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"Jun Ye, that is alright. But if you lose, then I want you to give your position at Number One People's Hospital back to Xun Zhao and apologize to Professor Heyun Zhang on your knees." Qingfeng Li sneered.

He never had mercy for enemies. He was told to kneel just now so he certainly would make the enemy kneel to Heyun Zhang as well.

Although he couldn't challenge Yunshan Ye yet, teaching his sidekick, Yun Ye, a lesson and making him kneel to Heyun Zhang was also alright.

"Hahaha, you are kidding me. How would I lose? I am the president of the Medical Association of Eastern Sea City." Yun Ye laughed conceitedly and mockingly looked at Qingfeng Li.

Jun Ye was definitely one of the best doctors in Eastern Sea City. Otherwise he wouldn't have passed the exam from the Medical Association.

"You are too scared to accept my challenge, Jun Ye?"

"That's ridiculous. Our match will be broadcasted live tomorrow morning at the Number One People's Hospital lobby at 9:00 am. Do you dare to come?"

"Of course, I have to be there to see you apologize to Professor Heyun Zhang on your knees." Qingfeng Li sneered. He then turned around, took Xiaoyun Mu's hand and walked to the inpatient ward.

Xiaoyun Mu was watching them quarrel. Her small hand was suddenly held by Qingfeng Li and it made her heart beat fast in embarrassment.

"I am your mother in law, Qingfeng. Why are you holding my hand?"Xiaoyun Mu blushed and said shyly. 

"Ah, mom, I'm sorry I thought you were Xue Lin."Qingfeng blushed as well as he let go of her hand. 

Qingfeng Li was madly announcing the challenge with Jun Ye so he didn't pay much attention to the hand he was holding. He used to hold Xue Lin's hand like this and Xiaoyun Mu looks a lot like her. So he took the wrong hand.

Xiaoyun Mu glanced at Qingfeng and walked to the inpatient ward. They got along better after what happened and she was not as unhappy about him as before.

Qingfeng Li took out his phone and dialed Yunhe Zhang's number as he walked. It was soon picked up.

He told Yunhe Zhang about challenging Jun Ye, the president of the Eastern Sea City Medical Association and asked his to attend the match tomorrow morning. Yunhe Zhang was happy about Jun Ye having to apologize to him on his knees if he loses.

Yunhe Zhang's biggest dream was to defeat that traitorous disciple of his, Yunshan Ye. However, he couldn't do it anymore because he was kicked out of the academy, so he counted on Qingfeng Li to challenge him. He had no idea that Qingfeng Li was so efficient.

Yunhe Zhang was very excited, thinking he chose the right person and did the right thing saving Xue Lin. Qingfeng Li was indeed a responsible man.

They set a time for meeting and hung up after a quick chat because Qingfeng Li was already at the door of the ward.

Qingfeng Li was very loud challenging Jun Ye in front of the hospital that the entire hospital heard him. All the doctors and nurses looked weirdly at him in surprise.

"Qingfeng, you really want to challenge Jun Ye? He is not a decent man but he is indeed an excellent doctor." Miaochun Zhang stopped Qingfeng Li at the door and asked him with a serious look.

He is the president of Chinese Medicine and an important member of the Medical Association so she knew enough about Jun Ye's level to remind him.

"Rest assured. I am confident about my own medical skill. No one can defeat me unless it's on the topic of mental disease." Qingfeng Li smiled proudly.

As a highly skilled doctor and a master in Chinese Medicine, Qingfeng Li was proud and confident about his skills. He learnt everything but mental disease when he studied medicine.

He comforted Miaochun Zhang, pushed the door open and walked inside.

Qingfeng Li missed Xue Lin so much that he couldn't stand not seeing her even for a little bit. It made him happy as long as he could see her, although she didn't want to talk to him.

"Honey, are you feeling better?"Qingfeng Li asked with concern.

"Humph." Xue Lin pouted her cute mouth and turned her head away from Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li knew that Xue Lin was still mad at him after a few interactions with her, but this is a good thing because she would only be mad if she cared about him. If she were only disgusted and annoyed by him, she would have just ignored him.

"Honey, you asked your mom to kicked away the woman who was bullying me. That shows you still care about me and I was so moved." Qingfeng Li smirked.

He decided to take advantage of his thick skin and try to talk to her as much as possible to get her forgiveness.

Xue Lin finally talked, "Get over yourself. I wasn't helping you. The woman was very loud and she interrupted me."

She talked! Xue Lin talked to me! Qingfeng Li was so excited about this moment he almost cried out tears.

In fact, Xue Lin has never spoken to Qingfeng Li ever since she woke up and had been giving him the silent treatment. Qingfeng Li was very sad about it.

How would he not be happy now that she is talking to him?

Qingfeng Li ignored her comment about not helping him because he knew from Xiaoyun Mu that Xue Lin was indeed mad about him being bullied by Manli Zhang, so she sent Xiaoyun Mu to kick the woman out.

Xue Lin was not nearly as thick-skinned as him so she sure wouldn't admit it, but Qingfeng Li understood her.

"Manli Zhang, you nasty bitch. Thank you for coming to the hospital to curse me. Xue Lin wouldn't be talking to me now if you didn't annoy her." Qingfeng Li secretly cursed Manli Zhang and then thanked her as well.

Had Manli Zhang known that Qingfeng Li was thanking her, she would have been so mad. You bastard slapped me a dozen times and turned my head into a pig head. Now you are thanking me? It was like a cat crying at a dead mouse's funeral.

"Honey, your voice is so musical like a fairy. I can just hear you all day without eating anything. Say something else to me?" Qingfeng Li sat at the head of Xue Lin's bed and said shamelessly.

A nurse in the room almost burst into laughter. This man is so funny. He is trying everything to get onto his honey's good side. Hear her all day without eating? You really think your wife's voice can be eaten as food?

Xue Lin was embarrassed about her husband's flirting. She rolled her eyes at him to express her dissatisfaction.

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