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"Qingfeng Li, get out from the hospital." Manli Zhang shouted, standing at the hospital door.

Her voice was very loud and everyone in the hospital heard it, including Xue Lin.

"Mother, what's happening?" Xue Lin furrowed her brows and asked, lying in a hospital bed.

"I think a middle-aged woman is cursing at Qingfeng." Xiaoyun Mu said, looking down to the bottom floor of the hospital.

Hearing her mother's words, Xue Lin was silent for a moment. She then said, "Mother, please go downstairs and get rid of the woman.

"Little Xue, Qingfeng Li treated you horribly. Why are you helping him?"

"Mother, this is between me and Qingfeng Li. Others cannot swear at my husband."

"Oh you, you say you hate Qingfeng Li, but in your heart you still love him. Why else would you get mad at others for cursing at him?" Xiaoyun Mu sighed, turning her body to go downstairs.

Xue Lin watched her mother leave. Her face was full of complicated emotions. Yes, she hated Qingfeng Li for his affair with Ruyan Liu, but her heart felt a mixture of love and hate for him. She was the only one who was allowed to scold her husband. No one else could.

Xue Lin was bedridden, unable to leave. If she could, she would chase away the nasty woman herself.

"Sister Xue, Master's actually very good to you." Ziyi Miao suddenly said. Xue Lin's silence worried her.

At the time of Xue Lin's running away from home, Ziyi Miao witnessed Qingfeng Li vomit blood from worry. He even pulled all the influence he has in the entire Eastern Sea City in his search for her.

As for Ruyan Liu, Ziyi Miao didn't want to comment more. She wasn't familiar with Ruyan Liu, and they weren't close either. Alice was closer to Ruyan Liu and in turn, Ziyi Miao was closer to Xue Lin.

"Ziyi, some things are hard to explain. If Qingfeng Li had slept with you, I wouldn't even be this angry. I just cannot accept that he did it with that witch, Ruyan Liu." Xue Lin said, her lips slightly curved, her expression heavy.

Xue Lin understood that men had physical needs. Being married for so long, the fact that she and Qingfeng Li haven't even slept together sent him into another woman's arms. If Qingfeng Li had slept with Ziyi Miao, or even Xiaoyue Zhang, Xue Lin would have accepted it. But, she would never accept Ruyan Liu.

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were natural born enemies. She didn't like Ruyan Liu and Ruyan Liu didn't like her. They hated each other. They were enemies in the past and they were still enemies in the present.

Ziyi Miao fell into silence. After all, this was a problem between Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin. She didn't know what to say as an outsider.

Xiaoyun Mu left the hospital room and arrived in front of the hospital entrance. She said coldly, "Lady, what's your problem? Why are you yelling in the hospital?"

Hearing Xiaoyun Mu's criticism, Manli Zhang became angry, she raged, "Do you know who I am? I am the wife of the president of the National Medical Association. Qingfeng Li hit my son Hao Ye, tell him to come out and apologize."

"Hmph! Qingfeng is a good man, he wouldn't beat anyone innocent. If your son didn't chase my daughter away from the hospital, Qingfeng wouldn't have beat him."

"I know you. You're that bastard's mother-in-law. Tell him to come out!"

"Qingfeng's not here. My daughter is resting in the hospital. Please leave immediately." Xiaoyun Mu's voice was chilling, clearly disgusted by the middle-aged woman in front of her.

Xiaoyun Mu had the same mindset as Xue Lin. Yes, as Qingfeng Li's mother-in-law, she was disappointed in his recent mistakes. However, Qingfeng Li was still her son-in-law, and she was irritated by the person with the audacity to scold him in public.

The people of Center Hospital were afraid of Manli Zhang's status, but Xiaoyun Mu definitely wasn't. What kind of mother-in-law was she if she didn't even fight for Qingfeng Li?

Qingfeng Li had just gotten near the middle-aged woman, just to hear his mother-in-law Xiaoyun Mu speak on his behalf. His heart suddenly felt warm.

True feelings show in the face of adversity. It was only when he was cursed at, had Qingfeng Li realized how much his mother-in-law cared for him.

Come to think of it, there were so many people in the hospital, but no one was willing to even speak on his behalf. His mother-in-law, Xiaoyue Mu, was the only one.

"You are Qingfeng Li's mother-in-law, of course, you would be on his side. Since Qingfeng Li's too chicken to come out, I'll just have to teach you a lesson." Manli Zhang sneered. She suddenly raised her right hand and struck towards Xiaoyun Mu's face.

The two were standing very close. Xiaoyun Mu obviously didn't expect the slap from Manli Zhang. For a moment she just stood there, stunned by the sight of the hand coming for her.

The people around all watched with great anticipation, because anyone could see that Manli Zhang's hand would hit Xiaoyun Mu's face in the next second.


Qingfeng Li moved his body forward, arriving in front of Xiaoyun Mu instantly. He directly gripped Manli Zhang's hand still, stopping her as if his hand was a steel clamp.

"Who are you? Let go of my hand!" Manli Zhang screamed, her face changing drastically.

"I am Qingfeng Li, the person you're looking for. Are you too blind to recognize me?" Qingfeng Li said coldly, laughing.

Hearing Qingfeng Li call her blind, Manli Zhang's expression twisted, her eyes now fuming with anger.

She struggled to pull out her hand in an attempt to slap Qingfeng Li, but she couldn't take her hand out no matter how hard she tried, enraging her even more.

"Qingfeng Li, you bastard, let go of my hand." Manli Zhang cursed at Qingfeng Li, spit flying everywhere.

A charming woman, dressed in beautiful clothing, cursing in public. It was definitely a bad look. But considering her status, no one had the nerve to say anything.


Qingfeng Li reached out his hand and gave a slap to Manli Zhang's face. The slap turned her face red instantly, as if it were a red steamed bun.

Given that Manli Zhang was just an ordinary person, Qingfeng Li restrained his strength and didn't use his full strength. If she had been a martial artist and was cursing at Qingfeng Li, his punch would have blown her body into pieces.

"Qingfeng Li's really violent, how could he dare hit Manli Zhang's face?"

 "Yeah, Manli Zhang is the wife of the president of National Medical Association, she has extremely high status. Apparently she is a doctor that only treats the officials at the highest level."

 "Qingfeng Li's too impulsive, this time it's over for him. He offended Manli Zhang and now he's probably going to jail."

"Poor Manli Zhang though, look at her, her pretty face has turned into a pig's head."

The people around were all talking, some were stunned by the situation while others were mocking it.

They were stunned by Qingfeng Li's arrogance, that he would slap anyone regardless of their status. They were mocking due to Manli Zhang's current condition. Her face looked especially ugly and comedic.

"Bastard, you dare slap my face? You're going to die an ugly death." Manli Zhang felt her face burn from the pain. The chattering voices from the people around made her even more humiliated, making her hate Qingfeng Li even more.

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