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(TL: I would chop his d*ck off too)

"Honey, you are awake." Qingfeng's mind underwent an emotional upheaval when he saw that Xue Lin had opened her eyes.

Because he was so emotional, even his voice was shaking.

Since Xue Lin had fallen unconscious, Qingfeng had not rested well. He worried about her during the day and at night, he had nightmares that she would never wake up.

Truthfully, Qingfeng did not know what to do if Xue Lin stayed unconscious forever. His life would have become grey.

When Xue Lin saw the emotional Qingfeng, her charming face was filled with love and hate.

Drip, Drip…

Drops of tears flowed down her cheeks. Her charming face was filled with sadness and her lips parted but in the end, she did not speak.

"Honey, it is all my fault. You can beat me or scream at me but please don't cry. It is bad for your health," Qingfeng said worriedly.

The Wolf King who was unafraid of anything, including the President of the Wolf Continent, was afraid when he saw Xue Lin's tears.

Qingfeng tried to wipe away Xue Lin's tears with his palms but Xue Lin turned her head around and refused to let him wipe away her tears. She did not look at him as she continued to cry.

Xue Lin loved Qingfeng deeply but she also hated him. She did not know how to face him after she had awoken. Forgive him? That was clearly impossible.

"Little Xue, you must be strong. Your husband betrayed you for another woman. You must not be like your mother," Xue Lin thought as she clenched her fist. She refused to look at this man who she both loved and hated.

"Qingfeng, you should step out. Don't excite Xue Lin. It would be bad if she became unconscious again," Yunhe Zhang said with a frown.

Sigh, Qingfeng sighed. Xue Lin had awakened but she refused to forgive him. He could only walk out of the ward sadly.

Qingfeng knew that Yunhe Zhang was right. Xue Lin had just awakened; she was in a very weak state. Her nerves were very weak and she should not be excited or she would fall into unconsciousness again. If that happened, she would never wake up.

Qingfeng walked into the corridor outside of the ward. He rarely smoked but he was so troubled and sad at the moment.

He went to the nearby grocery store to buy a pack of Zhonghua cigarettes. He paced around the corridor as he took out a cigarette and started smoking to vent his frustrations.

Within the ward.

Xiaoyun Mu sat at the head of Xue Lin and wiped her tears away with a towel. She said, "Little Xue, what happened between you and Qingfeng?"

Xue Lin shook her head and tears once again poured out of her eyes. However, she did not tell her mother what happened. It was a matter between Qingfeng and herself, and she did not want to worry her mother.

"Little Xue, you are my daughter. A mother knows her daughter best. I know you so well. You had an upcoming wedding with Qingfeng but you chose to leave home. You love Qingfeng so much so something must have happened," Xiaoyun Mu said lightly as she held Xue Lin's hand.

A mother knew her daughter best. Xiaoyun Mu knew that her daughter was very prideful since she was a kid.

A woman's pride was her husband. Something must have happened with Qingfeng for Xue Lin to be so sad. She did not even want to talk to him after she woke up.

"Little Xue, I am not an outsider. I am your mother. Tell me, did Qingfeng cheat on you?" Xiaoyun Mu asked.

Xiaoyun Mu had experienced cheating. Her husband, Shi Lin, had mistresses when they were still young. He even had a boy with his mistress. This caused Xiaoyun Mu a lot of pain for a long time. Back then, Xiaoyun Mu even thought about committing suicide but she found the strength to live when she looked at the young Xue Lin.

Xiaoyun Mu knew that Xue Lin was conservative like herself. To put it plainly, she was stubborn. Since she fell in love with Qingfeng, she only loved Qingfeng. She hated it when other women had affections towards Qingfeng or for Qingfeng to have relationships with other women.

Xue Lin's expression became uneasy when she heard her mother's words. Clearly, her mother had guessed correctly.

Xue Lin did not reply to her mother's words. She did not want to admit that her husband had cheated on her. What would her mother think? Her daughter could not even keep her own husband's heart and went to find other women?

Truthfully, Xue Lin's heart was filled with regret. She knew that Ruyan Liu had an atypical relationship with Qingfeng but she placed that aside since she was busy with work.

Xue Lin never expected Qingfeng and Ruyan Liu to have slept together, and to even have a child. As Qingfeng's official wife, Xue Lin herself have not slept with Qingfeng yet!

Xue Lin wanted to sleep with Qingfeng. A while ago, Xue Lin wanted to give her body to Qingfeng but Qingfeng refused since Xue Lin was injured. He said that they should wait until she recovered.

Xue Lin had agreed since they were going to be married in 2 weeks. They could sleep together during their marriage night. She never expected to find out Qingfeng's relationship with Ruyan Liu now. This made her furious and sad.

"Little Xue, Qingfeng did something wrong but I can see that he loves you. What have you decided to do? Are you going to forgive him, or not?" Xiaoyun Mu asked as she looked at Xue Lin with concern in her eyes.

Her daughter had such a difficult life. She suffered a lot when she was a child. Who would expect her to suffer after marrying Qingfeng as well?

Xiaoyun Mu was also furious against Qingfeng. The thing a woman hated the most was for her husband to cheat on her. No woman would choose to forgive her husband. Even if they did, she would still feel uncomfortable in her heart.

Even though Xiaoyun Mu lived with Shi Lin now, she still remembered how he cheated on her. There was still an ill feeling in her heart.

"Mother, I don't know what to do." Xue Lin said as she shook her head confusedly.

Yeah, what could Xue Lin do? She still loved Qingfeng in her heart. If she no longer loved him, she would have divorced him. She was pained because she still loved him. Her heart ached whenever she thought of that vixen, Ruyan Liu.

"Little Xue, you must be strong. You cannot forgive Qingfeng this time," thought Xue Lin with determination.

Xue Lin had sworn in her heart to not forgive Qingfeng no matter what happened.

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