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"Go. Tianhao Luo, as long as you f*ck Nishang Luo, I'll let you go." Yangzi Blood said viciously, while his tone had a tempting aura. Yangzi Blood had an abnormal hobby that he not only liked to embarass women, but also liked doing it in public. It was apparent that he wanted Nishang Luo to lose all of her reputation.

"Yangzi Blood, my lord! Will you really let me go as long as I f*ck Nisahng Luo?" Tianhao Luo asked, with a hint of doubt on his face.

"Yes, as long as you f*ck Nishang Luo, I'll let you go for sure." Yangzi Blood said.

"Ok, I'll do it." Tianhao Luo gritted his teeth, for the sake of survival, he walked towards Nishang Luo.

Tianhao Luo and Nishang Luo had both lost their vital essence now, which meant they were ordinary people without strength. In terms of the ordinary, a man was stronger than a woman, and therefore Nishang Luo was absolutely unable to fight against Tianhao Luo.

Seeing Tianhao Luo coming toward her, Nishang Luo's face changed greatly. She cried with rage, "Tianhao Luo, I'm your cousin! What do you want to do?"

"What do I want to do? Of course I want to f*ck you, my dear cousin."

"Tianhao Luo, you're shameless! How can you want to do such a thing."

"My cousin sister, you're the most beautiful woman in Tianjing City, I've long thought to f*ck you. This time, my wish can be met at last." A touch of eagerness appeared in Tianhao Luo's eyes, he approached Nishang Luo with a vicious look on his face. Tianhao Luo had always held malicious thoughts for Nishang Luo, but previously he could not defeat her due to her strong strength. This turned out to be a great chance for him.

Nishang Luo's face was full of despair, she stared at Tianhao Luo with overwhelming rage. If staring could kill people, Tianhao Luo would have been killed by her a countless number of times. Nishang Luo greatly regretted that she failed to sense Tianhao Luo's malicious ambition at an earlier time. If she had found him to be such a shameless person earlier, she would have killed him long time ago.

It was a pity that there was no medicine for regret. If the medicine existed, Nishang Luo would have gone to buy it for sure. Nishang Luo made a decision that she would kill herself if Tianhao Luo really intended to rape her, she would rather commit suicide than be raped by this guy.


Qingfeng Li made a sound of wolf roar, as he had to arouse the bloodline power by a wolf roar every time, so as to stimulate the Wolf King Totem on his chest. As was seen, the Wolf King Totem on his chest turned clearer, and his eyes and his whole body reddened, ending with a blood red color covering all over his body.

When the Wolf King Bloodline was stimulated, the drop of dragon blood in Qingfeng Li's body began to recover as well, and therefore the power of the dragon blood was also aroused.

The weight of Qingfeng Li's body kept increasing in a soaring way and so did his strength, ending with the strength of more than nine thousand kilograms, equal to the strength of the half grandmaster realm, the same as that of Yangzi Blood.

With the increase of strength, the bloodline power aroused by Qingfeng Li also turned stronger, which was strong enough to be compared with Yangzi Blood's strength. Apart from that, another advantage to arouse bloodline power was to use bloodline martial arts skill which was the martial arts skill born with his own body. These bloodline skills were commonly even stronger than grandmaster-class martial arts skill.

"Tianhao Luo, you deserve to die." Seeing Tianhao Luo intend to tear the clothes of Nishang Luo, Qingfeng Li's face darkened, and a hint of murderous intent appeared in his eyes.

When Qingfeng Li visited Luo Family in Tianjing City from Eastern Sea City, Tianhao Luo had deliberately made things difficult for him. This guy was the cousin of Nishang Luo, and was also from the Luo Family. Now he even wanted to assault his own cousin sister in order to survive, what a shameless beast he was.

Whoosh! Qingfeng Li took a move, like a flash of lightning, instantly approaching Tianhao Luo and punched his head.

Bang! Tianhao Luo did not even have time to react before his head was directly blown off. His corpse fell down to the ground, and he died in an instant. Qingfeng Li, with aroused bloodline power was so strong that Tianhao Luo was almost nothing to him. Tianhao Luo probably did not even know how he died.

"Qingfeng Li, thank you." Nishang Luo's enchanting face was full of appreciation because she knew she might have been done for if Qingfeng Li had not save her. At this moment, Nishang Luo felt herself to be very fortunate, and it was such a correct choice for her to let Qingfeng Li enter the Grandmaster Tomb.

"F*ck, such a furious power." Seeing that Qingfeng Li blew off Tianhao Luo's head with one punch, the people around all paled, with a hint of shock appearing in their eyes. Too furious, too furious, Qingfeng Li was exactly a violent madman.

"You have a bloodline power?" Having sensed the strong power from Qingfeng Li, Yangzi Blood frowned slightly, a hint of shock coming into his eyes.

As an Elder of the Vampire Sect, Yangzi Blood surely had heard about bloodline powers. They were a mysterious power originating from ancient ancestors, but he did not expect that Qingfeng Li possessed one. As was known, bloodline power was very rare, only a few people could awaken their bloodline power, while most people could not. Once a man's bloodline power was awakened, it indicated that the man's talent was so great that he was very likely to become a peerless strong master with the premise that he could prevent himself from being killed.

If Yangzi Blood had looked down upon Qingfeng Li, then he began to pay attention to Qingfeng Li now, regarding him as a rival at least, instead of a worm.

"Kill." Qingfeng Li shouted, and rushed to Yangzi Blood. He stepped on the ground, immediately leaving a hole and sending himself into the air. Qingfeng Li's right fist turned into a phantom shape of a bloody wolf, striking directly towards Yangzi Blood.

After awakening bloodline power, Qingfeng Li's strength increased dramatically, which directly achieved half grandmaster realm, so he did not use Red Fiery Sword and fought against Yangzi Blood with his physical strength alone.

"Kill." Yangzi Blood shouted with rage, punching out at Qingfeng Li. His punch was extremely strong, which directly separated the air, even forming a huge whirlpool, the force of tearing making a sharp noise in the air.

Boom! Qingfeng Li's fist knocked onto that of Yangzi Blood, along with a very loud sound of boom. The sound was so loud that the air in the middle had collapsed, and the giant power spread around and blew up the rubble on the ground. Some disciples who were close to them had been even pushed back by this invincible strength.

The strength of the half grandmaster realm was so strong that it could not be resisted by the ordinary. It was fortunate that they both only achieved half grandmaster realm rather than the real grandmaster realm, as the true grandmasters could have their own realm, and only one move of theirs tended to determine who lived and who died.

"To finish the fight as soon as possible." Qingfeng Li rushed to Yangzi Blood, with a flash of cold lightning in his eyes.

Qingfeng Li's strength solely depended on bloodline power, which was temporarily boosted to the half grandmaster realm, and therefore his strength did not really achieve half grandmaster realm, which was still a bit different from that of a super strong master like Yangzi Blood.

Qingfeng Li knew that the bloodline power was unable to be maintained for a long time as it had a time limit, which meant he had to defeat Yangzi Blood or even kill him within the limited time. Otherwise he would be in danger if the side effects come.

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