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After devouring Yangzi Blood's blood, Qingfeng's power started to grow steadily from Higher Heaven mid-level 3500kg to 4000kg to 4500kg to 4750kg…

4750kg…this meant that Qingfeng was only a step away from the grandmaster stage.

One had to admit that as one of the 81 demons of the unorthodox, Yangzi Blood's blood contained enormous power. Now that Qingfeng had swallowed his blood, Yangzi Blood's powers have joined with Qingfeng's powers and allowed Qingfeng's strength to increase so much that he was only a step away from the grandmaster level.

Qingfeng was the strongest person in the surrounding area right now. His power was immense and no one was a match for him.

"Cold Blood, Hell King, I am going to kill you two," Qingfeng said with cold smile. His eyes were filled with murderous intent. Just as he was about to kill the two of them, his expression changed.

Oh no, the negative effects of activating bloodline were here again. Qingfeng felt his powers diminishing, he became nauseous and he felt that he would pass out anytime.

"Fuck! If I had a bit more time, I can definitely kill Cold Blood and Hell King," thought Qingfeng regretfully.

He knew that he could not waste any more time, he had to leave immediately. Cold Blood and the others had almost recovered their powers. If they realized that he was suffering from the negative effects of activating his bloodline, they would be sure to kill him.

Qingfeng bit onto tongue and regained some of his consciousness. He moved like a flash of lighting next to the grave of Elixir King Yun Xiao and found a black book in side of the grave. The black book was named .

Without a word, Qingfeng grabbed onto the book. Then he placed the Black Crow Vines carefully away. The Black Crow Vines were essential to save Xue Lin so he deeply valued it.


Without hesitation, Qingfeng grabbed onto the two treasures and jumped into the air. He flew over the lava lake and landed on the shore of the other side. He then along the cave passageway and headed to the outer world.

Qingfeng's speed was lightning fast. He knew that he would feel negative effects of activating his bloodline very soon. So, he must find a place to hide.

Soon, Qingfeng ran out of the underground Palace. Just as he left the underground Palace, he tumbled and almost fell to the ground.

"No, I can't pass out here. I will die for sure if Cold Blood finds me."

Qingfeng once against bit onto his tongue to keep awake. The made his way towards the inner areas of the Vast Mountains with difficulty. Finally, he found a swamp.


Qingfeng dived into the swamp and covered up the surrounding track marks. Then, he hid at the bottom of the swamp.

Qingfeng silently recited the and fell into a deep sleep.

At the same time, inside the Palace of Elixir King.

Cold Blood and Hell King were both confused. They did not know why Qingfeng did not choose to kill them. They were enemies who would kill each other if they had the chance. Why would Qingfeng let them go?

"Cold Blood, I know what's going on. Qingfeng must be experiencing the negative effects of activating his bloodline. He must be unconscious now," Hell King suddenly said. He knew Qingfeng very well.

Cold Blood's expression changed and he said coldly, "Shoot, why did I not think of that? Qingfeng must be realy weak or he would have tried to kill us."

"Cold Blood, what should we do know? The and the Black Crow Vines are both in his hands."

"We have to catch him of course. Find him, kill him and grab his treasures."

"Yes, the must not fall into Qingfeng's hands. Let's go and kill him," Hell King said with a cold smile. Cold Blood and Hell King then ran out of the Palace.

Cold Blood and Hell King have recovered their strength since the effects form the Higher Heaven Pills and Strength Consuming herb have worn off. They knew that Qingfeng was weak right now. It was the perfect time to kill Qingfeng so they rushed out of the Palace.

The most precious treasure in the grandmaster tomb was the . It was the rarest elixir book in Huaxia and would allow one to make all kinds of Elixir. Everyone yearned to obtain the book.

Nishang Luo and Xianzhi Qin's expression changed when they saw Cold Blood and Hell King chasing after Qingfeng. They obtained the and books from the grave. Then, they ran after Cold Blood and Hell King. They wanted to save Qingfeng.

As for Baidao Jiang and Yun Tang, after grabbing some treasures from the Elixir King's tomb, they also chased after the others.

"Where did Qingfeng hide? Why can't we find him?" Cold Blood and Hell King searched high and low but they could not find Qingfeng.

Cold Blood and Hell King had even walked by the swamp where Qingfeng hid but Qingfeng had hidden his presence so they were unable to find him. After looking around, they chose to search another area.

The Vast Mountains was huge so it was difficult to find a hidden man.

Under the swamp, Qingfeng had entered a magical state. As the circulated in his body, the impurities inside his body were expelled. His pressure points and meridians were also opened. His skin and inner organs all became as strong as steel and filled with power.

Inside the swamp, an alligator swam towards Qingfeng when he saw a black object.

The alligator more than three meters long and covered in thick skin. Its teeth were sharp and pointy; it could break one's neck with a single bite.

"This is a person?" thought the alligator in his head. It has devoured humans in the swamp in the past. The humans had entered the Vast Mountains to seek treasures but were eventually devoured by the alligator.

"Other than the fact that the person does not have a breath, he is the same as the other humans. Maybe he is dead. I want to eat him," The alligator thought bloodthirstily. It opened its huge jaws and bit towards Qingfeng.


Qingfeng suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed the pointy teeth of the alligator with two fingers.


Qingfeng tightened his grip and immediately broke the pointy teeth of the alligator. The alligator started to moan in pain.

"How terrifying. Oh my god, this young man is too scary," the alligator thought fearfully as it turned to escape.

"Running away? Go and die." Qingfeng waved his fist and instantly killed the alligator. 

 Qingfeng had recovered from the negative effects of his activating bloodline. Naturally, the alligator was no match for him.

Qingfeng walked out from the bottom of the swamp. He walked to a nearby river to clean himself before making his way out of the Vast Mountains.

Qingfeng was now just a step away from the Grandmaster Level. He could kill Cold Blood and Hell King any moment, but he did not have time to seek them out right now. He had to hurry back to ES City to save Xue Lin.

Of course, to save Xue Lin, he had to find Professor Yunhe Zhang first. Qingfeng's speed was insanely fast as he made his way to Yunhe Zhang's home. Every time his foot touched the ground, he was already dozen meters away from the last point.

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