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"Grand Daddy Li all mighty, Grand Daddy Li all mighty, Grand Daddy Li all mighty…..."

The disciples of Qingfeng League chanted loudly on top of Lone Mountain, their voices full of admiration. Some even got on their knees and bowed down in Qingfeng Li's direction.

Qingfeng Li had become the Qingfeng League's idol once again! He had become their god, as invincible as Ares himself.

When the three semi-Grandmasters first arrived at Lone Mountain, the members of the Qingfeng League had thought their world was ending. The three men were indeed powerful. They could crush rocks into dust with one foot and slice a tall tree into halves with one slash.

They had never seen such powerful masters before, the strength had surpassed their wildest imaginations.

However, Qingfeng Li was even more powerful than those three men, killing all three with merely three sword slashes.

Listening to the worshiping voices, Qingfeng Li showed a faint smile. These were all his followers, he had the responsibility to protect them.

"I, Qingfeng Li invite all my enemies for a battle at Lone Mountain. I will wait for you here, I will take on the world." Qingfeng Li roared towards the surrounding ancient martial spies, his voice sonorous.

His voice was very loud, spreading across a radius of many kilometers, everyone heard it.

"Hubris, Qingfeng Li's too arrogant. He only defeated three semi-grandmasters and he thinks himself as invincible."

"Yeah, he even wants to take on the best in the world. Isn't he afraid to killed by actual grandmasters?"

"Definitely, he's too arrogant, even Sword Dao Grandmaster Geyi Zhao didn't dare to challenge the world."

"Well, if Geyi Zhao did come, he would definitely defeat Qingfeng Li ."

Just a moment ago the spies had worshiped Qingfeng Li. Now, they're mocking his overconfidence.

It was natural for them to doubt him as he only managed to kill the weakest of the eighty-one masters of Grandmaster realm. The other masters on the list were all much more powerful than Feng Luo and the others.

Take Geyi Zhao for example, who was also a young man. He only rose to power within the year and had already become the most powerful Sword Dao Grandmaster.

He entered the realm with the Sword Dao, sweeping through one hundred and thirty-eight Higher Heaven masters. He also defeated seventy-two masters of the Grandmasters list, placing him at the top ten of said list.

Not only that, Geyi Zhao was also very young, similar in age to Qingfeng Li, in his early twenties. Achieving such prestige at such a tender age, Geyi Zhao was definitely an idol amongst the younger generation.

Some have said that, with his incredible Sword Dao abilities, Geyi Zhao could become the next Sword King.

Fifteen years ago, Wushuang Nie was Huaxia's Sword King. He was the greatest swordmaster the world has ever seen, claiming the title One and Only Sword King. However, he had since disappeared and the future generations of the martial world looked to Geyi Zhao to fulfill the position as the next Sword King.

Although Geyi Zhao had achieved greatness at an early age and shook up the world with his powers, he didn't dare to challenge the rest of the world. But Qingfeng Li did. What were his intentions if not for the fulfillment of his arrogance?

Hearing others talk about him, Qingfeng Li simply smiled, unbothered.

Maybe Qingfeng Li wasn't worried, but Sky Fate Demon King was definitely scared. As a past Grandmaster, he was fully aware of the incredible powers possessed by the masters in Grandmasters realm.

"Young Master, the Grandmaster realm has the power to restrain body movement within ten feet, they can also kill without leaving a mark, your words might have just offended the rest of the world." Sky Fate Demon King said, looking worrisome.

Sky Fate Demon King knew of Qingfeng Li's great powers and was aware of his same-realm invincibility ability. But Qingfeng Li was still just a semi-grandmaster. Above him, there are still early-stage, mid-stage, late-stage and peak level masters in the Grandmasters realm. These masters were all frightfully powerful.

"Sky Fate Demon King, currently I have many enemies. The Sect Master of the Iron Fist Sect, the Patriarch of the Gu Clan, the Elder of the Luo Family. There's also the Taekwondo Clan of Korea, the Gator Clan of the Tiger Continent, the Holy See, the Sky God Alliance, the Ninjas of the Pacific Island and many more. Do you think they'd let me live?"

"I also have dragon blood and the . Sooner or later, the news of my possession over these treasures will be spread to all of my enemies. By that time, countless amount of martial artists will try to kill me and steal these treasures."

"They will all come from great powers. What if they go after my honey Xue Lin? What could I do then?"

"I cannot always be by her side to protect her. That's why I need to challenge the world. I need to lure all my enemies towards Lone Mountain. That's the only way to protect her." Qingfeng Li said lightly. It was easy to see that he acted not out of arrogance, not out of hubris, but out of his deep love for Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li wanted to attract the attention of all of his martialist enemies towards Lone Mountain. This way, they would ignore ES city and Xue Lin would be safe.

Qingfeng Li was fully aware of the incredible powers of the masters in Grandmasters realm. At the church in Tiger Continent, his body was made immobile by the Red Cloaked Cardinal. If it wasn't for the appearance of Sword King Wushuang Nie, he would have already died in Tiger Continent. But it was exactly this knowledge of grandmasters, this awareness of his enemy's powers that led him to challenge the world. He needed to protect not only Xue Lin, but also his lovers and friends. He had to protect Ruyan Liu, Alice, Xiaoyue Zhang, Mengyao Xu and all of the rest.

"Young Master, if Xue Lin knew about you taking on the world for her, she would definitely forgive you." Sky Fate Demon King sighed, his heart heavy. He had come to realize that his Young Master had challenged the world to protect his wife Xue Lin, to lure to himself all the dangers away from ES city, where Xue Lin was resting. What loving intentions.

 Qingfeng gave a bitter laugh, he said, " Sky Fate Demon King, please don't tell Xue Lin about this, I don't want her to worry. As long as she's safely living in ES city, I am more than happy.

Hearing Qingfeng Li's words, Sky Fate Demon King's expression grew even more complex, his Young Master had given up too much.

 Everyone thought of Qingfeng Li's actions as arrogant and pompous. They saw him as someone with a deathwish. No one knew, however, that all of his actions were intended to protect Xue Lin.

Love is blind, as it is impulsive. Some would die for love, but Qingfeng Li chose to take on the world instead.

The phrase 'raging for love' was tailor-made for a man like him.

"Grand Daddy Li, are you really going to fight the rest of the world at Lone Mountain?" King Kong came before Qingfeng Li, his face pale, evidently frightened by Qingfeng Li's words. Yes, King Kong admits that Qingfeng Li was very powerful. But Huaxia was full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. There were as many masters as there were clouds, as dense as the rain. Even Sword King Wushuang Nie from fifteen years ago didn't dare to challenge the rest of the world. Qingfeng Li was the first.

"King Kong, if you are afraid you can leave Lone Mountain. I won't stop you." Qingfeng Li said lightly.

Qingfeng Li was fully aware of the dangerous consequences his actions would bring. His arrogance would bring forth many enemies, more than he could imagine. King Kong was right to be frightened. It would be strange if he wasn't.

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