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After the conversation with her mother, Xue Lin was silent for a long time. She thought her mother was right that she couldn't divorce Qingfeng Li. If she did, Ruyan Liu would be the beneficiary of her divorce.

Xue Lin was no fool. She was sure that the vixen Ruyan Liu would marry Qingfeng Li as soon as they divorced.

"Ruyan Liu, you vixen! If you think you can marry him just because you slept with him, you are sadly mistaken." Xue Lin clenched her fists and said to herself.

After weighing all the options, she had made up her mind. Firstly, she would continue to ignore Qingfeng Li, not forgiving him for the time being. Secondly, she would never divorce, thus not giving that vixen Ruyan Liu any chance of winning.

Xiaoyun Mu smiled with relief when she saw her daughter make the right decision. She had been worried that her daughter would take the whole thing too hard and leave home again.


The door opened and Qingfeng Li came in with tomato egg noodles, smiling, "Look, honey, I bought you your favorite-- tomato egg noodles."

"Hmph." Xue Lin turned her face away proudly, giving Qingfeng Li the cold shoulder.

"Qingfeng, I will feed Little Xue. You take a good rest tonight since you have to compete with Jun Ye tomorrow morning."

Qingfeng Li had planned to feed Xue Lin himself, but since his mother-in-law had taken the noodles from him, he could only smile awkwardly.

Still, he was delighted that his mother-in-law had talked to him, and in a mild tone too.

It was okay that Xue Lin gave him the cold shoulder as long as her mother talked to him.

Qingfeng Li had made his plan. He would have a good relationship with Xiaoyun Mu and then ask her to put in a good word for him in front of Xue Lin, who usually listened to her mother.

It was night now and he left the ward to give Xue Lin some time to rest.

He didn't go to the hotel for the night. Though the hotel bed would give him good rest, Xue Lin needed protection and the members of the Wolf Fang team were practicing their martial art techniques.

He asked for a companion bed and a quilt at the nurse station. Putting the bed on the ground outside of the door, he settled down for the night to guard Xue Lin.

The passing nurses were all filled with envy, thinking how wonderful it would be if their husband could be as devoted to them as Qingfeng was to his wife.

Laying on his bed outside the ward, Qingfeng Li couldn't sleep. He was filled with memories such as scenes of staying with his parents, of his master teaching him martial arts and medical skills, of getting his marriage certificate with Xue Lin in Eastern Sea City, and of living in a villa.

Scenes of memories kept coming and changing in his mind.

He didn't know how much time had passed before he finally fell in sleep. He dreamed that he and Xue Lin were on their wedding night, that they went to bed and had sex all night…

Of course it was only a dream. Qingfeng Li had daydreamed these scenes and it was natural they entered his dreams at night.

After dreaming about Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li dreamed that Ruyan Liu gave birth to a beautiful baby who kept giggling at him and he felt very happy about it.

He had been exhausted recently since his trip to the grandmaster's tomb and the fights with his enemies had cost him a lot of energy.

He slept very soundly tonight and he even smiled in his sleep, as he dreamed of Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu and both women serving him together.

When Xiaoyun Mu came out the ward to get a glass of water for Xue Lin, she found Qingfeng Li sound asleep with the quilt on the ground.

It was a cold winter night and it was chilling to sleep in the heatless hall.

"Why, Qingfeng would rather guard Little Xue at the ward door than go back to the hotel."

With a sigh, Xiaoyun Mu picked up the quilt from the ground and covered Qingfeng Li with it.

Xiaoyun Mu had been very satisfied with Qingfeng Li as her son-in-law before his affair with Ruyan Liu caused Xue Lin to leave home and even lose consciousness. It made Xiaoyun Mu very angry at him.

However, seeing Qingfeng Li so devoted to Xue Lin, Xiaoyun Mu knew that he still liked Xue Lin. As to Qingfeng Li's affair with another woman, Xiaoyun Mu was quite at loss for words since her own husband had a mistress.

All men liked to fool around. In the old times, it was quite common that a man had more than one wife. Though in modern society, it was not allowed to have more than one wife, it was normal for men to get more girlfriends, visit the foot massage shops and thus can have sex with more than one woman.

Of course, there were good men who were content with only one woman for their whole lives but they were a rarer species than the nation's treasured pandas.

Sighing, Xiaoyun Mu turned in the direction of the tea room to get water for Xue Lin.

The second day, the morning sun shined its warm rays on the earth, leaving spots of shadow on the ground and signaling a fine day ahead.

Qingfeng Li was woken up by his phone ring. Being very tired recently, he had a wonderful dream last night with Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu and himself in a bed together.

Of course it was only a dream, but he was very happy because in the dream Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu served him in bed at the same time. He didn't want to wake up from it.

He was not pleased to be woken up by the phone ring. " Hello. What is it?"

"Qingfeng, you forgot that we have to go to the First People's Hospital at nine this morning to challenge Jun Ye." Yunhe Zhang's voice sounded from the phone with a trace of anxiety.

"F*ck! I forgot about it!" Qingfeng Li jumped from the bed and fumbled around for his clothes.

No wonder people claimed women were the origin of disasters. I forgot about the important challenge because I dreamed that Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu served me together in bed.

He ran down the stairs without a delay. Yunhe Zhang had been waiting for him down there.

While he was running down, Qingfeng Li called the members of the Wolf Fang team, asking them to come over and guard Xue Lin. After one night's exercising, he expected that they must have become familiar with the ancient martial techniques. For those better gifted, they should have learned some of the martial techniques.

Finishing the call, Qingfeng Li came out of the hospital and found Yunhe Zhang waiting there for him. Yunhe Zhang looked a bit anxious since today Qingfeng Li would challenge Jun Ye, the president of Medical Association in Eastern Sea City.

"Professor Zhang, I am sorry. I slept late because I dreamed last night that I had sex with my wife." Qingfeng Li apologized with an embarrassed smile on his face.

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