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Cuilan Tie kicked out her foot with great strength, and she did it from behind. If Qingfeng Li was hit, he would have surely been kicked down into the lava river below, ending up dead.

"Look out, Wolf King." Niching Luo cried, with a trace of horror on her enchanting face.

"Watch your back." Xinzhi Qin also opened her red lips and shouted.

Although the two women did not get along well, they both hurried to warn Qingfeng Li when he was in danger. They also did not expect that Cuilan Tie would be so devious that she dared to sneak attack Qingfeng Li from the back when he was probing the way on the iron chain bridge.


While Qingfeng Li walked in the front of the chain, he had already noticed the attack from behind. When Cuilan Tie kicked out her foot towards him, Qingfeng Li slightly swung his body and dodged her blow in an instant.

Cuilan Tie paled with a hint of shock in her eyes, as she did not expect Qingfeng would escape from her kick.

"Bitch, I've already known you had malicious intentions, and now that you want to die, I can help you out." With a cold smile, Qingfeng Li stood on the chain bridge with one foot while suddenly kicking out the other foot like a flash of lightning, dealing a devastating blow to Cuilan Tie's belly instantly.

Cuilan Tie could not withdraw the foot that was still in the air due to the fact that she had just tried to kick Qingfeng Li. As a result, she had to helplessly see Qingfeng Li's foot smash her right in the belly.


Cuilan Tie flew off of the bridge, falling down into the lava river. Her face scrunched up in pain as she felt the hot temperature below.

"Help me, Jianlong." Cuilan Tie shouted at Jianlong Gu who was on the river bank, hoping he could save her.

Seeing Cuilan Tie get in danger, Jianlong Gu paled, and threw out a rope from his backpack to entangle Cuilan Tie in the air, intending to pull her back to the river bank.

When entering the tomb, everybody brought spelunking equipment like ropes, torches and food rations with them. It was apparent that the preparation came in handy now.

"Want to save Cuilan,Tie? No way." Qingfeng Li smiled coldly, with a trace of murderous intent in his eyes. It was impossible for him to let go of Cuilan Tie who intended to kill him just now.


Qingfeng Li pulled out the Red Fiery Sword, poured vital essence into it, and swung it outwards to split Jianlong Gu's rope. With a touch of red light, the Red Fiery Sword directly cut off the rope.

"No!" At the sight of the rope being cut off, Cuilan Tie screamed with a pale face.

When Cuilan Tie tried to reach the rope, Qingfeng Li's sword chopped down again, leaving her with a bleeding hole in her body. Due to the fact that the rope was broken and Cuilan Tie was injured, she could not stop herself from falling down into the lava river below.


Cuilan Tie fell into the lava river with a miserable scream, and her body was engulfed by the over one thousand degrees lava, ending up as white bones floating in the river. The living beautiful woman turned into a skeleton in an instant.

All the people on the river bank paled with a trace of horror when they saw the skeleton. The temperature of the lava river was so high that people would instantly melt once the lava contacts their body.

"Qingfeng Li, you dared cut my rope and kill Cuilan Tie?" Jianlong Gu cried with rage, and a murderous intent appeared in his eyes. When Cuilan Tie was kicked down by Qingfeng Li, she had been tied up by the rope of Jianlong Gu, and would have been fine as long as she could be pulled onto the bank. Unexpectedly, the rope was cut off by Qingfeng Li.

"Hum, since Cuilan Tie and you intended to kill me, you should have been ready to lose your life. Catch me if you can!" Qingfeng Li gave a cold smile, and said arrogantly. In fact, the iron chain that Qingfeng Li was standing on merely could withstand no more than two persons. With regard to a one-to-one fight, Qingfeng Li feared nobody. The reason why he pretended to be scared just now was so that he could bait Cuilan Tie and kill her. What he really wanted to do was to start a slaughter.

Unlike the coward that he pretended to be just now, Qingfeng Li started behaving in a blatant and arrogant manner because he had to obtain the Black Crow Vines and Alchemy Skills of the Elixir King that were in the palace on the other side of the iron chain.

"You're playing with fire." Jianlong Gu smiled coldly, and rose to the air, flying onto the iron chain, hoping to avenge Cuilan Tie.

Jianlong Gu originally planned to deal with Qingfeng after getting the treasures of the Elixir King, but he could not wait to do it now, as the miserable death of Cuilan Tie had enraged him. He wanted to kill Qingfeng Li at once.


Jianlong Gu pulled out his Water Moon Sword, a grandmaster-class weapon that he just got from the tomb, intending to get Qingfeng Li done with this sword.


Jiangong Gu turned over his wrist, lifted the Water Moon Sword across his chest, and poured vital essence into the sword. He dashed to Qingfeng Li all of a sudden with a cold light, ripping through the air and leaving a cold white sword streak.

From the name of the Water Moon Sword, it could be deduced that it was most strongly attuned to water-related sword techniques. As the vital essence that Jianlong Gu cultivated was also water-related, the strength combined by the energy and the sword was really strong.

With a calm, disinterested look, Qingfeng suddenly swung out his Red Fiery Sword and turned it into a red sword light, colliding with the Water Moon Sword.

Peng! The two grandmaster-class weapons crashed into each other with a huge sound, sending shockwaves through the air.

Right, what you read was right, they indeed went off like a bomb, just like an explosion of gunpowder. The Water Moon Sword took advantage of the water energy while the Red Fiery Sword depended on flames. The both swords belonged to different power categories, and they would surely explode since water and fire were natural enemies to each other.

The giant energy wave spread all around, and when the energy spread into the lava river, the hot lava got boiling with the sound of rolling and roaring.

"You're merely a Higher Heaven mid-stage, how could you resist the strike with my Higher Heaven peak stage strength?" Jianlong Gu paled with a hint of shock in his eyes.

Jianlong Gu had kept hiding his strength and did not even rank onto the Higher Heaven ranking list. This time he came to the Grandmaster Tomb for the treasures. He previously thought the strength of Qingfeng Li was lower by two stages than him, which meant he could beat and kill Qingfeng Li at will, but now it seemed the things were not like that at all.

"Young Master Gu, Qingfeng Li's sword technique is very outstanding, and he's capable of fighting people above his realm. Be careful." Hell King warned from behind with a gloomy face.

Hell King had no good intentions because he hated Qingfeng and always wanted to kill him, but he knew that Qingfeng Li was too strong to kill by himself only. Therefore he encouraged others to kill Qingfeng Li, and Cuilan Tie was the one instigated by Hell King.

Hell King's plan was very good, and his purpose was to deplete Qingfeng Li's vital essence. Once Qingfeng Li ran out of his vital essence, Hell King would strike.

Battle people above his realm?

When he heard the words, Jianlong Gu paled, with a hint of worry in his eyes. The ability to fight people above one's realm calls for no less than a grandmaster-class cultivation technique. Had Qingfeng Li learnt a grandmaster-class cultivation technique?

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