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 "I know this young man. His name is Qingfeng Li and he went to the Elixir King's tomb with young mistress.

"That fellow Qingfeng Li is finished since he had offended the Senior Elder who is our clan's super strong fighter."

"I heard that the Senior Elder's grandson Tianhao Luo was killed by Qingfeng Li and the Senior Elder is here for revenge."

While the disciples of the Luo Clan talked among themselves, they cast glances of irony at Qingfeng Li.

Due to his close relationship with the young mistress Niching Luo, the disciples of Luo Clan regarded him with resentment and jealousy.

Sitting in the living room, Qingfeng Li had heard every word of their speculations. But he kept silent and continued to drink tea.

As to the argument between Diao Luo, the Senior Elder, and Yishan Luo, the chief of the Luo Clan, Qingfeng Li was quite indifferent about it.

For him, the most important thing here was going to the ancient martial arts fair and acquire an elixir furnace and everything had to give way for it. A senior elder, however strong he was, was beneath his attention.

"Yishan Luo, I want to kill Qingfeng Li. Why are you stopping me?"

"Diao Luo, Qingfeng Li is my guest and you can't kill him."

"Yishan Luo, I have to get revenge for my grandson Tianhao Luo."

"Senior Elder Diao Luo, let's be frank. Don't you know what your grandson did in the Elixir King's Tomb? He deserved to die." Yishan Luo was still furious with Tianhao Luo.

The damned Tianhao Luo had tried to rape Niching Luo. Thinking of what his daughter told him when she returned, Yishan Luo simmered with anger.

Even if Qingfeng Li had not killed Tianhao Luo, Yishan Luo would have killed him.

Yishan Luo, since Tianhao is dead and cannot defend himself, no one would know if Niching Luo had told the truth." Diao Luo sneered in a cold voice.

At this, Yishan Luo was quite offended because Diao Luo was suspicious of him and his daughter.

Yishan Luo did not like Diao Luo and had been careful around him because Diao Luo had been plotting to replace him as the chief of the clan.

"I shall kill Qingfeng Li today." Emitting a powerful presence, Diao Luo put one foot forward and the ground underneath it sank into a hole.

"I will see if you dare." With a chilling smile, Yishan Luo released his powerful presence and stepped before Qingfeng Li.

The Senior Elder and the Chief of the Luo Clan argued over Qingfeng Li and were even about to fight.

Fk! What's the matter? The Senior Elder and the Chief should fight over Qingfeng Li. The disciples standing at the door were all dazed with bafflement.

Yes, Qingfeng Li was powerful and he had a good relationship with the young mistress, but the Senior Elder was after all the clan's strong fighter and a pillar rock against strong fighters from other ancient martial arts families. Was the chief demented that he should fight with the Senior Elder?

No one answered their questions since the fight between the Senior Elder and the clan Chief had started.


Diao Luo's right palm slammed out with a sudden force. It cracked the air and went for Qingfeng Li viciously.

The great force of the palm strike exploded the air with a sharp whistling sound. The energy waves it caused spread around and the surrounding disciples were forced backward continuously, their expressions changing.

Grim-eyed, Yishan Luo slammed his right fist at Diao Luo. The fist forced a vortex in the air which overturned all the nearby chairs.

Since the Senior Elder had attacked, Yishan Luo, the clan chief, had to fight back.


The palm and the fist collided with a huge sound of BOOM which was deafening in an area of several square miles. This was the power of the super grandmaster realm, earth-shaking and awe-inspiring.


Yishan Luo retreated two steps, short-breathed while Diao Luo stood his ground.

In this attack the chief of Luo Clan lost because he was only in the advanced stage of grandmaster realm while the Senior Elder was in the pinnacle stage of grandmaster realm. There was a difference of one junior realm between them.

After forcing back Yishan Luo, Diao Luo's right foot kicked at a huge rock on the ground and the rock, over one meter in diameter, flew up and crashed toward Qingfeng Li.

One had to say that Diao Luo was quite despicable since he launched a sneak attack at Qingfeng Li while he was still in the battle with Yishan Luo.

With a cold smile, Qingfeng Li threw up his teacup which tore open the air with great energy and crashed viciously onto the rock with a huge sound. Both the teacup and rock blasted into countless pieces and disappeared in the air.

"Grandmaster realm, you have reached grandmaster realm?" Diao Luo's expression changed, a trace of surprise in his eyes.

Only a couple of days ago Diao Luo had got the report that Qingfeng Li was only a half-grandmaster so he sent Feng Luo to kill him. He had not imagined that Qingfeng Li had reached the grandmaster realm and could block his attack.

"This fellow is too gifted in cultivation and can't be spared." Diao Luo smiled coldly and the killing intent in his eyes intensified.

"Diao Luo, if I join hands with clan chief Yishan Luo, do you think you can defeat us?" Still sitting on the chair, Qingfeng Li asked lightly.

At his words, Diao Luo's expression darkened. He could defeat Yishan Luo in a one-to-one battle but obviously he couldn't win if Qingfeng Li, now a grandmaster, joined Yishan Luo.

"Yishan Luo, Qingfeng Li, just wait and see." Diao Luo snorted. Casting a chilling glance at them, he turned and left.

Diao Luo knew he would not have the upper hand in the battle with Qingfeng Li and the chief of Luo Clan. He planned to find some helpers to deal with them.

Seeing Diao Luo come out, the surrounding disciples changed expressions and backed off hurriedly because they were extremely scared of the Senior Elder.

"Chief Luo, thank you." Qingfeng Li saluted.

Qingfeng Li was no fool. He naturally had seen that Yishan Luo had completely offended the Senior Elder by fighting him over Qingfeng Li.

"Wolf King, there is no need to thank me. You are my guest and naturally I have the responsibility to defend you. Besides, Diao Luo has been coveting my position as the clan chief so his attack was not only directed against you, but also against me." Yishan Luo said, his voice grim.

As the Senior Elder of the Luo Clan, Diao Luo should have worked together with the clan chief for the interest of the Luo clan.

But on the contrary, Diao Luo had betrayed his responsibilities. He was not satisfied with being the Senior Elder and wanted to replace Yishan Luo as the Clan Chief.

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