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Qingfeng Li didn't allow the Wolf Fang team into the hospital room. They ended up putting their fruit baskets and flowers at the door. Even though they really wanted to go in and see Xue Lin, they had to listen to their boss.

"Boss, during your leave, many groups tried to assassinate sister-in-law Xue Lin, but we managed to stop them," Daoist said worriedly, furrowing his brows.

Although the Wolf Fang team managed to kill all those who attempted to assassinate Xue Lin, they also suffered a great deal of loss because the assassins were all incredibly powerful.

"Daoist, who were the killers?" Qingfeng Li asked. He needed to find his enemies and return the hatred.

"Boss, according to our sources, they were from the Korean Taekwondo Clan, the Tiger Continent's Gator clan, and people from the Assassin Alliance." Daoist recited what he knew.

Hearing these words, Qingfeng Li's face turned dark and his eyes turned deadly. He had killed both the king of Taekwondo and the Gator King during fights in the Tiger Continent's battle arena, evidently angering their clans. He couldn't believe they went after his wife.

As for the Assassins, their hatred for Qingfeng Li was even deeper. He had previously killed the Chiefs of the Skeleton League and the Hell Alliance and recently he also killed Bach. In short, he had a lot of enemies.

"Oh yeah, boss, we've recently noticed many ninjas lurking close to here. They seem like they want to hurt Xue Lin as well." Alice suddenly spoke.

Despite her weaker fighting abilities, her ability to detect and collect intelligence was the strongest in their group. She had secretly found out about the ninjas lurking in their vicinity. Although very well-hidden, she was still able to find them.

Upon hearing mention of the Ninjas, Qingfeng Li's heart shook. He had killed the king of ninjas in Tianjing and robbed them of the Conqueror's Badge, not to mention that he also killed Yoshichiro Izu, Pacific Island's seventh king of swords, establishing rivalry against them as well.

Evidently, Qingfeng Li had a lot of enemies, and they were all very powerful.

Just then, a crisp voice sounded, "Wolf King, we've finally found you."

As the voice disappeared, Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin walked in. They couldn't reach Qingfeng Li through the phone or through any other means, so they came to Eastern Sea city to find him.

Unfortunately, Eastern Sea city was too big and they couldn't find him even after coming to the city, so they took advantage of their clan's influence. They found out that he was in Center Hospital, and so they followed him here.

At the sight of two incredible beauties coming to find Qingfeng Li, the entire Wolf Fang team winked and nudged at each other, looking at Qingfeng Li with eyes of admiration. Their boss was indeed their boss, with beautiful women following him everywhere.

Of course, not everyone was enjoying the moment. When Alice saw Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin, she instinctively felt resentment towards the two women. There was a natural resentment that beauties felt towards other beauties.

"Why did you two come?" Qingfeng Li's brows furrowed, his eyes full of questions.

After Qingfeng Li ran from the Elixir King's tomb and hid in the swamps, he went straight back to Eastern Sea city. He didn't try to contact the two women and didn't expect them to show up in Eastern Sea city.

"Wolf King, I am here to tell you some bad news. Baidao Jiang told both the Jiang Clan and Elder of the Luo Family about you killing Jianlong Gu and Tianhao Luo. They've sent powerful fighters to kill you." Niching Luo said.

As Niching Luo spoke, her expression became filled with guilt, because some of the assassins coming for Qingfeng Li were from her clan. Although she was Luo Clan's first daughter, she wasn't able to stop the Elder.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head, signaling his understanding. He didn't blame Niching Luo as he knew the consequences of killing Tianhao Luo. The latter's family would definitely seek revenge.

Qingfeng Li didn't guess wrong. The First Elder of the Luo family was extremely powerful, even more so than the clan's Chief. He had always been trying to take over as head of the clan.

Xianzhi Qin also said, "Wolf King, Yun Tang went to the Iron Fist Sect. She told the sect master about you killing Cuilan Tie and they're sending people to kill you as well."

Iron Fist Sect?

Upon hearing this name, Qingfeng Li's face suddenly turned cold. He did not like that particular ancient martial artist sect one bit.

The rest of the Wolf Fang team stood next to him looking dumbfounded. Holy shit, what happened to their boss? Why is everyone after him?

Qingfeng Li was already half way into the Grandmaster realm, so he wasn't afraid of these people. What really worried him was Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu. He had too many enemies, if these enemies decided to hurt his women, he wouldn't be able to handle the situation.

"Miss Luo, Miss Qin, I would like to ask for a favor."

"Wolf King, please speak, you are our lifesavior and your problem is our problem."

"I was wondering if you could both stay at Eastern Sea city for the next while and help me protect Ruyan Liu." Qingfeng Li conveyed his thoughts out loud.

Qingfeng Li had originally planned on the two women protecting Xue Lin, but remembering her current mood, he didn't want to cause her even more grief by placing two beauties next to her.

Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin both nodded in agreement.

Qingfeng Li asked Alice to bring Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin towards Ruyan Liu's house. As for the rest of the Wolf Fang Clan, they would remain outside of the hospital room, responsible for protecting Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li knew that they wouldn't be enough to protect Xue Lin if the assassins really came, because the enemies were all ancient martial artists.

 "Daoist, could I borrow your phone?" Qingfeng Li borrowed Daoist's cell phone and dialed the Sect master of Sky Fate's phone number.

Qingfeng Li knew that the Sky Fate Demon King was in the Higher Heaven realm's pinnacle-tier and he was previously also in the grandmaster realm. He would be a perfect fit to protect Xue Lin, and she also wouldn't get any wrong ideas.

The person on the other side of the phone call answered quickly. Qingfeng Li directly said, "Sky Fate Demon King, please come to Eastern Sea city. I need you to protect my honey Xue Lin for me."

"Yes, young master, I will head over right away." Sky Fate Demon King said respectfully.

After a couple of hours, Sky Fate Demon King arrived alone to the hospital. He didn't bring his granddaughter because he knew that he was there to protect Xue Lin. Bringing his granddaughter wouldn't be helpful.

Seeing him arrive, Qingfeng Li explained to him the dangerous situation they were under, readying him.

Afterall, Sky Fate Demon King had lived for decades and had been in countless battles and was incredibly experienced. He might be able to give Qingfeng some useful advice.

Sure enough, after hearing Qingfeng Li's explanation of the dangerous situation, he contemplated for only a minute and came up with a solution.

"Young Master, didn't your master, the Wind-Edge Demon King, tell you about the powers of the Conqueror's Badge? It can summon ten great Kings and activate their bloodlines." Sky Fate Demon King asked, his voice laced with questions.

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said, "the Conqueror's Badge disappeared before and my master also didn't tell me this."

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