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What, you dreamed of having sex with your wife?

Yunhe Zhang rolled his eyes speechlessly. As an old man in his seventies, he wouldn't even be able to molest a woman, let alone have sex with one.

It is so nice to be young, Yunhe Zhang signed with jealousy, remembering his own youth.

"Let's go, Professor Zhang."Qingfeng Li smiled and took Yunhe Zhang out of there.

Qingfeng Li drove Yunhe Zhang towards the Number One People's Hospital.

"Damn, so many people."Qingfeng Li saw that the hospital door was crowded with people. They were shoulder to shoulder, circling the hospital like a million ants.

Say, the power of the media is indeed impressive. Jun Ye just announced the challenge yesterday and so many citizens of Eastern Sea City were already here today to watch. Some of them even brought their family and patients, trying to get a free treatment out of it.

Not only the citizens, the people from the Eastern Sea TV Channel, newspapers and internet media were also there with their cameras and interviewing equipment. They placed the microphone in front of Jun Ye and started the interview.

"President Jun Ye, are you confident about this challenge today as the president of the Medical Association?" A coquettish blondie asked, reaching her microphone towards Jun Ye.

He took over the microphone and said proudly, "Of course I am. Qingfeng will lose with his horrible medical skills. He will apologize to Mrs. Manli Zhang on his knees and I want you all to witness that."

"President Ye, are you saying Manli Zhang, the wife of the president of National Medical Association Yunshan Ye is also here?"

"Yes, she is my sister-in-law and she is here to support me. Qingfeng Li is not a decent man since he insulted her."

"You are right, President Ye and Manli Zhang are a couple respected by the whole country and Qingfeng Li is a bastard to insult her." The woman with dyed-yellow hair said angrily.

She was a famous journalist from the Eastern Sea City so some other journalists noted her comment. Everyone was saying that Qingfeng Li was a horrible doctor and a horrible person as well.

Seeing this, Jun Ye looked cheerful. He glimpsed at the blondie in appreciation.

As a matter of fact, this blondie was Jun Ye's mistress. Everything was planned out, including Jun Ye's announcement on TV and the public demeaning remarks about Qingfeng Li.

A pretty journalist was not looking as cheerful hearing all the bad remarks about Qingfeng Li.

Her name was Xiaoli Wang and she was Xiaomei Wang's elder sister. She had interviewed Qingfeng Li at the antique competition in Hujiang Province.

Xiaoli Wang knew that Qingfeng Li was a decent and righteous man. He also saved her sister's life and could not be as bad as what the other journalists were saying.

Xiaoli Wang was a journalist from the TV Channel of Hujiang Province so her status was higher than all of the other journalists. She heard on the news about the challenge so she came to Eastern Sea City for an interview.

Almost all of the journalists were interviewing Jun Ye because Qingfeng Li hadn't arrived yet. However, Xiaoli Wang didn't interview him because she had no interested in the guy who insulted Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li parked the car in the parking lot outside and walked in along with Yunhe Zhang.

There were a lot of people and they crowded the place. Yunhe Zhang wasn't young anymore and it was difficult for him to walk through all these people. Thanks to Qingfeng Li's strength, he spread the people apart and took Yunhe Zhang inside.

"Qingfeng Li, it's Qingfeng Li!" Someone was sharp enough to recognize Qingfeng Li and shouted out.


Everyone looked to Qingfeng Li's direction when they heard the voice. They all wanted to see what this legendary person who wanted to challenge Jun Ye's medical skills looked like.

"He's so young, and handsome too."

"I bet he is not so skilled. How good can his medical skills be when he is only in his twenties."

"You are right. All the experienced doctors are in their forties or fifties. Some experts are even over sixty."

"Do you think he will kneel to Manli Zhang and apologize to her when he loses?"

"Humph, he has to even if he doesn't want to. We are all witnesses in support of Jun Ye's medical skills."

Everyone was discussing in disappointment and mockery when they saw Qingfeng Li because he was too young.

Qingfeng Li and Yunhe Zhang didn't look happy when they hear them talking about how bad Qingfeng Li's medical skills are. Seems like Jun Ye had some method to bring down Qingfeng Li's reputation to gain himself support.

Yunhe Zhang was so angry his face turned green, "Qingfeng, Jun Ye is shameless. He defiled your reputation."

A ray of cold light reflected from Qingfeng Li's eyes, "I will completely defeat Jun Ye and make him kneel for you in front of the entire Eastern Sea City."

All the journalists were still gathering around Jun Ye after Qingfeng Li arrived and none of them came up to interview him.

A journalist's job was to interview but they completely ignored Qingfeng.

In fact, the journalists of Eastern Sea City had reached an agreement to support Jun Ye. They would interview him instead of Qingfeng Li and speak poorly of Qingfeng Li.

We can say that Qingfeng Li was not in a good situation since he was ignored by the journalists.

Of course, Xiaoli Wang was an exception.

She looked at the other journalists in disgust because she truly looked down upon these peers, especially that slutty blondy. The blond journalist kept exchanging loving glances with Jun Ye and one could tell there was something not ordinary going on between them.

Dah, Dah, Dah..

XiaoLi Wang took the microphone and ran to Qingfeng Li. She handed it over with a smile, "Qingfeng Li, are you confident about this challenge?"

Jun Ye was surprised to see a journalist went to interview Qingfeng Li since he already told the blondie and the TV channel to ignore him. This was like a slap on the face to see someone interviewing him.

Qingfeng Li was stupefied to see Xiaoli Wang as well, "Aren't you in the Hujiang Province? How come you are in Eastern Sea City now?"

"Hehe, of course I'm here to interview you and support you." Xiaoli Wang's pretty face shined while she smiled.

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