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Chapter 738: The Murderous Intent of Cuilan Tie

 "Qingfeng Li, I will give you a chance to figure out the trap in the lava river right away. If you do, I can allow you to live a bit longer. Otherwise, I'll kill you now." Jianlong Gu said indifferently, emitting a cruel murderous intent.

Kill me?

Qingfeng Li burst to laughter, looking up with a big smile in an arrogant and blatant manner. Just a weak chicken like Jianlong Gu dares to say he's going to kill me? How ignorant was he?

If Jianlong Gu had reached the grandmaster realm, then he was competent to kill Qingfeng Li without any doubts, but considering that he was only at the peak of the Higher Heaven realm, he was unable to kill Qingfeng Li at all.

"You're still not qualified to kill me, come fight me as you wish." Qingfeng Li gave a cold smile arrogantly.

Jianlong Gu paled. Apparently, he did not expect Qingfeng Li to be so blatant that he had totally disregarded the threat. Jianlong Gu could recognize that Qingfeng Li was only at the Higher Heaven mid-stage, which was lower by two stages than him. This guy was not qualified to behave so arrogantly.

"Qingfeng Li, now that you want to die, I can help you." Jianlong Gu walked to Qingfeng Li with a murderous look on his face. He thought he could let Qingfeng Li live a bit longer, but now he had to wipe him out since he was acting so recklessly.

"Jianlong Gu, it's me, Niching Luo, who brought Qingfeng Li here. What're you doing now?" Niching Luo stepped forward and stood in front of Qingfeng Li.

Xianzhi Qin walked out as well when she saw Niching Luo wanted to protect Qingfeng Li.

"We are all here for the treasures in the Grandmaster Tomb.

There's no need to behave with rage." Xianzhi Qin smiled slightly, walking forward and standing beside Qingfeng too.

Seeing that Xianzhi Qin wanted to protect Qingfeng Li as well, Jianlong Gu frowned with a hint of worry in his eyes. He was not scared of Niching Luo, but Xianzhi Qin was another matter, as the latter was the young lady of the Fiery Emperor Palace with a special status.

Unlike Jianlong Gu who was worried about Xianzhi Qin's background, Cold Blood did not care, so he smiled brutally and stepped forward.

Baidao Jiang sent Cold Blood a voice transmission just now that the reason why Qingfeng Li defeated Cold Blood at Sky Mountain was that the former had activated his bloodline power, and after Cold Blood left, Qingfeng was also exhausted.

Cold Blood got excited when he heard the voice transmission from Baidao Jiang. He always wanted to kill Qingfeng Li, but was afraid that he would go berserk. Now that knew Qingfeng Li would suffer a sequela after calling out his bloodline power, he came out without any hesitation.

All of a sudden, a dangerous atmosphere spread out around the bank of the lava river. Everyone stared at each other in hostility, and it looked like a battle was likely to take place at any moment.

On the other hand, Baidao Jiang, Yun Tang and the Assassin instructor Duluth, stood aside with their arms folded across their chests, looking at Qingfeng Li with amusement. They would be very happy if Qingfeng Li was killed by Jianlong Gu and the others.

Shiwei Guo also approached Qingfeng Li, asked, "Wolf King, do you really want to fight?"

Shiwei Guo implied clearly that Qingfeng Li came to the Grandmaster Tomb for Black Crow Vines. If he started a fight now, neither of

of the sides would win. Xue Lin would likely die if he couldn't get the Black Crow Vines.

At the thought of Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li sighed to himself, as he would wipe out the group of people ahead of him at any price if he was alone. He had to bear them temporarily and try to get the Black Crow Vines so he could save Xue Lin.

"Okay, I'm afraid of you, I can help you find out the trap in the lava river." Qingfeng Li stepped back, and said in a resigned look.

Even though Qingfeng Li appeared helpless, he was thinking about how to kill those people in his mind. Qingfeng Li had come up with an idea that he would get rid of them and even kick them into the lava river by playing tricks when he found the third trap later.

Jianlong Gu and others got very glad as they thought that Qingfeng Li had surrendered. But they did not know that Qingfeng Li was playing tricks on them.

"Come on, go and find out the trap behind this lava river, I can allow you to live a bit longer, and otherwise I'll throw you into the lava river and burn you to ash." Looking at Qingfeng Li cruelly, Cuilan Tie said with a malicious voice.

Among this group of people, the ones hating Qingfeng Li most could be Cuilan Tie and Hell King. But Hell King had grown more sophisticated after the death of his two senior brothers, and he preferred not to attack Qingfeng Li until the last minute. This Cuilan Tie was just a rookie, who always liked rushing to the forefront and was exactly the kind of persons that died most quickly.

"Miss Tie, take it easy, don't kill me,

kill me, I'm looking for the trap at once." Qingfeng Li said, pretending to be scared, smiling coldly and silently. Bitch, just let you be complacent for a while, I'll kick you into the lava river later, that's the consequence of being arrogant in front of me.

Qingfeng Li came to the bank of the lava river, and walked around slowly. He found that the lava river was in a shape of the letter S, the coffin and tomb of Elixir King being right in the middle while the two poles of the letter S exactly connecting with the tomb and the palace on the opposite respectively.


With a trace of bright light flashing through his eyes, Qingfeng Li had sensed that the trap was very likely to be hidden in the tombstone which wrote the life story of Elixir King. Most people ignored the tombstone after reading it. Something that appeared not eye-catching tended to hide a huge secret, which was the secret of trap skills told by Wind-Edge Demon King, Qingfeng Li's master.

Qingfeng Li came to the tombstone, and kept walking around it. The people around him also looked at the tombstone the same as Qingfeng Li did, but they found nothing different.

"Qingfeng Li, nothing wrong with this tombstone, hurry to look for the trap." Cuilan Tie ordered Qingfeng Li with a cold smile.

Cuilan Tie had taken Qingfeng Li as a dead man, so she did not care for him at all. As long as passing the third trap, she would immediately kill Qingfeng Li to avenge for her brother.

"Don't worry, Miss Tie, I'm finding you the trap right away." Said Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li walked around the tombstone for three circles, then stopped at the back of the tombstone. He patted the back patted the back of the tombstone for nine times, what he had done was reasonable that he patted according to Sudoku.

Nine was regarded as the largest number, which represented the most honorable and dominant status, therefore both emperors and martial arts masters showed special preference to it. Considering that Elixir King had already reached the peak of grandmaster realm, he would surely prefer to use the number of nine if he wanted to break through the grandmaster realm and move to a higher one.


Once the tombstone was patted for nine times, a black iron chain suddenly jumped out of the tombstone, directly flew into the palace opposite and penetrating into the depth.

The iron chain connected the tombstone with the palace, acting as a bridge of iron chain, over the red lava river.

"Good, you've indeed found the third trap, go onto the chain bridge to explore the access at once." Cuilan smiled coldly, and instructed Qingfeng Li to get onto the iron chain.

The iron chain was as thick as a wrist, but no one knew whether it was sturdy or not. In the event that the chain turned rotted or loose, going onto it without careful consideration was very likely to result in falling down into the lava river below, which would absolutely lead to death. Qingfeng Li pretended to be scared and walked onto the iron chain bridge, trembling with fear and heading toward the opposite side.

Cuilan Tie stepped onto the iron chain bridge as well, following Qingfeng Li. When they were halfway there, a trace of murderous intent came into Cuilan Tie's eyes, and she suddenly kicked out her right foot towards Qingfeng, in the hope of kicking him into the lava river below and burning him to death.

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