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"Qingfeng Li, I am Dao Gu, come out and face your death." The voice was very loud, so loud that Qingfeng Li was able to hear it from inside the mansion.

Qingfeng Li's face darkened. The fact that the master from the Gu Clan had the nerve to call him out like that in front of everyone piqued his rage. He had gone too far.

Qingfeng Li was no weakling. Since the enemy had arrived, he wasn't going to avoid a fight.

In fact, the very purpose of him coming to Lone Mountain was to wait for their arrival. He was going to kill them all and he was glad that someone finally showed up.

Qingfeng Li walked out of his mansion and stood on the mountaintop. He shouted towards the foot of the mountain, "Your grandpa is here! Come up and fight me if you've got the guts."

Qingfeng Li's voice was loud. Not only did it spread throughout Lone Mountain, the spies around the mountain heard it as well.

"F*ck he's egotistical, calling himself our grandpa."

"An egotistical person usually dies quickly. Dao Gu is one of the Eighty-one Orthodox Grandmasters. He became famous fifteen years ago for being incredibly powerful."

"You're right, I've heard that he rarely loses fights. The only time he was defeated was to Great Conqueror Third Master Li. Other than that, I'm never heard of him failing."

"Qingfeng Li's done for, Dao Gu's going to split him in half."

The surrounding people began to gossip about their confidence in Dao Gu and mock Qingfeng. Hearing this, the Qingfeng League members were enraged. They wanted to teach them all a lesson but the people were all ancient martial artists, and were all extremely strong. All they could do was hide their anger.

Hearing Qingfeng Li claim that he was their grandpa, Dao Gu's face became dark with rage, his eyes shining with a cold light. He was older than Qingfeng Li by twenty years, enough to be Qingfeng Li's uncle so when Qingfeng called himself Dao Gu's grandpa, the latter was so enraged his lungs were about to explode.

"Qingfeng Li, you dare to insult me? I'm going to kill you." Dao Gu's body was incredibly large. When he was angry, his thick dark brows turned upside down, making him look especially violent.


Dao Gu used the force of his right foot to push himself into flying towards the mountain top, directly crushing the one-meter wide boulder into ashes.

Of course, semi-Grandmaster realm fighters don't really fly. Rather, they walk on air. All he had to do is push off a rock with the tip of his toes, and the momentum will then allow him glide.

Dao Gu was very quick, and every one of his every footstep crushed a solid rock.

Dao Gu arrived at the top of the mountain in a matter of seconds.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li had his hands behind his back, with Sky Fate Demon King by his side, coldly watching Dao Gu.

"Qingfeng Li, you dare to kill our Young Master Jianlong Gu! I'm going to cut off your head." Dao Gu sneered, eyes flashed cold.

"How are you so egotistical when you are only in semi-Grandmaster realm? Are you in a hurry to die?" Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, eyes filled with contempt.

Qingfeng Li had also reached the semi-Grandmaster realm as well. On top of that, he was invulnerable within his realm. Naturally, he wasn't threatened by Dao Gu at all.

"Qingfeng Li, arrogance will only guide to you to death faster. I will use my big blade to cut your head off." Dao Gu laughed coldly. He pulled out his blade and walked towards Qingfeng Li.

The big blade was one meter long, but was very wide. It was enough to fit five fingers across, and was much wider than normal big knives. The body was completely black, made from fine iron and meteor stones. Not only was it powerful, it was also incredibly tough.

"Young Master, it's merely Dao Gu. Let me battle him for you." Sky Fate Demon King said respectfully, bowing towards Qingfeng Li. As Qingfeng Li's servant, Sky Fate Demon King's job was to eliminate problems for his Young Master. After his Young Master activated his bloodline, he hadn't yet thanked Young Master properly. Now that Dao Gu showed up, it was the perfect time for him to prove his abilities.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head and said, "Go ahead."

Qingfeng was completely confident in Sky Fate Demon King's powers. After all, he was a master in the Grandmaster realm fifteen years ago. Although his abilities decreased due to injuries, Qingfeng Li had helped him return to the semi-Grandmaster realm. His abilities should be at the same level as Dao Gu.

What set Sky Fate Demon King apart, was his previous experiences in the practice of Grandmaster level martial artist techniques. He's been in countless battles and was immensely powerful himself.

"Who are you? I'm here to kill Qingfeng Li, get out of my way." Seeing another person fight for Qingfeng Li, Dao Gu's face darkened. His heavy brows furrowed, revealing his anger.

"Dao Gu, we've never met, but you probably know my name. I am the Sky Fate Demon King, the ninth Demon King under the Great Conqueror."

"What? You're saying that you are the Sky Fate Demon King who followed the Great Conqueror in his conquest of Huaxia's Eighteen Provinces fifteen years ago?"

"Correct, that would be me." Sky Fate Demon King smiled lightly with a proud face.

Upon hearing this, Dao Gu's expression suddenly changed. The Great Conqueror had defeated him fifteen years ago, so naturally he was familiar with the Great Conqueror's powers. The Great Conqueror had ten great demon kings beneath him, and every single one of them were ruthless.

"I don't care about your identity. I am here today to kill Qingfeng Li." Dao Gu sneered. Although Sky Fate Demon King was famous for being powerful, Dao Gu wasn't afraid of him. He knew of Sky Fate Demon King's past injuries, and the latter may not be as powerful as he was before.

Sky Fate Demon King laughed coldly. He said proudly, "You're not worthy of battling Young Master. You'll have to go through me first."

Dao Gu's expression drastically changed, evidently enraged by Sky Fate Demon King's words.

Dao Gu reached out his right hand and grabbed his big blade. He focused his vital essence into it, striking towards Sky Fate Demon King. This strike was immensely powerful, directly splitting the air and creating a huge gash in the atmosphere. The powerful energy spread in all directions, colliding into the nearby members of Qingfeng League and pushing them over.

Sky Fate Demon King, however, was completely calm, without a trace of panic. He stepped hard into the ground and jumped into the air, avoiding the attack instantly.

Sky Fate Demon King had activated his Black Feline bloodline, making him incredibly agile, and allowing him to avoid Dao Gu's big blade.


Dao Gu's big blade missed Sky Fate Demon King and struck the tree behind him, directly splitting the ten-meter tall tree into halves that fell onto the ground. The impact created a loud booming sound echoing into the atmosphere, with dust and smoke blowing off of the ground.

Qingfeng Li stood near the two men and watched their battle quietly. He didn't participate because he wanted to see Sky Fate Demon King's powers.

Qingfeng Li wanted silence, but others didn't allow it. Just then, two more murderous voices sounded.

"I am Feng Luo from Tianjing's Luo Clan, Qingfeng Li come out and kneel for your death." A voice even more arrogant than Dao Gu sounded, demanding Qingfeng Li to kneel.

Following Feng Luo's voice, an even more pompous voice sounded, " I am Elder Hongpo Tie of the Iron Fist Sect. Qingfeng Li, surrender yourself and come with me to the Iron Fist Sect! Our lord wishes to fry you in our skillet."

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