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Qingfeng paced in the corridor, he was extremely troubled. His heart ached painfully when he saw Xue Lin's tears.

He knew that Xue Lin was extremely upset, she had not forgiven him.

"Haaah, I f*cked up," Qingfeng said with a sigh. He did not know what else to do except to sigh.

At this moment, Yunhe Zhang walked out of the ward. He said, "Qingfeng, even though your honey has awakened, she must not be excited during her recovery phase. It would be troublesome if she falls unconscious again."

Qingfeng nodded. He knew that Xue Lin had just recovered and must not be excited.

"Professor Zhang, Xue Lin refuses to forgive me. What should I do?" Qingfeng said guiltily in a low voice.

"Your honey refuses to forgive you because she loves you too much. The only one who can resolve the matter is yourself. Treat your honey better in the future and don't mention your matters with Ruyan Liu in front of her," Yunhe Zhang suggested with a light smile.

"Thank you, Professor Zhang," Qingfeng said gratefully with a bow.

If anyone saw the renowned Wolf King bowing to an old man, they would be stunned.

Qingfeng would not bow even to a grandmaster level fighter. Qingfeng treated Yunhe Zhang with such respect because he had saved Xue Lin. This made him even happier than if Yunhe Zhang had saved his own life.

"Qingfeng, I have kept my promise and woke up Xue Lin for you. I hope that you can fulfill your second promise to help me defeat the Director of the National Medical Association, Yunshan Ye," Yunhe Zhang said.

Yunhe Zhang's voice was filled with hatred at the mention of Yunshan Ye. His shameless disciple had betrayed him and stolen everything from him. He wanted to kill Yunshan Ye right now but he was unable to. Thus, he could only ask Qingfeng to fulfill his wish.

Qingfeng nodded and assured him, "Don't worry Professor Zhang, I will definitely defeat Yunshan Ye and avenge you."

Then, Yunhe Zhang counseled Qingfeng on some important things that Xue Lin should look out for before leaving. His legs had just recovered so his body was still weak. He could not stay at the hospital for extended periods of time so he went home to rest.

After Yunhe Zhang left, Qingfeng also walked back into the ward.

"Honey, are you thirsty? Let me pour you a cup of water," Qingfeng asked Xue Lin with a smile.

Even though Xue Lin did not forgive him, Qingfeng still treated her very well to try to obtain her forgiveness.

Xue Lin turned her charming face around and refused to talk to Qingfeng.

"Little Xue, you can do it! Don't talk to him," Xue Lin thought as she cheered for herself in her mind.

Qingfeng knew that she did not want to talk to him when she saw her expression. This made him very sad.

Qingfeng was very, very, very upset. Even when Xue Lin was icily cold, she still responded to him. But now, she completely ignored him and treated him like a stranger.

A cold war between a couple?

Qingfeng suddenly thought of those words. He often saw on the news that couples would engage in a cold war when there's an argument or when the man cheated.

What was a cold war? It was when they did not communicate and completely ignored each other. It was a terrifying thing.

Think about it, if your honey completely ignored you and treated you as a stranger, how would you feel? You would be heartbroken.

This type of cold violence was quite common in society. It differed from violence where a woman would slap you to relieve her anger. Violence was better than cold violence. The relationship was quickly reestablished after violence.

Cold violence was different. It was terrifying since the woman completely ignored the man.

"Honey, I was wrong. if you are sad, you can hit me," Qingfeng said in a low voice like an elementary kid who had made a mistake.

Tears poured from Xue Lin's face when she heard Qingfeng's words.

Could she hit him? Of course not. She loved him in her heart. But she also had her pride, she could not forgive his matters with Ruyan Liu.

"Qingfeng, let Xue Lin be alone for a while. Please leave," Xiaoyun Mu said unhappily when she saw Xue Lin's tears.

Xiaoyun Mu used to be very content with her son-in-law but she was very displeased with him now. A cheating man could not be forgiven. It was a betrayal towards his honey.

Qingfeng could only sigh when he heard the discontent in his mother-in-law's voice. He thought about Professor Yunhe Zhang's words. The professor had said that Xue Lin must not be excited when she was still recovering. Thus, he could only leave the ward.

When Qingfeng walked out of the ward, Alice and the members of the Wolf Fang team walked towards him. Alice was seductive and charming. She wore a set of tight clothing that accentuated her charming figure, and her large breasts attracted one's gaze.

Usually, Qingfeng would definitely admire Alice's body, but he was too upset by Xue Lin's matters to do that right now.

"Why are you guys here?" Qingfeng asked with a frown when he saw the members of the Wolf Fang team.

He had asked Alice, Monk, Death-god and Bald-man to protect the hospital from the outside. Why were they all here?

Alice said with a seductive smile, "We heard that Xue Lin had awakened so we came to have a look."

"Boss, is our sister-in-law okay?" Monk and the others asked with concern.

Monk had met Xue Lin a few times and deeply respected her. He knew that she treated Qingfeng very well.

Qingfeng could only smile bitterly. He could say that Xue Lin was ignoring him. He said, "She just woke up, she is doing good."

"Boss, we bought some fruits and flowers. We will visit her now," Monk said. He had a fruit basket in his hand.

As a member of the Wolf Fang team, Monk and the others only knew how to kill people. This was the first time they bought presents to visit someone.

Qingfeng wanted to stop them when he saw that they wanted to enter the ward. He said, "I appreciate your concerns. You can put the fruit basket here. Xue Lin needs to rest. Don't go in."

Qingfeng dared not let them enter the ward. Xue Lin was still mad and did not even talk to him. She was upset whenever she saw him. She would be even more upset if she saw Alice and the others.

Alice was in charge of protecting Ruyan Liu so she was very close with Ruyan Liu. Xue Lin knew about this matter too. If she saw Alice, she would think about Ruyan Liu and might be angered again. It would be difficult if Xue Lin became unconscious again, so Qingfeng did not dare to let them into the ward.

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