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Trash? Did he just call us trash?

Feng Luo, Hongpo tie and Dao Gu were all fuming, raging with anger.

As renowned masters on the Grandmasters list, the three men were highly respected no matter where they went. Now that they've been called trash by Qingfeng Li in front of everyone, they were understandably beside themselves with rage.

"Attack!" The three men roared, their bodies emitting a deadly energy all directed towards killing Qingfeng Li.

Feng Luo's Whirlwind Palm, Hongpo Tie's Iron Fist, Dao gu's and black knife all fiercely attacked Qingfeng Li. The attacks blew up the air, sweeping up dust and dirt from the ground and spreading them in all directions.

The combined force from the three attackers embodied an immense energy. Before even reaching Qingfeng Li's body, its power had already created a frightful sight. As if hit by an earthquake, the surrounding ground collapsed inwards, creating a huge hole. The surrounding people, all shaken to their cores, continuously retreated backwards.

"Too powerful, their attacks are too powerful. This can be compared to the Grandmaster attack level."

 "Look, Dao Gu's big knife just cut through the air. It has probably reached the level of Grandmasters realm."

"Qingfeng Li is in danger this time. He can't possibly defend against all three great masters."

The people around had doubt in their eyes. They were not optimistic about Qingfeng Li's outcome due to the incredible powers of the combined attack from the three men.


Faced with the three-man attack, Qingfeng Li whipped out his red fiery sword and held it across his chest.

Qingfeng Li looked stone cold, his eyes deadly, focusing his vital essence into his sword. The weapon began buzzing, as if it was reacting to the smell of fresh blood.

"Red fiery wave." Qingfeng Li slashed his sword, its vital essence turning into a ball of fire, clashing towards the men as if waves of the deep sea. He had used his most powerful attack in order to kill his enemies.


Feng Luo had just gotten to the front of the pack and was closest to Qingfeng Li. In the blink of an eye, his head was cut off by Qingfeng Li's sword. His head flew out, blood spewing everywhere.

Moments before his death, Feng Luo's eyes were filled with panic along with disbelief. How could Qingfeng Li be this strong?

Feng Luo, the eighty-first master of the Grandmaster list-------Dead.

The sight of Feng Luo dying before his attack even reached him had Hongpo Tie and Dao Gu in a state of utter panic. They had thought a team of three would be able to kill Qingfeng Li, but to their surprise, their combined strength was still too weak. Not only was Qingfeng Li's physical body invincible, he was also well-versed in swordsmanship.

Qingfeng Li didn't waste a second. After beheading Feng Luo, his sword slashed straight towards Hongpo Tie's head.

"I am the Iron Fist Sect's Elder, you cannot kill me! If you kill me my master will come after you!" Hongpo Tie screamed out, his face completely pale.

He was equally as powerful as Feng Luo. Now that Feng Luo was killed, Hongpo Tie was extremely frightened. Afterall, Feng Luo's freshly cut head was not far away, watching him, his eyes wide open.

"Hmph, even if Iron Fist Sect's Lord don't come and find me, I will go and find him. He dared to send killers after me, he must face the consequence of death." Qingfeng Li laughed coldly.


Qingfeng Li didn't give Hongpo Tie the chance for more speech, directly slashing off his head.

Blood spewed out all across the air as he laid there, dying in vain. Similar to Feng Luo, Hongpo Tie's eyes were also filled with horror, along with a trace of regret.

Hongpo Tie, the eightieth master of the Grandmaster list-------Dead.

So far, two of the three masters that came to kill Qingfeng Li had been killed by his single sword slashes.

Seeing Feng Luo and Hongpo Tie's horrible deaths, Dao Gu's face changed dramatically. The young man standing in front was too horrifying. He was definitely the most terrorizing man he'd ever witnessed.


Dao Gu suddenly turned his body to run. He needed to escape from this horrifying young man.

"Since you're here, give me your life." Qingfeng Li laughed coldly. He launched himself into the air, jumping off with his right foot, crushing the one-meter long rock underneath into dust, arriving before Dao Gu in a flash. What incredible speed, Dao Gu panicked. The young man in front not only had incredible strength, he had incredible speed as well.

"Qingfeng Li, I am from Tianjing's Gu Clan. Do you really have to go this far?" Dao Gu asked, his face darkened.

This far?

Qingfeng Li laughed coldly, he said, "You are the ones coming to kill me, how am I the one going 'this far'?"

"Qingfeng Li, think about it. The Lord of Gu Clan is a master of the Grandmaster realm. He is infinitely more powerful than me."

"Are you threatening me?"

"Yes, if you kill me, my Lord will definitely kill you. As a semi-Grandmaster you are no match for him." Dao Gu smiled lightly as he continued to threaten Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng Li answered Dao Gu's threats by slashing his head off straight off with one strike of his sword. The head instantly flew meters high into the air, blood spewing everywhere.

Dao Gu, the seventy-ninth master of the Grandmaster list-------Dead.

Threats never work on me. Looking at the dead Dao Gu, Qingfeng Li's face remained cold.

Qingfeng Li understood that even if he had released Dao Gu, the Gu Clan would still come after him. There was already a deeply established hatred between him and the clan. Co-existence was simply impossible.

Since it was impossible to eliminate the hatred, Qingfeng Li could only kill Dao Gu and eliminate Gu Clan's forces.


Dead silence.

The entire area within ten kilometers of the Lone Mountain was in complete silence. Both the members of the Qingfeng League and the surrounding spies all fell into deep silence.

This time, no one spoke a word. Everyone watched Qingfeng in complete shock, even looking horrified.

Too powerful, too powerful, too powerful, everyone was silently screaming this. They had never witnessed such a powerful young man. He was so powerful it was almost stupid.

As for the people who had previously doubted Qingfeng Li, they were now shivering in fear with pale faces, afraid that Qingfeng Li would come after them.

After ten minutes of dead silence, the people around began their discussions.

"He killed all three masters from the Grandmasters list with three strikes. Qingfeng Li's indeed a monster."

"Yeah, with his powers Qingfeng Li can definitely place as a master on the Grandmasters list, not to mention the youngest."

"The martial artist world is about to change. He's poked a hole in the sky after killing so many people from the ancient martial artist forces."

The people around all began to talk, the surrounding area becoming filled with voices. Some people admired Qingfeng Li and others feared him. One other group, however, was enraged by him. These were the people connected to the three dead masters.

Whether they admired Qingfeng Li or hated him, one thing was undisputable - Qingfeng Li was incredibly powerful. He would probably have a place even on the Grandmasters list.

Everyone knew that, from this day on, Qingfeng Li would become an unrivaled powerhouse in the martial world. He will make the once-calm world rise again.

The battle within the martial world probably began today.

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