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"Thank you for your support, Xiaoli Wang." Qingfeng Li smiled.

He had a very good impression of this Xiaoli Wang, who was Xiaomei Wang's sister and also his friend. She supported him at the Antique competition in Hujiang Province and now she is supporting him again at the medical skills match here in Eastern Sea City.

Qingfeng Li was happy about being supported by such a pretty journalist.

Everyone, including the journalists, were speaking badly of Qingfeng Li and it would only get worse if he didn't vindicate himself. In order to do this, he needed the help of people working in media because that was where people got their information from.

People will believe whatever the media says.

Was the media telling the truth? They had no way to find out since they don't have eye-witness experience themselves and could only absorb information from outlets such as the news station. The society was a weird place like this.

A lot of people in Eastern Sea City had a bad impression of Qingfeng Li due to Jun Ye's defamation through the media. Xiaoli Wang was a voice for Qingfeng now, who could make him heard by the world.

"Mister Qingfeng Li, why did you make a bet with Jun Ye? Are you confident about this match?" Xiaoli Wang blinked her big eyes and asked.

Qingfeng Li took the microphone and said, "Jun Ye has no sense of shame since he kicked out the previous head of the Number One People's Hospital, Xu Zhao with his ignoble method. He also kicked my wife Xue Lin out of her ward and wanted to make me apologize on my knees. I will not surrender to him and have full confidence for this match. I will for sure defeat him and make him apologize to Yunhe Zhang on his own knees.

Hearing this, Jun Ye looked sullen with anger in his eyes.

Damn, Qingfeng Li is ruining my reputation with his remarks. Jun Ye was extremely furious. What made him more furious was Xiaoli Wang, the journalist who went over to interview Qingfeng Li.

"Blondy, where did that journalist come from? Didn't I tell you not to let the channel interview Qingfeng Li?" Jun Ye's face clouded in dissatisfaction.

"President Ye, her name is Xiaoli Wang and she is a journalist from Hujiang Province so she doesn't belong to our Eastern Sea City channel." she frowned.

She wasn't happy about Xiaoli Wang either since she was Jun Ye's mistress and had received a lot of money from him. 

"President Ye, let us start the medical skill competition before the interview puts you in a bad position." the blondie said.

Jun Ye nodded and said loudly, "Qingfeng Li, let's start the match since you are here."

Qingfeng Li nodded and handed the microphone over to Xiaoli Wang, "Well, in order to make you lose fair and square, you can make the rules."

Jun Ye's face darkened and a hint of coldness appeared in his eyes because he thought Qingfeng Li was being very naive in saying that. There is no way he can lose a match where he made the rules himself.

Jun Ye specialized in western medical therapies and the most important advancement in western medicine was surgeries. He decided to start with that.

"Qingfeng Li, there are many citizens and patients around us. We can each treat five patients and the one who diagnoses and treats them better wins." Jun Ye sneered and said.

"Good, we will do what you said." Qingfeng Li smiled as if it didn't matter to him at all.

He could cure anyone as long as they didn't have a mental disease.

They need three judges before the match starts and they were Manli Zhang, Miaochun Zhang and the last one was actually Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan Liu wore a casual dress today in order to cover up her belly, but one could still tell that she was pregnant if they looked closely.

She appeared to be even more charming after these few days. Her cheeks were red like an apple, her eyes bright like the stars in the sky and her lips fresh like a strawberry.

"How come Ruyan Liu is one of the judges?" Qingfeng li was confused.

It was reasonable for Manli Zhang to be a judge of this medicine challenge since her husband was the president of the National Medical Association. It is also reasonable for Miaochun Zhang to be a judge for this since he is the president of Eastern Sea City's Medical Association. But how come Ruyan Liu is a judge as well?

"Ruyan, you are carrying a baby. Why did you come here to be a judge for this?" Qingfeng Li whispered into Ruyan Liu's ears, dissatisfied.

She came here when she is about to give birth to a baby. What if something happened to her. This made Qingfeng Li upset.

"Humph, you didn't come to see me for a few days so I came to see you myself." Ruyan Liu glared at Qingfeng Li with an even more upset tone.

She missed him very much these past few days since he didn't go see her at the house. Ruyan Liu learned about the challenge between Qingfeng Li and Jun Ye on TV so she took advantage of her family's relations and became one of the judges.

The Liu family was one of the big four families in Jing Capital and it was also involved in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, they knew the people in the Medical Association and she was able to become one of the judges with just a word with them.

"I was busy lately so I didn't go see you." Qingfeng Li was embarrassed.

He realized that the reason he didn't go see Ruyan Liu was because of Xue Lin. He was busy with Xue Lin being in the hospital and wasn't in the mood to go see Ruyan Liu.

And now she came directly to see him herself at the match just because he hadn't been going to see her.

However, Qingfeng Li was happy to see her. On one hand, he got to see her in person; On the other hand, she was one of the judges. Since Miaochun Zhang was also a judge, it meant two of the judges were on his side, so he didn't need to worry about Jun Ye's dirty tricks.

After the judges were verified and assembled on the Judge table in front of the lobby. Jun Ye stood on the left side where the Western medicine department was with his many supporters and Qingfeng Li stood on the right side where the Chinese Medicine department was. There were few supporters were on his side and there was a large empty area in the middle.

"Whoever wishes to be seen can step ahead and Jun Ye and Qingfeng Li will treat you. The one who cures you wins." Manli Zhang stood up and spoke to the crowd as she was the first judge.

She was wearing a giant pair of sunglasses which covered more than half of her face. Her face was beaten into a swollen pig head by Qingfeng Li yesterday. Although it looked a lot better after one night's treatment, it was still swelling.

She didn't want to be here initially, but she wanted Qingfeng Li to be defeated and apologize on his knees so much she still showed up in sunglasses.

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