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 A woman in her fifties walked out of the crowd as soon as Manli Zhang finished talking.

She looked clean and a little chubby. The woman was also well dressed so one can tell that she was from a wealthy family.

"What sickness do you have?" Jun Ye stood up and asked first.

The match had five rounds, which meant they will see five patients and whoever cures them better wins. It was reasonable that Jun Ye treated the first patient with great importance.

"My waist usually hurts and my legs also go numb with pain. My entire body feels uncomfortable." The middle-aged woman said with her hand on her waist. She was limping when she walked out which also demonstrated her problem with her lumbar vertebrae.

Jun Ye smiled and said in confidence, "You must be suffering from a herniated lumbar disc, if I am not wrong. The body is in pain when the spur presses on the nerves on your lumbar vertebra."

"Ah, Doctor Ye, you are amazing. You could identify my problem without any medical instruments. I do suffer from a herniated lumbar disc and I cannot get it cured even after seeing so many doctors and being prescribed a lot of medication." The woman looked miserable talking about her disease.

A herniated lumbar disc case was known as an undead zombie because once you get it, your body won't be able to do heavy labor work and it will be difficult to bend down or walk for a long distance. Otherwise, the pain will aggravate.

"Madam, you need a surgery in order to cure it."

"I don't want a surgery, Doctor. Ye. I am scared of western surgeries."

"Let me ask you, did it get cured with the Chinese medical treatments such as massaging, cupping, acupuncture and traction?" Jun Ye smiled and asked.

The woman was stupefied and shook her head. She had had this condition for over a decade and had tried many Chinese style medical treatments but none of them worked.

She learned about the match between Jun Ye and someone else on TV and knew that he was going to treat patients for free, so she came here early in the morning.

"Tell you what, the Western Surgical Skills are very developed now and you only need a minimally invasive surgery. We will punch a tiny hole on your lumbar vertebra and cut off the spur which is sticking out. You will be free of pain after that."

"And also, the anesthetic is very developed nowadays. You won't feel any pain after the anesthetic so don't worry about it."

"The treatment is free today. If you want, I can arrange the surgery right away and you will be done in half an hour. You will feel no pain after the surgery."

Jun Ye was very confident and it made the lady excited. She thought it would be great if she did what Jun Ye told her and got the disease cured with a minimally invasive surgery. Then she would never have to suffer from the pain.

Everyone looked at Jun Ye in admiration when he saw through the woman's problem right away and told her it can be cured in half an hour.

Qingfeng Li laughed.

He was a bit loud so everyone including Jun Ye heard his laughter.

"What are you laughing at?" Jun Ye's face clouded and complained. He was diagnosing the woman and Qingfeng Li burst out of laughter. Is he sneering at me?

"I'm laughing at your stupidity. You are going to give a lumbar disc herniation patient a surgery. That will cause damage to the patient since surgeries can significantly damage one's vital energy."

Jun Ye was not happy about Qingfeng Li's comment. What are you trying to say? My medical approach is problematic or my treatment method is problematic?

"Qingfeng Li, if you can cure her lumbar herniated disc then I'll count you as the winner. Otherwise just shut up." Jun Ye rolled his eyes and satirized.

Qingfeng Li said in confidence, "Not even half an hour, I can cure her in ten minutes."

Ten minutes?

Jun Ye laughed at Qingfeng Li's remark and scorned him since he thought he was joking.

No one believed in Qingfeng Li. A herniated lumbar disc was pretty common nowadays and many people were suffering from it.

Most people would prefer expectant treatment when they get this disease, which includes acupuncture, cupping, traction etc. However, it could only reduce the pain instead of eliminating it. That is why it's a miserable condition.

Qingfeng Li said he can cure the disease in ten minutes and no one believed in this nonsense.

The woman looked unconvinced as well since she thought he was bluffing. She had been suffering from this condition for decades and countless Chinese medical practitioners failed to cure her. How would this young man cure her?

Seeing no one believed him, Qingfeng Li said, "It is easy to prove me right. Let me treat her for ten minutes and if she is cured, then I win."

Jun Ye shook his head in disagreement. He insisted to treat her himself since she was his first patient.

Qingfeng Li and Jun Ye both wanted to treat the woman and this became a headache for the three judges.

Manli Zhang was on Jun Ye's side so she surely agreed with him. Miaochun Zhang was on Qingfeng Li's side so he supported him.

Jun Ye turned to Ruyan Liu, hoping the eldest daughter of the Liu family would help him out. Sure enough, her words made him disappoint.

"I think we should let Qingfeng Li treat her first and let Jun Ye do it if she is not cured in ten minutes." Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly, deciding Qingfeng Li should treat the woman first.

Manli Zhang and Jun Ye were both disappointed in question since they did not understand why Ruyan Liu wanted to help Qingfeng Li. They had no idea about the relationship between Ruyan Liu and Qingfeng Li.

Manli Zhang frowned, "Miss. Liu, You got into the judge's chair because of your family connections but why are you helping Qingfeng Li?"

"I want to. It's none of your business." Ruyan Liu rolled her eyes and ignored Manli Zhang, which pissed her off.

Damn woman, how dare you ignore me and support Qingfeng Li, that boy toy. You must have fallen in love with his handsome face. Manli Zhang thought in anger.

Two of the three judges were on Qingfeng Li's side so he got to treat the woman first.

Qingfeng Li walked to the woman and asked her to lift up the shirt on her back to expose the acupuncture points.

Shoo, Shoo, Shoo…

He took out nine silver acupuncture needles and pushed them onto her Shenyu, Guanyuan, Jizhong acupuncture points, etc.

These were all important acupoints of the lumbar vertebrae and Qingfeng Li was helping the woman dredge the blocked acupoints in order for the blood to flow through and clear the bruise.

After the acupuncture, Qingfeng Li started to massage the woman's chine and meridian on the lumbar vertebra. It made the woman feel warmth go through her lumbar vertebra and it was very comfortable.

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