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Chapter 767: Taking on the World for Xue Lin

"Grand Daddy Li, King Kong will never leave you. My life belongs to Grand Daddy Li. If I die, my ghost will belong to you as well." Hearing Qingfeng Li ask him to leave, King Kong shouted with determination.

King Kong knew that he owed everything to Qingfeng Li. If it weren't for his master, he would have been killed by the other forces in Eastern Sea City a long time ago. In King Kong's heart, Qingfeng Li was not only his god but also his savior. If Qingfeng Li told him to jump off a building, he would do it without a moment of hesitation.

Listening to King Kong's words, Qingfeng was touched. He had been right about this little brother. He didn't leave even when Qingfeng Li insisted that he did.

"King Kong, I promise you. As long as I am alive, you will not die, and the rest of the Qingfeng League will not die." Qingfeng Li said, patting King Kong's shoulders.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li's heart was filled with determination. He was also carrying a heavier burden and knew what he had to do. He had to not only protect Xue Lin, his lovers and his friends, but he also had to protect his Qingfeng League brothers on the Lone Mountain.

Qingfeng Li chose to challenge the world for Xue Lin, but it was King Kong who had to suffer the dangerous consequences of this action. King Kong's choice to stay filled Qingfeng Li's heart with utter gratefulness.

Qingfeng Li walked before Feng Luo, Hongpo Tie, Dao Gu's corpses. He began to search all over their bodies and after a short while, he managed to

find three martial technique books.

The three books were the , , and . These martial technique books were all martial techniques of the Grandmaster level, and were all immensely powerful. Unfortunately, the three men were not successful in their practice of these techniques. Otherwise, they wouldn't have gotten their heads chopped off by a single slash from Qingfeng Li.

With the books in his hands, Qingfeng Li got an idea. He was going to train the people around him in ancient martial arts. This was the only way to protect the people around him. It was also the only way to defeat his powerful enemies.

Yes, Qingfeng Li was indeed powerful, but there were simply too many enemies, and these enemies were simply too strong. He was able to defeat three today. However, what if it had been dozens? Or even hundreds? Qingfeng Li wasn't afraid, but what about the people around him?

"Sky Fate Demon King, I want to teach everyone the practice of ancient martial arts. What do you think?" Qingfeng Li said after a moment of thought.

"Young Master, in order to practice ancient martial arts, one must have natural talent. Not everyone has the capabilities."

"Sky Fate Demon King, are you saying that not everyone can practice ancient martial arts?"

"Yes, practicing ancient martial arts requires natural talent, and also a solid foundation. At the very least, the person has to be physically fit."

"That's not a problem, I don't want everyone to practice it, just the people around us, including the Wolf Fang team, King Kong and a couple of others. They are all physically fit." Qingfeng Li thought out loud, smiling lightly.

Hearing Qingfeng Li's words, Sky

Sky Fate Demon King nodded, advising Qingfeng Li to proceed. The members of the Wolf Fang team were all level SSS masters so it should be easier for them to practice ancient martial arts.

As for King Kong, he should be able to practice as well since he was incredibly fit. The other brothers, however, were a definite no go. Firstly, they had no natural talent and secondly, they were not physically fit.

Qingfeng Li called for King Kong to come towards him and said, "King Kong, you've followed me for a long time now. This is for you to take. Practice it."

"Grand Daddy Li, this is a martial technique of the Grandmaster level, I, I, I can't take it..." Although he really wanted the book, he still shook his head.

King Kong was now somewhat aware of ancient martial arts. He had also learned about the ancient martial artist world from overhearing Qingfeng Li's conversations. He knew that it was a world greater than the one he knows, hidden behind the scenes of Huaxia.

 Due to his knowledge of the ancient martial world, King Kong also knew what the practice of martial techniques entailed. It was something only to be done by the masters of the Grandmasters realm.

And what is a Grandmaster? As the name suggests, it is someone who mastered a certain technique to the peak of its existence. The entire Huaxia had a population of billions. Only a mere eighty-one people had the ability to be named Grandmasters, revealing the title's rare nature. Along with this rarity, the quantity of Grandmaster tier technique books couldn't have surpassed a mere hundred.

 "King Kong, like I've said before, you will not be

not be disappointed if you follow me. This is a gift to you." Qingfeng Li stuffed the book into King Kong's hands without hesitation.

"Thank you Grand Daddy Li." King Kong said, kneeling in gratitude.

It was clear to King Kong that, not only did Qingfeng Li just give him a Grandmasters leveled technique book, Qingfeng Li also opened a door for him to the world of ancient martial arts. His future just got a whole lot brighter.

Qingfeng Li gestured for King Kong to stand. He turned his head and said, "Sky Fate Demon King, stay at Lone Mountain for the next while. I need you to two things for me. First, to train King Kong in his martial arts practices and secondly, to defend against the enemies. Call me if anyone challenges me.

 "Yes Young Master." Sky Fate Demon King said respectfully, fully aware of Qingfeng Li's intentions for him to stay.

Qingfeng Li couldn't have stayed at Lone Mountain forever, but his enemies will definitely come and seek him out. This was why Sky Fate Demon King had to stay.

After he finished arranging his affairs at the Lone Mountain, Qingfeng Li rushed towards Center Hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, however, he was greeted by chaos. There were many people crowded at the front of the hospital, their voices very loud. This greatly irritated Qingfeng Li, as the loud noise had definitely disturbed Xue Lin's rest.

"Miaochun Zhang, what happened?" Qingfeng Li asked, clearly irritated.

Seeing Qingfeng Li's arrival, it was as if Miaochun Zhang had saw his savior. He quickly explained, "Qingfeng, I'm so glad you're here. Did you beat up Hao Ye at the Number One People's Hospital?

"I did People's Hospital?

"I did beat up Hao Ye, but what does that have to do with these people?"

"Didn't you see the leader of the crowd? The middle-aged woman, she's Hao Ye's mother. She's also the wife of the Huaxia Medical Association's president. She's asking the hospital to hand you over."

"That's funny, her son chased away Xue Lin from the hospital. I only gave him a beating, and now she's the one looking for trouble?" Qingfeng Li laughed coldly.

Qingfeng Li felt nothing but disgust towards Hao Ye. The latter used his status as the son of the president of Huaxia Medical Association and his previous experiences in the practice of martial arts to cause problems for Qingfeng Li. He deserved a beating.

And as for Hao Ye's mother, she's even worse. How dare she come to Center Hospital and cause ruckus for Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li walked towards the chaotic crowd. The crowd was made up of dozens of people, all from the Number One People's Hospital. They were led by a middle-aged woman.

Despite being forty-something, this middle-aged woman was quite pretty. She clearly looked after herself well as her charms were still present. Her face was still smooth, white and tender.

The middle-aged woman was dressed in expensive clothing that cost at least tens of thousands of Yuan. In her hands was a Hermes sachet, and on her wrist, an expensive watch costing hundreds of thousands of Yuan. Indeed, she was dressed like a rich lady. The lady's name was Manli Zhang. She was the wife of Yunshan Ye, the president of the National Medical Association. She was also Hao Ye's mother, and she had come to seek revenge from Qingfeng Li.

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