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She dares to curse at me?

Qingfeng Li's face turned cold. Manli Zhang really wanted to die, even daring to curse at him.

~Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa~

Without another word, Qingfeng Li gave Manli Zhang a dozen slaps to the face. Her cheeks turned red and swollen, completely turning her face into a pig's head. Her hair had also fallen loose, adding to her miserable look.

Manli Zhang still had a trace of blood at the corner of her mouth. She looked Qingfeng Li, completely shocked. The guy in front of her was too ruthless, slapping her face whenever he felt like it. She was slapped silly.

"Mother-in-law, I'm standing up for you, how about I teach this lady a lesson?" Qingfeng Li said with a big smile, turning his head towards Xiaoyun Mu.

Xue Lin was currently upset at Qingfeng Li, unwilling to forgive him. Qingfeng Li decided to first get on his mother-in-law's good side and maybe later, she would put in a good word for him in front of Xue Lin.

Xiaoyun Mu huffed, remaining silent. Her eyes, however, did show a trace of appreciation.

Although she didn't like seeing a man hit a woman, she was willing to make an exception for a nasty woman like Manli Zhang. If Qingfeng Li hadn't appeared just in time, Xiaoyun Mu would have been slapped by her.

"Qingfeng Li, it was Xue Lin who asked me to get rid of this woman. She said she didn't like hearing you get scolded by other women."

"Mother-in-law, did Xue Lin forgive me?"

"No way, Little Xue didn't forgive you. It's just that you are her husband, and she won't allow other women to curse at you." Xiaoyun Mu said.

Although Qingfeng Li was sad that Xue Lin hadn't forgiven him, the fact that she sent her mother to get rid of Manli Zhang did show that Xue Lin still cared for him. He still had a place in her heart. This made him slightly happier.

"Qingfeng Li, I am the wife of the president of National Medical Association. You dare to slap my face? My husband will not let you live."

"Hmph! Even if your husband Yunshan Ye doesn't come and find me, I will go look for him. How the hell did he become the president of the National Medical Association with his weak medical skills anyways?"

"Qingfeng Li, my husband's medical knowledge is recognized by the entire nation. You dare to mock his skills?" Manli Zhang yelled, her face gloomy.

In Huaxia, Yunshan Ye was one of the most well-known people in the nation. As the president of the National Medical Association, he had cured many people's diseases and was under the protection of many.

In addition to this, Yunshan Ye had even cured many people from ancient martial clans, forming close relationships with these powers. His son Hao Ye was practicing in one of these ancient martial clans, even reaching the Higher Heaven realm. Unfortunately for him, Qingfeng Li had defeated him in one strike.

The people around were also mockingly watching Qingfeng Li, thinking he was wet behind the ears. In Huaxia, Yunshan Ye had many devoted fans, because his medical skills had saved many people.

What they didn't know, however, was Yunshan Ye's principles to only treat the rich and the powerful. He would only save the ones who gave him money, not the poor people. He also treated the officials and people of the ancient martial forces, so basically anyone who was powerful.

The only reason behind Yushan Ye's success in Huaxia was due to the hype from the media and the press. He had paid a large sum of money to bribe the media into wantonly reporting his superb medical skills, his noble character, and his spirit in healing the wounded.

Only the ones who truly knew him, would have seen right through him. In truth, he was just a shameless fraud. He had previously betrayed his own master Yunhe Zhang by kicking him out of the National Medical Association. He even went as far as to poison his own master, he was evil to the core.

"Manli Zhang, go back and tell your husband Yunshan Ye, I want to challenge his medical skills. He can set the time and place." Qingfeng Li said to Manli Zhang, laughing coldly.

Yunhe Zhang had previously rescued Xue Lin and as a thank you to him, Qingfeng Li had promised to help him defeat Yunshan Ye. Now that Yunshan Ye's wife was here, it was the perfect time to send out the challenge.

"Hahaha, what a joke, you want to challenge my husband? I don't think you're worthy."

"What, is your husband afraid of me or something?"

"Let me make this clear, only the president of the Provincial Medical Association can challenge him. If you want to challenge my husband, you have to first become the president of the Eastern Sea City Medical Association, and second, become the president of the Hujiang Province Medical Association. Otherwise, there is no way my husband will accept your challenge." Manli Zhang said coldly, her face full of contempt.

As the president of the National Medical Association, Yunshan Ye was very busy. Other than treating the Chiefs of the nation, he also had to attend meetings and discussions with all sorts of academic exchanges. He simply didn't have the time to accept all the challenges he received from people looking for fame.

The Huaxia Medical Association had made a rule for Yunshan Ye's sake. If anyone wanted to challenge the president of the National Medical Association, the challenger must first, be the president of a city medical association, and second, be the president of a provincial medical association. Only then, can they challenge Yunshan Ye.

"If that's the case, who is the president of Eastern Sea City Medical Association? I will challenge him first." Qingfeng Li said without worry, lightly smiling. As far as Qingfeng Li's concerned, a medical association president wasn't problematic enough for him to worry.

"Boy, you are way too arrogant! I am Jun Ye, the current president of the ES City Medical Association." Suddenly, a voice sounded, and a middle-aged man walked out from the side.

Seing Jun Ye, Qingfeng's face darkened, and a hint of coldness flashed past his eyes. Jun Ye was the person that took Xun Zhao of the hospital director position, and the one that kicked Xue Lin out of the ward.

Jun Ye was a distant cousin of Yunshan Ye's. Otherwise, he wouldn't have made dean of the hospital, not to mention become the president of the Eastern Sea City Medical Association.

"Jun Ye correct? Good, then I will challenge you, you can pick the time and place." Qingfeng Li said proudly, smiling calmly. Qingfeng Li challenged Jun Ye to receive the position as the president of the Eastern Sea City Medical Association. Other than avenging Yunhe Zhang, Qingfeng Li also wanted to avenge Xue Lin and the previous hospital dean, Xu Zhao.

"Qingfeng Li, I can accept your challenge, but there has to be a wager."

"What bet?"

"If you lose, I want you to kneel before Madame Manli Zhang and beg for her forgiveness." Jun Ye said coldly.

As Yunshan Ye and Manli Zhang's lackey, Jun Ye naturally had to cater to his masters. One of his masters had just gotten slapped by Qingfeng Li, so obviously he had to fight him for her.

If they were physically battling, Jun Ye knew full well that he was no match for Qingfeng Li, as the latter looked incredibly powerful. However, when it came to medical skills, Jun Ye thought himself as unrivalled.

Other than his connection to Yunshan Ye, Jun Ye was able to become the president of the ES City Medical Association due to his own superb medical skills. He had graduated from one of the most prestigious medical universities nationwide, and he was very well-educated.

Take Miaochun Zhang as an example. He was only the president of the Chinese Medicine Association, but the field of medicine includes eastern medicine, western medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, orthopedics and much more.

Hearing Jun Ye telling him to kneel down to Manli Zhang made Qingfeng Li's eyes turn cold. If it weren't for the medical skills challenge, Qingfeng Li would have blown him up into pieces with one punch. What a fool.

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