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"Blood Wolf Fist," Qingfeng roared as he waved his right fist forward. The vital essence concentrated on his fist and formed a virtual image of a bloody wolf. Other than the tail of the wolf, the other parts of the virtual image were very clear.

Qingfeng's fist directly pierced the air. As he waved his fist, if one listened carefully, one would hear the howl of the wolf and the roar of a dragon.

Yangzi Blood's expression changed for the first time when he felt the power within Qingfeng's bloody wolf fist.

He knew the strength of bloodline powers. It was a powerful force that could even enable one to fight against someone higher level than him. Qingfeng's strength caused Yangzi Blood's expression to become grave.

Yangzi Blood roared as he punched his fist forward with his strongest attack.


The two fists collided with a loud boom. The wild powers emitted from the collision caused the surrounding walls to fall. Yangzi Blood took a few steps back while Qingfeng stood still.


Yangzi Blood coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood. He had suffered an injury from the clash so his face was pale.

The surrounding people were stunned when they saw that Yangzi Blood was injured by Qingfeng. Their mouths were wide with disbelief.

They suddenly realized that Qingfeng had been holding back his power in the previous fights. If Yangzi Blood did not appear, Qingfeng might not have even used his strongest attack.

The most stunned person was Cold Blood. Yangzi Blood was one of the 81 demons of the unorthodox. Even though he was the weakest of the 81 demons, he was still extremely powerful. But, he was injured by Qingfeng.

As for Hell King, he was trembling in fear. Qingfeng's power far surpassed his imagination.

Hell King had practiced his teacher's grandmaster technique and consumed his teacher's elixir which helped to improve his power to the Higher Heaven peak stage. He was confident that he would be able to kill Qingfeng, but did not expect Qingfeng to be so strong.

To be safe, Ghost King had even given Hell King a grandmaster level weapon, the Ghost King Knife. However, Hell King still felt that he was no match for Qingfeng.

At this moment, Hell King felt a sense of gratitude towards Yangzi Blood. If it was not for Yangzi Blood, he might have been killed by Qingfeng. Yangzi Blood had indirectly saved his life.

"The bloodline techniques are so powerful. If I am not wrong, you have the bloodline of the ancient Wolf King," Yangzi Blood said with a grave expression.

As a demon of the unorthodox, Yangzi Blood knew the power of bloodlines very well.

"It's good that you know how strong it is. You can die now." When he saw that Yangzi Blood was injured, Qingfeng naturally would not give up the chance to further injure Yangzi Blood. He knew that Yangzi Blood was trying to buy time with his words.


Qingfeng roared once again and punched out another Wolf King fist. The wolf howl and dragon roar followed the fist as it pierced through the air and pummeled towards Yangzi Blood.

Even though Yangzi Blood was powerful, he had not activated his bloodline. Thus, he was no match for Qingfeng. He could only take more steps backward as he coughed up blood.

"I can't let this go on or I will be punched to death by Qingfeng," Yangzi Blood thought darkly.

"Qingfeng, you forced me to do this. I will suck up your bloodline and make it mine," Yangzi Blood said with a bloodthirsty smile.

"Vampire Technique!" Yangzi Blood roared. His fist became a claw as it grabbed onto Qingfeng's fist. He wanted to suck up Qingfeng's blood and bloodline.

was a powerful grandmaster technique which allowed one to suck up the opponent's blood. Grandmaster level fighters could even take their opponent's bloodline for themselves.

When Qingfeng's fist was grabbed onto by Yangzi Blood, he felt an enormous suction force from Yangzi Blood. The suction force was so powerful that it sucked away Qingfeng's blood.

"Oh no, Yangzi Blood wants to suck away my blood and bloodline?" Qingfeng's expression changed and fear appeared in his eyes.

Qingfeng had some understanding of the . It was a grandmaster level technique of the unorthodox. It was an evil technique that allowed one to suck up the opponent's blood.

At this moment of danger, the dragon blood within Qingfeng's body contained powerful force and directly stopped the suction force.

At the same time, the Wolf King Bloodline within Qingfeng circulated wildly and formed a vortex. The vortex was like a black hole that howled in hunger and was ready to devour everything.

Yangzi Blood's blood was completely sucked up and devoured by Qingfeng's Devourer Bloodline. Yangzi Blood's body started to shrivel up while Qingfeng's power continued to grow.

"You have the Devourer bloodline?!" Yangzi Blood asked in fear.

The Devourer Bloodline was one of the ten ancient bloodlines and was a mutation of the Wolf King Bloodline. It was said that the ancient Wolf God could devour everything and it was taken after its ancestor the Devourer.

Yangzi Blood's blood continued to be sucked up. His body convulsed as he turned ghastly pale with fear.

Yes, fear. Yangzi Blood was scared. He never expected Qingfeng to have the Devourer Bloodline. An ancient bloodline like this was not something he could stop.

Even if the Vampire Sect leader was here, he would be unable to suck up Qingfeng's fresh blood. Only Qingfeng could swallow the bloodline of others, no one could swallow his bloodline.


Yangzi Blood's blood was completely swallowed by Qingfeng and he became a dried corpse. He fell to the ground with a boom. Before his death, his eyes were filled with fear.

Yangzi Blood, one of the 81 devils of the unorthodox, one that brought fear to the cultivation world in Huaxia, was dead.


Qingfeng burped loudly after devouring Yangzi Blood's blood. The tail of the Wolf on the virtual image has become clearer and became a real Wolf.

"What? Yangzi Blood is dead?"

"How is that possible? Yangzi Blood is one of the 81 demons of the unorthodox. Yangzi Blood was even able to escape from the leader of the Fiery Emperor Palace. How could he die?"

"Qingfeng has killed Yangzi Blood. This means that he is even stronger than Yangzi Blood."

"Everyone calls Yangzi Blood a demon but I think Qingfeng is the true demon. Look, he swallowed Yangzi Blood's blood."

The surrounding people looked at Qingfeng fearfully as if they had seen a demon.

Yangzi Blood was terrifying. However, he was a member of the unorthodox. He became stronger by using the Vampire Technique. Contrastingly, Qingfeng was a member of the orthodox. How could he swallow someone's blood?

At this moment, Cold Blood and Hell King were the most terrified people. They looked at Yangzi Blood's body in fear. Both were afraid that Qingfeng would turn them into dry corpse.

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