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"Daoist, you should try to understand the sword arts of the Pacific Island until I find another book on sword art techniques for you to study." Giving a pat on Daoist's shoulder, Qingfeng Li comforted him.

In fact, Qingfeng Li had another book of sword art techniques which was the Fiery Sword Technique, but he couldn't give it to Daoist since Wushang Nie had told him not to teach anybody those techniques.

All depressed, Daoist had no choice but to take Yoshichiro Izu's sword arts book and decided he would only practice them temporarily until more suitable sword techniques could be found for him.

Qingfeng Li taught them the methods and steps of the martial techniques before letting them find their own spots to work.


Qingfeng Li's phone received a call from Yunhe Zhang.

 "Hello, Professor Zhang," Qingfeng Li answered the phone.

 "Qingfeng, have you watched the news?"

 "What news, Professor Zhang?"

 "Jun Ye just announced at an interview at the Eastern Sea TV station that your medical skills were terribly poor and declared that he would defeat you at the People's Hospital tomorrow. He even said he would definitely make you kneel on the spot in defeat."

Yunhe Zhang had been watching the TV leisurely when he saw the interview with Jun Ye, who was a servile follower of Yunshan Ye and had once bullied him.

In the TV interview, Jun Ye had started by declaring that Qingfeng Li was a fraud with terrible medical skills and then told the public that he would challenge Qingfeng Li, with the loser being forced to kneel.

Jun Ye was the president of the Eastern Sea Medical Association and enjoyed a very good reputation since many people had visited him for medical services.

A lot of people had been clamoring to go to the First People's Hospital and witness the fraud Qingfeng Li's defeat and consequent kneeling.

Jun Ye had made good use of media. He claimed credit for himself by ruining Qingfeng Li's reputation on the TV, while at the same time directing the critical eyes of the residents of Eastern Sea City at Qingfeng Li.

"Don't worry, Professor Zhang, let him congratulate himself today. The higher he stands now, the harder his fall will be." Qingfeng Li said with a slight smile, without a care in his voice.

What determined the result of a medicine challenge? It was the medical skills. Whoever had the better medical skills would win the challenge. For Qingfeng Li, no one was his match except Yunhe Zhang, the nation grade mental illness expert.

He set the meeting time for the next day with Yunhe Zhang before returning to the ward.

With the glucose infusion finished, Xue Lin was laying in the bed watching TV which was broadcasting Jun Ye insulting Qingfeng Li in a TV interview. Xue Lin was furious.

"Damn Jun Ye, how dare you insult my husband?" Glaring at the smug Jun Ye in the TV, Xue Lin was displeased.

She was angry that Jun Ye was spouting crap about her husband in front of all citizens of Eastern Sea City at the City TV station.

Yes, Xue Lin hated Qingfeng Li but it was only because he had an affair with that vixen, Ruyan Liu. When Qingfeng Li was insulted by the kind of people like Jun Ye, she was of course not happy.

Xue Lin was cursing Jun Ye when Qingfeng Li opened the door and came in. He was very pleased because Xue Lin's defending him against Jun Ye was a sign that she still cared about him.

"Wife, you are so good to me! You even cursed that bastard for me." Brazenly, Qingfeng Li walked over to Xue Lin and said flirtatiously.

Seeing Qingfeng Li's entrance, Xue Lin turned her face and ignored him, though her trembling eyelashes betrayed her feelings.

Qingfeng Li now knew his ways around Xue Lin. Though she continued to ignore him, he would keep talking to her. As long as he put enough effort in it, he believed that one day he would succeed.

"Wife, are you hungry? I will go out and buy you something to eat." Qingfeng Li smiled, which was his standard expression with Xue Lin.

Receiving no response, Qingfeng Li continued, "You wait here and I'll go out and buy your favorite—tomato and egg noodles."

He then walked out to the hospital café to buy food for Xue Lin.

Now Xue Lin was alone with Xiaoyun Mu who said, "Little Xue, Qingfeng did make a mistake, but you must give him a chance to redeem himself. You can't ignore him forever."

Xue Lin signed with a frown, her beautiful eyes looking lost. Her mother was right that she couldn't avoid talking to Qingfeng Li forever.

But it was impossible to forgive him. As a woman, she could not be so generous that she could ignore the fact that her husband had a baby with another woman. She couldn't do it and no woman could do it.

"Mother, please let me think in quiet. I really don't want to talk to him because whenever I do it, I would think of the mistake he made."

"Little Xue, it is only 10 days until your wedding. How could you have the wedding without talking to him?"

"Mother, I will never have the wedding with Qingfeng Li while Ruyan Liu is between us. Unless Qingfeng promises he will leave Ruyan Liu and the child forever."

Xue Lin knew that Qingfeng Li must have had feelings with that vixen Ruyan Liu. Otherwise, they would not have gone to bed and have had a baby together. Even if Qingfeng Li decided to give up Ruyan Liu, would the latter give up Qingfeng Li ? Xue Lin wondered.

As the legal wife of Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin had the right and the pride not to forgive them.

Of course, if Qingfeng Li swore to cut Ruyan Liu out of his life forever, Xue Lin might forgive him. But she knew the possibility was very small.

"Little Xue, I experienced the same betrayal when I was young. I will just tell you one thing: never apply for divorce."

"Mother, why can't I divorce? If Qingfeng Li doesn't give up Ruyan Liu, I will consider divorce."

"Little Xue, don't be silly. If you divorce Qingfeng, Ruyan Liu will get him. Just think about it: you will lose your husband Qingfeng and Ruyan Liu will be the winner with your husband." Xiaoyun Mu said meaningfully.

Shi Lin had an affair when he was young and Xiaoyun Mu not only had considered divorce, but had thought of suicide by taking sleeping pills. Later when she visited a Buddist Temple on a mountain, a monk told her that if she divorced her husband, the mistress would be the winner.

In the end, Xiaoyun Mu didn't divorce Shi Lin and the mistress could only hide in the background.

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