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Chapter 761: Enemies Came to Lone Mountain


A black feline image appeared on Sky Fate Demon King's chest. It was so lifelike that it seemed real, different from normal black cats. However, it did emit a grayish aura, as if it came from ancient times.

A powerful energy erupted from Sky Fate Demon King's body. He stood up, punched out his fist, and directly formed nine and a half vortexes in the air.

Nine and a half vortexes equals exactly nine thousand five hundred kilograms, the strength reached by a fighter who had stepped one foot into the Grandmaster Realm.


Huge waves of energy began to spread in every direction, directly crushing the furniture into pieces and turning them into dust.

"Sky Fate Demon King, congratulations on successfully activating your Black Feline bloodline and reaching the half-Grandmaster Realm."Qingfeng Li applauded, smiling.

"Thank you, Young Master, for giving me a second life. I will spare no efforts in serving you and I will gladly die for you." Sky Fate Demon King said with gratitude, kneeling in front of Qingfeng Li on one knee.

Fifteen years ago, Sky Fate Demon King was gravely wounded and his powers decreased from the Grandmaster Realm straight to the Higher Heaven Realm. He had lost hope and thought that he would always remain in the Higher Heaven Realm for the rest of his life, without a chance to reach the Grandmaster's level again.

He never imagined that Qingfeng Li would be able to help him activate his bloodline and activate his bloodline totem, sending him directly to the semi-Grandmaster realm.


Fate Demon King now mastered the technique to activate his bloodline totem. Additionally, his brain now possessed the . He was clear that, at the rate he was going, he could once again enter the Grandmaster realm in no time, reaching once again, the peak of his prowess.

Sky Fate Demon King also knew that all of this was given to him by his Young Master. Without his Young Master, none of this would even be possible.

"Sky Fate Demon King, please get up."

Qingfeng Li thought for a moment. He was already a semi-Grandmaster, and now that Sky Fate Demon King had also reached the semi-Grandmaster level, their joining of hands should be more than enough to fight off enemies.

"King Kong, come in." Qingfeng said towards the door.

King Kong came in through the door, he said respectfully, "Grand Daddy Li, you called for me."

"King Kong, let everyone in Qingfeng League spread the message that I am injured and resting in Lone Mountain." Qingfeng Li said.

King Kong was dumbfounded, unable to understand Qingfeng Li's words. From what he could see, Qingfeng Li was totally healthy, without any injuries. Why did he say he was injured?

Sky Fate Demon King furrowed his brows and said coldly, "Didn't you hear him? Do what the Young Master says."

King Kong was startled as he felt immense powers radiating from Sky Fate Demon King. He didn't dare object, as he felt that Sky Fate Demon King had the ability to kill him with one hand.

"Grand Daddy Li, I will do

do this immediately." King Kong nodded, leaving to spread the news.

"Sky Fate Demon King, do you know of my intentions?"

"Young Master wants to inform your enemies that you are resting in Lone Mountain so that they will come and attack you instead of Xue Lin."

"Correct, if I was at the Hospital, Xue Lin would sustain injuries if a battle occurs. That's why I came to Lone Mountain. If my enemies dare to come, I'll make sure they don't return. I will kill whoever comes here." Qingfeng Li laughed coldly, his eyes deadly.

If it wasn't for Xue Lin's protection, Qingfeng Li would have gone on the offense and killed his enemies one by one.

One had to kill all of his enemies without showing any mercy. Qingfeng Li knew of this philosophy deeply.

At this very moment in Eastern Sea city, Dao Gu was preparing to go to the Hospital when his phone suddenly rang. The phone call was from the Gu Clan spies at Eastern Sea city. The spy told Dao Gu that Qingfeng Li was at Lone Mountain, and that he had been injured.

"Qingfeng Li, the Patriarch had asked me to kill you. Prepare yourself as I'm coming." Dao Gu sneered, face mad and eyes deadly. He headed straight towards Lone Mountain.

At the same time, both Feng Luo from the Luo family and Elder Hongpo Tie from the Iron Fist Sect also received the memo. They also changed directions and headed towards Lone Mountain.

The gathering of masters from three ancient martial powers to

powers to the Lone Mountain in Eastern Sea city was a huge deal, shaking the entire martial arts world.

Dao Gu, Feng Luo, and Hongpo Tie were all from the Orthodox Eighty-one Grandmasters. Despite their low-level rankings on the semi-grandmasters ranking list, they were still incredibly powerful.

The upcoming battle will shake the entire ancient martial artist world. Everyone was anticipating the fight between the three semi-grandmasters and Qingfeng Li, expecting them to kill him.

Some of the ancient martial clans and powers sent out spies, coming near Lone Mountain and using their telescopes to witness the battle. Specifically, they came to witness the cruel death of Qingfeng Li in the hands of Dao Gu and the rest.

The air around Lone Mountain was especially heavy, as if everyone sensed an impending doom. The place was surrounded by many, all emitting powerful energies, and was absolutely frightening.

Qingfeng League was composed of ordinary people. They were at best good at street fighting, with knowledge of simple kung-fu techniques. They knew of things like boxing, but they were not familiar with ancient martial arts or ancient martial artists. They could feel, however, the immense powers these people possessed.

"Grand Daddy Li, bad news, there are a lot of spies around Lone Mountain. They all emit powerful presences. We wanted to fend them off but they defeated a dozen of us with a simple slap." King Kong rushed into the mansion, his face completely pale.

As the head of underground forces in Eastern Sea city, King Kong has had his share of his share of ups and downs, he had witnessed many powerful masters. Today, however, he was absolutely frightened, because there were simply too many masters around. These masters were also incredibly powerful, to the point of being terrorizing.

"King Kong, did they kill Qingfeng League's people?"

"Grand Daddy Li, they didn't kill our men, just wounding them. They said they're here to watch the battle between semi-Grandmasters."

"Alright, tell our men to ignore them. They were all sent by different ancient martial artist forces as spies." Qingfeng Li said, waving his hand.

Qingfeng Li had predicted that many ancient martial artist powers would come when he asked King Kong to spread the news of his injuries. After all, he was an upcoming star of the martialist world with his recent killing spree of the many followers of the ancient martial artist clans.

Of course, he welcomed the arrival of these spies. Actually, it was his intention to begin with.

In fact, Qingfeng Li specifically wanted to kill his enemies in front of all these powers. He wanted to show the rest of the martial artist world of the Wolf King's immense powers. If anyone dared to cross his path, they would pay with their life.

Qingfeng Li wanted to establish prestige, and he would do this on top the corpses of his enemies.

"Qingfeng Li, I am Dao Gu from the Gu Clan. Come out and face your death." Suddenly a roar came from the bottom of Lone Mountain, a voice so loud that people from kilometers away could hear.

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