land. It was now the next day already.

Zhentian Gu, Qiandao Jiang, Jianghe Tang, and Zhongtian Tie waited for the whole night at the foot of the mountain, but Qingfeng Li didn't go down. They couldn't wait anymore and forced their way up to kill Qingfeng Li.

If Fiery Emperor Palace's leader was healthy, they wouldn't dare to come up, but they heard that the Fiery Emperor Palace's leader lost his sanity during cultivation and was in a critical condition, so they forced their way into the villa.

"Chiefs, you are in the Fiery Emperor Palace's territory and it is forbidden to fight. What is the meaning of this?" Xianzhi Qin stood in front of the villa and said.

"Miss Qin, we have some matters to take care of with Qingfeng Li, but he hid here and wouldn't leave. So, we could only come up and take care of it with him." Zhongtian Tie hated Qingfeng Li the most, so he stated his intentions immediately.

The rest nodded and agreed with what Zhongtian Tie said.

If it was just with one ancient martial clan, they wouldn't dare to declare war with Fiery Emperor Palace. But with the cooperation of this many clans, they weren't scared because they weren't that much weaker than the Fiery Emperor Palace.

Xianzhi Qin's expression was extremely ill because she knew that the information regarding her father's condition got out. These people heard the information and weren't scared to come here to declare war.

Would Xianzhi Qin give Qingfeng Li up? Naturally, she wouldn't. She needed Qingfeng Li to produce the Life-Prolonging pill. If Qingfeng Li was killed, his father would be dead as well.

"Qingfeng Li is our Fiery Emperor Palace's guest. If you do not leave, you will become our enemies. Don't blame us if you get hurt." Xianzhi Qin smirked and threatened.

Chief Gu laughed and said, "Miss Qin, if it was your father here and he was healthy, we would respect him. In terms of you, you don't have the strength yet."

The people beside him started laughing with him. They were all leaders of varies strong forces and were ranked on the grandmaster rankings and were members of the eighty-one orthodox grandmasters.

Even though Xianzhi Qin was the mistress of the Fiery Emperor Palace, she was only a peak Higher Heaven master and wasn't even at the grandmaster tier.

tier. Thus these people wouldn't respect her.

Xianzhi Qin's face went cold and was extremely pissed, but she knew she didn't have the strength to fight the leaders of varies clans.

"Grandpa Qin, please block them and don't let them kill Qingfeng Li." Xianzhi Qin said to an elder beside her.

The elder wasn't any of the others, he was the person responsible for the ancient martial fair, the white-haired elder.

Even though he was old, he was extremely powerful. He had extremely high status and was a late-stage grandmaster.

Elder Qin walked out and said, "This villa belongs to Fiery Emperor Palace and I won't allow you animals to step any further."

Zhentian Gu smirked and said, "I heard about your name and how powerful you are. Let me see if what said about you are true."

Elder Qin extended his palm and created an explosion in the air. It formed a huge whirlpool with a screeching sound out of it.
Feeling the strength of elder Qin's palm, Zhentian Gu had to take it seriously. He punched out and collided with elder Qin's palm.


Two black whirlpools were created with the collision between the fist and the palm. Strong forces were emitting and pushing away the rocks and sand.

Elder Qin and Zhentian Gu both stepped back one step. They were both late-stage grandmaster and equaled in

equaled in strength.

To be specific, elder Qin was more powerful but he was in his 80s and his body was decaying and Zhentian Gu was in his 40s and the best stage in his life.

Elder Qin was able to face Zhentian Gu evenly even though his body attributes were weaker, so elder Qin was the stronger one.

Zhentian Gu blocked elder Qin and told the people beside him, "You guys go in and kill Qingfeng Li. Remember to take his ."

Jianghe Tang, Qiandao Jiang, and Zhongtian Tie was going to force their way in, but Niching Luo and her father walked out and blocked them.

"Yishan Luo, we want to kill Qingfeng, what is the meaning of this?" Jianghe Tang's expression changed and said.

Yishan Luo smiled and said, "Qingfeng Li is the Luo clan's guest, so naturally I have to protect him."

"If you are going to protect him, then let me face you." Jianghe Tang smirked and walked toward Yishan Luo.

The next moment the two started fighting fiercely. They were both leaders of one of Tianjing city's four ancient martial clans and were equal in strength. No one could beat the other within a short period of time.

Baidao Jiang and Zhongtian Tie looked at each other and went to kill Qingfeng Li.

Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin tried to block them, but block them, but were defeated quickly because they were too weak.

Just when they were about to enter the villa, Qingfeng Li's voice came out.

"Wow, two fighters on the grandmaster list actually bullying two women. I really feel ashamed for you guys for beating up women." Qingfeng Li laughed and walked out from the villa.

"Wolf King, they are part of the eighty-one grandmasters and are extremely powerful. Run." Niching Luo's expression changed and notified Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said to Niching Luo, "Don't worry. They are piece of cake to deal with, but I can use them to spar."

Saying we are a piece of cake?

Baidao Jiang and Zhongtian Tie were extremely pissed. They were super famous grandmasters but were regarded as trash by a youngster. This made them filled with killing intent and wanting to kill Qingfeng Li.

"Qingfeng Li, I am going to rip you into pieces today." Zhongtian Tie smirked and his tone was cruel.

"Many have said the exact same thing to me, but they are all in hell now. Congratulation, I am going to send you to hell and let you reunite with your son and daughter." Qingfeng Li smiled and his face became serious.

Ever since he got into the grandmaster-tier, Qingfeng Li became extremely confident. He felt like he could defeat anyone.

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