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The Sato Clan, Pacific Island.

The Sato Clan, also known as the Number One Ninja Clan, was one of the biggest five families on the Pacific Island. Together with the Kendo Clan, the Bushido Clan, the Karate Clan and the Demon Blade Clan, they were the five super families on the Pacific Island.

Powerful in every aspect, the five super families together controlled all the forces on the island.

In a villa owned by the Sato Clan, an old man in a kimono, sitting cross-legged, was drinking tea while a glamourous woman stood before him.

The young woman was in her twenties. With a charming face, flawless white skin, seductive shining eyes, a cute nose and red lips, she looked extremely ravishing.

The pretty woman's figure was very seductive in a form-fitting gauze dress which couldn't conceal her bountiful breasts and the deep valley in between, tempting any men to grab them in their hands and knead them firmly.

One had to admit that the women on the Pacific Island were all very beautiful and they held a likeness to the women in some special "videos".

The seductive woman was very famous on Pacific Island. Her name was Yoshiko Sato, the young mistress of the Ninja Clan and one of the Four Beauties. She was also a Femme Fatale and many people had previously died at her hands.

"Grandpa, the Ninja King and the high level ninja, Kayip Sato, were both killed by the Wolf King of ther Wolf Continent, Qingfeng Li, in Huaxia. The Conqueror's Badge was also lost." Yoshiko Sato said respectfully.

Though Yoshiko enjoyed a great reputation on the Pacific Island, she knew that the old man before her was the real master of the Ninja Clan and the dead Ninja King was only one of the disciples of the old man.

Her grandfather had cultivated many masters, some of them even stronger than the Ninja King. The Ninja Clan had prospered for hundreds of years with a large number of masters.

"Qingfeng Li deserves to die. Do you have the reports on his strength?"

"Grandpa, according to the latest report, Qingfeng Li killed three strong fighters who were on the grandmaster's list of Huaxia and had become a half-grandmaster, unrivalled in his realm."

"Unrivalled in his realm. Qingfeng Li must have powerful cultivation and martial art techniques. Very good ... now your mission is to go to Huaxia and kill him." Looking at the woman, the old man said.

People only knew Yoshiko Sato as a beauty and the young mistress of the Ninja Clan but no one knew that she had been secretly instructed and trained by the clan in their powerful Ninja arts. She had now become a grandmaster.

Anyone outside the clan would be amazed if they knew that the famous beauty Yoshiko Sato was actually a grandmaster.

"Grandpa, do I kill him or make him a servant?"

"Yoshiko, you have woken up the Three-tailed Fox Bloodline and need vital essence from men. You can make Qingfeng Li your servant after defeating him and you will make a breakthrough by draining his vital essence."

"Yes, Grandpa, I shall make him my servant. I feel my Three-tailed Fox bloodline is about to evolve and Qingfeng's vital essence can give me a hand in this." A chilling blood-thirsty smile appeared on Yoshiko Sato's charming face.

Saying fare-well to her grandfather, the chief of the Ninja Clan, Yoshiko Sato walked out the room to book an airplane ticket to Eastern Sea City.

At the same time in a hotel in Eastern Sea City, with her mobile phone, Feiya Ai contacted Augustine of the Sky Gods Alliance in the Tiger Continent.

Augustine was the young lord of the Sky Gods Alliance. With a handsome face, a noble nose, tanned skin, blue eyes and long blond hair, he looked like a legendary ancient god with both beauty and wisdom.

Beautiful was not a proper word for men, but Augustine, being too good-looking, could only be described with this word.

"Feiya Ai, are you calling to tell me you are going to bring my fiancé back?" Sipping wine in a luxurious villa in the Tiger Continent, Augustine asked lightly.

Augustine knew that Feiya Ai was the teacher of Alice, a Swedish Princess, and also a higher heaven master. She had travelled to Huaxia with the purpose of bringing Alice back to marry him.

"I am sorry, Young Lord Augustine, Alice is staying with Wolf King Qingfeng Li and doesn't want to come back."

"Feiya Ai, you are not doing your job properly. Since Alice is not willing to come back, you can bring her back by force."

"Lord Augustine, Qingfeng Li has defeated three strong fighters of the Half-grandmaster Realm and has grown into a Half-grandmaster, which is too powerful for me to fight," said Feiya Ai.

Actually, she was very frustrated with how things went. When she first saw Qingfeng Li, the latter was only a higher heaven master and, in only a few days, he had had a breakthrough into the half-grandmaster realm. She was shocked by the rocket speed of Qingfeng Li's progress.

Feiya Ai did want to take Alice by force but she knew it was impossible with her strength. If she acted rashly she would probably be killed by Qingfeng Li, which explained why she had been hidden in Eastern Sea City.

"Feiya Ai, I will send the chief of the Gator Clan to work with you in Huaxia. He is a grandmaster and can easily deal with Qingfeng Li." Said Augustine, voice full of disdain for Qingfeng Li.

As the top force in the Tiger Continent with a partnership with the Holy See, the Sky Gods Alliance consisted of ten huge families and the Gator Clan was one of them.

Meanwhile, the Taekwondo Clan of Korea and the Assassin School of Russia also sent their super masters to Huaxia and their jobs were to kill Qingfeng Li.

Each of Qingfeng Li's enemies was a world-grade super force which could easily put anyone who dared offend them to death. However, with so many super forces as enemies, Qingfeng Li still lived, and was quite well off.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li was in the Central Hospital of Eastern Sea City, oblivious of all the killing intent directed at him. Even if he had known about them, he wouldn't care because the most important thing for him now was Xue Lin, and everything else had to give way for her.

"Honey, will you please say one more sentence to me?" Qingfeng Li said shamelessly. Just a moment ago, Xue Lin said something to him, which pleased him greatly.

But Xue Lin had been ignoring him after that and his ingratiating tactics received no response.

"Honey, I will sing you a song." When Xue Lin kept silent, Qingfeng Li decided to sing her a song.

He had found that the only way to thaw Xue Lin and end the silent battle between them was to fawn over her shamelessly. Otherwise there would be emotional gulf due to the lack of constant communications with each other.

"In the whole world, my wife is the best; a child with my wife feels like a prince and a child without my wife is a piece of grass. How happy I am in my wife's arms…" In his song, Qingfeng Li sang high praise of his wife. (TL: it's actually a lullaby in China, except it says mom instead of wife.)

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