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 When Qingfeng Li arrived at Tianjing City, Niching Luo was waiting at him at the entrance of Luo Clan. 

Niching Luo's beauty was quite different from that of Ruyan Liu, but quite similar to that of Yoshiko Sato. They both had a trace of seduction tempting men to have improper thoughts.

Niching Luo's white skin, like pretty lotus, was flawless and pure tempting men to kiss; her cute nose slightly tilted and her big eyes shined like twinkling stars.

Her red dress accentuated her high breasts, supple small waist, full bottom and long straight legs.

Niching Luo had obviously dressed for Qingfeng Li. Her pretty glossed lips were a sign of it.

"Miss Luo, you are stunning today. " Qingfeng Li's eyes lit up, amazement in his voice.

"You are a smooth talker." Glancing charmingly at Qingfeng Li, Niching Luo was pleased at his praise.

"Wolf King, let's go inside. My father wants to see you." Niching Luo said with a smile.

Your father wants to see me?

Qingfeng Li frowned slightly and found it quite unusual. Niching Luo's father was the chief of Luo clan, one of the four ancient martial arts families in Tianjing. It was said that he was a grandmaster and one of the 81 orthodox masters. Why does he want to see me?

 Baffled, Qingfeng Li followed Niching Luo into the mansion, wanting to find out what the Luo Clan chief wanted with him.

As one of the four ancient martial arts families in Tianjing City, the Luo mansion was huge with villas, gardens, rockeries, swimming pools and all kinds of entertainment infrastructures.

Some servants were watering the flowers while others planting flowers and cleaning the rockeries. In short, the Luo house was buzzing with activities.

And in the martial arts field in the distance, some members of the clan were receiving martial arts training. They were the more gifted members of the clan and were cultivated with special attention.

Some of them kept their distance with fear in their eyes when they saw Qingfeng Li. They had known his power after being defeated by him at the candidate selection battle for the qualification of entering Elixir King's tomb.

"Wolf King, many days have passed and they are still afraid of you." Niching Luo said, pointing at them.

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly without a care on his face. Except the Luo Clan chief and the Senior Elder, no one could hold his attention.

Niching Luo led him to the big living room with an area of at least 500 square meters.

Standing in the living room were gold chairs, gold sofas and even the floor were paved with gold. Qingfeng Li was speechless with the gold furnishings of the living room, wondering how much the Luo Clan loved gold.

A middle-aged man sat in the front of the living room. In his forties, the man looked 10 years younger with good care of his body. With a handsome face, bushy black eyebrows and high-bridged nose, he must have been a very good-looking man when he was young.

 The middle-aged man was no one but Yishan Luo, the chief of Luo Clan. It was said that he was an absolute strong fighter who could blast a mountain with one fist strike.

Qingfeng Li's eyes sharpened, sensing a strong power form Yishan Luo. He estimated the force was at least as strong as an advanced stage grandmaster.

His strength was two junior realms higher than Qingfeng Li. No wonder he was the chief of Luo Clan, one of the four ancient martial arts families in Tianjing City.

"Wolf King, welcome to Luo Clan." Yishan Luo stood up with a smile.

Yishan Luo had a good first impression of Qingfeng Li.

He had heard what happened in the Elixir King's tomb from this daughter and knew that Qingfeng Li was not only an absolutely strong fighter who could battle higher level fighters but the owner of Wolf King bloodline, dragon blood and even Alchemy Arts of Elixir King.

The chief of Luo clan was a proud man but he respected strong fighters and Qingfeng Li was one of them.

"Chief Luo, why do you want to see me?" Qingfeng Li smiled lightly.

Even though Niching Luo was his friend, Qingfeng Li had never seen the clan chief. He knew that there must be a purpose for the meeting.

"Wolf King, I don't run in circles. I want you to make me grandmaster pill." Yishan Luo was frank with his purpose.

What? Grandmaster pill?

Qingfeng Li froze with astonishment, having not expected that he should have been asked to make grandmaster elixir.

It must be noted that the grandmaster elixir was extremely difficult to make and another problem was the unavailability of medical materials. In short it was beyond Qingfeng Li's current ability in alchemy.

"Chief Luo, the truth is I have neither elixir furnace nor medical materials. I can't even make the ordinary Lower Heaven tier pill or Higher Heaven tier pill." Qingfeng Li shook his head.

At his words, Yishan Luo smiled. "Wolf King, I am sure my daughter had told you about the ancient martial arts fair in Tianjing City and one strong fighter will trade his elixir furnace there. I will get it for you and I will provide all the medical materials. Your only job is to make the grandmaster elixir for me."

Qingfeng Li nodded his agreement, saying, "If that is the case, I can do it."


While Qingfeng Li and Yishan Luo were discussing the details of making the elixir and the ancient martial arts fair, the door was banged open and a grey-haired old man barged in.

"Qingfeng Li, how dare you to come to the Luo Clan after killing my grandson Tianhao Luo?" The old man asked furiously, chilling killing intent in his voice.

The old man was Diao Luo, Tianhao Luo's grandfather and the senior elder of Luo Clan. He was even more powerful than the clan chief.

"Senior Elder, Wolf King is my important guest. What are you doing?" Yishan Luo stood up abruptly, displeasure in his cold voice.

 "Yishan Luo, I don't care he is Wolf King or not. He killed my grandson and he must die for it. That is the way of the world." With a cold smile, Diao Luo said indifferently, not giving any respect to the clan chief.

Drawn by the sounds of quarrel in the living room, the Luo members gathered around the living room and found that the chief and the senior elder were arguing over an outsider. Wide-eyed, they were full of bafflement and incomprehension.

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