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"Young Master, then let me tell you. Conqueror Third Master Li ruled over Huaxia. The ten greatest Demon Kings underneath him all had bloodline powers but they were not awakened yet. Once the bloodline powers activates, they could all possibly enter the Grandmaster's Realm."

Upon hearing this, Qingfeng was absolutely delighted after a moment.

He was very familiar with the incredible powers of bloodlines. It gave fighters the ability to skip levels and realms in battles.

Qingfeng Li knew that Lion Demon King had a lion totem on his chest, and that Green Dragon Demon King had a dragon totem on his chest, but they didn't activate their bloodlines.

Qingfeng Li now knew why. They needed the Conqueror's Badge to activate their bloodlines.

"Sky Fate Demon King, if I use the Conqueror's Badge, would I be able to help you awaken your bloodline?" Qingfeng Li asked.

Sky Fate Demon King nodded and said, "Yes Young Master. Once my bloodline activates, I will rise to at least half a step into the Grandmaster's Realm. Afterwards, I will reach the full Grandmaster's realm."

"Good, good, good." Qingfeng Li said three good in one breath, revealing his utter excitement.

Qingfeng Li knew that they couldn't activate Sky Fate Demon King's bloodline in the hospital as it could create chaos and ruin Xue Lin's treatment.

After a while, Qingfeng thought of a great place for activation, the Lone Mountain. It was also home to the Qingfeng League, his territory, and thus was the most appropriate place to activate the Conqueror's badge.

"Sky Fate Demon King, let's go to Lone mountain." Qingfeng Li brought Sky Fate Demon King out of the hospital and drove towards Lone Mountain. Prior to leaving, Qingfeng Li instructed the members of the Wolf Fang Team to protect Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li first bought a cell phone. In this day and age, cell phones were important communicative tools, vital to any operation. He then told the rest of the gang his phone number, instructing them to call if they needed him.

Qingfeng Li drove at high speeds, arriving at Lone Mountain after only a short while. King Kong had brought a few members of the Qingfeng League to greet them at the bottom of Lone Mountain.

"Hello, Grand Daddy Li." Everyone bowed towards Qingfeng Li, greeting him with respect.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head and said, "King Kong, I need a quiet room. No disturbances."

"Yes, Grand Daddy Li." King Kong said respectfully, as he guided Qingfeng Li and Sky Fate Demon King towards a quiet room in the back mountain. Being the headquarters of Qingfeng League, Lone Mountain had hundreds of houses built, and they were all incredibly beautiful. The most exquisite mansion was situated at the back, built specifically for Qingfeng Li. No one dared to live there other than him.

"Young Master, I didn't know you were so incredibly powerful in Eastern Sea city." Sky Fate Demon King was amazed. His Young Master was indeed the son of the great conqueror and the amount of followers he had was amazing.

Qingfeng Li smiled, not saying anything. He brought Sky Fate Demon King into his mansion and instructed King Kong to wait outside and guard the doors from any visitors.


Qingfeng Li quickly grabbed the Conqueror's Badge from his body and said, "Sky Fate Demon King, how do I activate the Conqueror's Badge?"

"You are great conqueror Third Master Li's son. All you have to do is drip your blood into the badge and it will recognize its master. It will automatically tell you the method to activate all of the Demon Kings's bloodlines. It will only work for you and no one else." Sky Fate Demon King said.

Qingfeng Li nodded, indicating that he understood. No wonder the Ninja King couldn't find the way to activate bloodline. He wasn't a descendent of the Great Conqueror so he couldn't activate the badge. The ability belonged solely to Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng Li cut his finger and squeezed a fresh drop of blood into the Conqueror's Badge.

The Conqueror's Badge was a special item. It was carved with intricate designs and patterns, complex and sophisticated. Once it absorbed the blood, the badge emitted a black light, directing entering Qingfeng Li's brain through his eyes.

This black light contained all the information to activating the bloodlines of the ten great Demon Kings. Every demon king had a totem bloodline. During his days, Great Conqueror Third Master Li had spent a long time in overcoming the ten Demon Kings.

Great Conqueror Third Master Li didn't activate the ten great Demon King's bloodlines, because he wanted to save the badge for Qingfeng Li. He wanted to leave his son with ten incredible masters.

How great was a father's love? Even though the Conqueror had disappeared when he was just a child, his father still made sure to leave him with incredible valuables like the Conqueror's Badge and the ten Demon Kings.

Sensing the ten great Demon King's bloodline activation techniques in his mind, Qingfeng Li felt incredibly touched. It was as if he could feel his father's presence, a presence so familiar.

"Father, thank you." Qingfeng Li whispered, incredibly moved.

"Young master, my bloodline is the Black Feline bloodline. Do you know its activation technique?" Sky Fate Demon King said with a hopeful expression.

The Sky Fate Demon King wanted to awaken his bloodline power fifteen years ago, but the Great Conqueror rejected him, saying that he wanted his son Qingfeng to activate it so they can protect Qingfeng in the future.

Black Feline bloodline?

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, "Of course."

Amongst the ten great bloodlines, the Black Feline wasn't the strongest in offensive power but it had strong psychic capabilities. Cats in the real world were psychic creatures and were extremely clever, with the ability to see things that the human eyes cannot.

The Black Feline bloodline can communicate with heaven and earth to predict the future. Once the Sky Fate Demon King activates his Black Feline bloodline, it would greatly help his ability to predict the future.

"Sky Fate Demon King, take off your clothes and take a seat. I'm going to activate your bloodline." Qingfeng Li said.

Qingfeng Li learned, through the information passed into his brain that, in order to activate a bloodline, he needed to find specific points on the body. These were not regular acupuncture points known to present day medicine. These were acupuncture points passed down from the ancient times, known as ancient acupuncture points.

Humans beings had began their studies of the human body in ancient times. They were incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of acupuncture points, meridians, flesh, blood, bones and all sorts of other things.

Sky Fate Demon King sat down naked, feeling slightly embarrassed in his state. At the thought of Qingfeng Li activating his bloodline, he gradually relaxed.

Qingfeng Li took out nine silver needles. Following the bloodline activation instructions in his brain, he pierced Sky Fate Demon King's body at the nine ancient acupuncture points, drawing out the blood in his body.

Of course, other than stimulating the nine ancient acupuncture points, there was also a special chant.

"Sky Fate Demon King, I will now deliver to you the chant that activates Black Feline bloodline. Pay attention and remember it well. I am the cat of the heavens, eternally present, communicator of heaven and earth, a predictor of the future, sky point, earth point, god point…..." Qingfeng Li delivered the chant of Black Feline bloodline out loud for Sky Fate Demon King to remember.

Sky Fate Demon King repeated Qingfeng Li's chant, the inside of his body churning. His bloodline began running in strange directions, different from the paths they had run before, an ancient form of blood circulation.

Slowly, Sky Fate Demon King's bloodline awakened, the blood in his body boiling, releasing a huge sound. Along with this, a huge gush of energy emitted from Sky Fate Demon King's body.

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