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Hearing Qingfeng Li's song, Xue Lin rolled her eyes. She cast him an speechless glance and ignored him with her head turned.


The young nurse standing nearby couldn't hold their laugh and giggled at his song.

This man was hilarious, changing the song "Only Mother is the Best in the World" into "Only Wife is the Best in the World" to make his wife happy.

It was clear to the pretty nurse that the man must have made a mistake and his wife was giving him the silent treatment. Now he was begging for her to forgive him by fawning over her.

Qingfeng Li was frustrated. It took him a great effort to sing the song which made the little nurse giggle but had no effect on his wife.

"Hey! Hurry over and prepare the drip for my wife. What are you laughing at?" Qingfeng Li complained with a frown.

The nurse stuck out her tongue at him, obviously not afraid of him, thinking that he was a funny guy. Then she walked over to put Xue Lin on a drip after preparing the solution.

Xue Lin had said only one sentence to him before continuing to ignore him. After many attempts in vain, Qingfeng Li had no choice but to leave the ward to give her some rest.

When he came out of the ward, Qingfeng Li found the members of the Wolf Fang team were also laughing, obviously having heard his song from outside.

The fact was, the Clan members had never heard Qingfeng Li sing songs like this before, especially as a way to beg for favor from woman.

It was fortunate that only Daoist (TL: previously translated as Monk), Bald Man and Death God were present. If Alice had been here, she would have been jealous.

"What are you laughing about? Haven't you heard your boss sing before?"

Suppressing his mirth, Daost said, "Boss, I did hear you sing before but not like this. I am envious of your wife who could hear the peerless voice of the boss singing 'Only my wife is the best in whole world'."

No sooner did he finish the words, had Bald Man and Death God begun to laugh again, feeling exhilarated seeing their boss make a fool of himself.

"I had planned to teach you ancient martial art techniques but now it seems you don't want to learn." Giving them a glance, Qingfeng Li said lightly.

What?! Ancient martial art techniques?

Daoist and the others all changed expressions, excitement in their eyes.

They had been working under Qingfeng Li for a long time and naturally knew about the ancient martial art world and ancient martial artists. Even though in the world of ordinary people they were the strongest, they had no power in the eyes of ancient martial artists.

They had seen how awesome the boss had been after learning ancient martial art techniques, being able to conquer countless enemies and kill opponents with one fist.

Daoist threw his arms around Qingfeng Li, saying loudly, "Boss, you are my dear senior brother. It was Bald Man who laughed at your song. Please teach me the martial techniques and I will then beat Bald Man for you with the skills you taught me."

F**k! This shameless Daoist betrayed me! Bald Man gave Daoist a stern look to show his displeasure.

F**king Daoist, do you think only you can flatter the boss?

"Boss, you are my real father. Please teach me martial art techniques and I will use them to give Daoist a lesson for you." Putting his arms around Qingfeng Li, Bald Man said in excitement.

Hearing Bald Man's words, Daoist looked gloomy since he had never known Bald Man could be such a blatant flatterer.

Honor, honor, where is your honor, you shameless Bald Man? In order to get martial art techniques, you even called the boss "father" while you are actually older than him. What a shameless man!

Qingfeng Li looked at them, speechless with mortification. The two shameless men called him "senior brother" and "father" respectively, but in reality he was not at all old! Rather he was a handsome young man!

But the next moment, he found an even more shameless man standing before him.

"Boss, you are my grandfather. Please teach me martial art techniques and I will beat those two shameless guys for you." With his arms around Qingfeng Li, Death God tried to butter him up.

F**k! You called us shameless? You are the worst. Daoist and Bald Man looked at Death God with fury.

Death God had no sense of shame at all! He even called the boss "grandfather" in an effort to get martial techniques. It was a pity that they had forgotten they were as brazen as Death God a moment ago by calling Qingfeng Li "senior brother" and "father" respectively.

With frustration in his eyes, Qingfeng Li looked at Death God who had been the shyest and most silent one in the Wolf Fang team.

It was quite frustrating that even the quiet Death God had learned how to flatter just because of the martial art techniques.

The temptation of the martial techniques was so big that even the members of the Wolf Fang Clan couldn't resist it.

Being held by three men, Qingfeng Li had a bit of difficulty breathing. If it had been a beautiful woman holding him, he would have been very pleased, but it felt disgusting being held by three men.

"If you want to learn martial art techniques, release me now or I won't teach you." Qingfeng Li said.


Quickly letting him out of their arms, the three men looked at him feverishly, as if he was a piece of delicious cake that they desperately wanted to eat.

Qingfeng Li looked at them, "Do you know the difference between ancient martial artists and ordinary people?"

They all shook their heads, saying they never knew anything about ancient martial arts until recently. They had been envious of the boss when they saw the great power he gained through practicing ancient martial art techniques.

"Ordinary people only exercise muscular strength which is limited to a certain range. While ancient warriors absorb genuine energy from the air and form vital essence, whose power is limitless. Only those who have cultivated vital essence can be called ancient martial artists or martial warriors.

"Equipped with the vital essence, Ancient warriors can exercise martial techniques which will give them great power by making use of the attacking power and skills offered by their vital essence."

"Daoist, this is the book on the sword techniques from the the seventh sword king on the Pacific Island. I got it after killing him. Since you like using a sword, I think it will suit you."

"Bald Man, this is the Iron Fist from Iron Fist Clan, containing the clan's martial techniques and exercises which will suit your powerful physique."

"Death God, the Blade Arts of Gu Clan is more of your type. You take it."

Qingfeng Li handed them the books of martial techniques he had collected and told them to practice it.

Bald Man fell in love with the Iron Fist at first sight, since he liked using physical strength to conquer his enemies.

With only one glance, Death God had seen that the Blade Technique of Gu Clan contained amazing martial techniques and was also very happy.

However, Daoist was quite crestfallen, saying gloomily, "Boss, I am a person from Huaxia and I don't like the sword arts of Pacific Island."

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