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Qingfeng Li was shocked that Xue Lin had seen him and Ruyan Liu leaving arm in arm after the competition. Xue Lin had been furious with Ruyan Liu and definitely would not forgive him.

 "Well, f*ck me" Qingfeng Li heaved out a sigh and felt uncomfortable.

It took him great efforts to save and wake up Xue Lin and his relationship with her had improved a bit. If she was hurt again because of Ruyan Liu, it would be disastrous.

 "Fine, Mother-in-law, I won't go in the room. And this is Yoshiko Sato, a new bodyguard for Xue Lin. She will stay here."

 Qingfeng Li had arranged a bodyguard Ziyi Miao for Xue Lin, but Ziyi Miao was only a SS level strong fighter and couldn't fight against ancient martial artists, so another stronger bodyguard was needed.

 Yoshiko Sato was a grandmaster and was unrivaled among ordinary martial artists, which made her a perfect bodyguard for Xue Lin.

 At Qingfeng Li's words, Xiaoyun Mu looked at Yoshiko Sato and saw a very beautiful woman with a charming face, white skin, red lips and a sexy figure.

 Xiaoyun Mu frown slightly, suspecting the beautiful woman had some special relationship with Qingfeng Li.

Since Qingfeng Li made a mistake, Xiaoyun Mu had always been suspicious of him. She knew that there was unlimited desire existing in men and they couldn't help repeating their mistakes.

At a glance of Xiaoyun Mu's expression, Qingfeng Li knew she was suspicious. It took him a long time to explain the situation before Xiaoyun Mu finally agreed to let Yoshiko Sato stay and protect Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li left the hospital with everything settled. He chose to stay away for a while since he knew seeing him would make Xue Lin more furious.

 He drove to Lone Mountain, the base camp of Qingfeng League and his temporary home.

 "Granddaddy Li, how do you have time to come here today?'' King Kong asked in surprise.

 "King Kong, has anyone challenged me recently?"

 "No. Since you killed three half-grandmasters, the ancient martial arts world seemed to have calmed down."

"Storms are always brewing under a peaceful surface. A storm is coming soon." Looking up at the sky, Qingfeng Li had a lot on his mind.

He killed Dao Gu from the Gu Clan, Qin Ke from the Luo Clan and the elders from the Iron Fist sect. He was sure that these forces would hunt him for revenge.

This time Qingfeng Li had come to the Lone Mountain to accomplish an important task, to refine some elixirs.

 Yes, you got it right— refining elixirs.

 Qingfeng Li had been meaning to make some elixirs since he acquired the Alchemy Arts of the Elixir King and now he finally had time for it.

 The alchemists enjoyed a very high place in the ancient martial arts world because they could make all kinds of elixirs for ancient warriors, such as the vital essence elixir to increase their cultivation level, the silver snow elixir for healing, and the detox elixir as an antidote to poisons.

 The Alchemy Arts of the Elixir King even contained the recipe for a beauty elixir, which could allow woman to maintain their beauty. This elixir needed top-rated rare medical materials which were very difficult for him to find.

His purpose for making elixirs was not only to increase his strength. He also wanted to bribe some ancient martial arts forces with his elixirs and make them work for him.

He was starting with the simple elixirs since he was a beginner in the alchemy arts, and after gaining some experience, he would advance towards the more complicated high-end elixirs.

He enclosed himself in a villa on Lone Mountain after telling King Kong to stop anyone from entering.

He took out the book on the Alchemy Arts of the Elixir King and began to study the alchemy theories.

Elixirs are consumables that contain accumulated energy. Take the vital essence elixir as an example, it contains large amounts of vital essence and certain vital essence-containing medical materials are needed in the production process.

The first step in alchemy is the mastery of solid theories, without which you cannot recognize medical materials and elixir furnaces, to say nothing of making elixirs.

After the study of alchemy theories, the most important step is to practice. These two steps are both important, and you will achieve nothing without either of them.

It took Qingfeng Li one night to finish reading and memorizing the whole book. He was sure the knowledge in it would all be useful one day.

 On the second morning the sun rose in the east, signaling it was another fine day.

Qingfeng Li walked out of the villa and made a phone call to Niching Luo about the elixir furnace. Niching Luo told him that there were very few elixir furnaces available to people who were not alchemists.

However she told Qingfeng Li that there was an ancient martial arts fair, at which ancient martial artists traded their precious objects. It was said that a grandmaster had acquired an elixir furnace and wanted to sell it at the fair.

 Receiving this information, Qingfeng Li immediately drove to Tianjing City.

 Qingfeng Li had seen an elixir furnace in the tomb of Elixir King, but it was too heavy for him to move out. Besides, the tomb had been closed and he couldn't get in for it.

While Qingfeng Li was driving to the Tianjing City, the super forces of the ancient martial arts world had begun their moves.

The chief of the Gator Clan from the Tiger Continent had come to Eastern Sea City and met Feiya Ai. They were weighing the options on how to take Alice by force.

 After receiving the report of young mistress going missing, the Ninja Clan of Pacific Island had sent strong fighters to Huaxia. They did not know that Yoshiko Sato had become Qingfeng Li's servant.

 Many strong fighters were sent from the Pacific Island. Besides those from the Ninja Clan, the fifth and sixth Sword Art Kings from the Kendo Clan had also come.

 Except from the foreign strong fighters, the super forces in Huaxia were also watching Qingfeng Li closely. At the report that he had gone to Tianjing City, the Luo and Gu families, as well as the Iron Fist Clan, began to make plans against him.

 Not only the orthodox forces, but unorthodox powers such as the Crimson Sect and Vampire sect had begun to plot against Qingfeng Li.

 In short, Qingfeng Li was as dangerous as a time bomb. Wherever he went, there would be a group of strong fighters lurking behind him. All of them, domestic or foreign, orthodox or unorthodox, wanted him to die.

 Some enemies lurking in the dark had even spread the word about him owning the Alchemy Arts of the Elixir King and the dragon bloodline. Qingfeng Li had become a target to everyone coveting his treasures.

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