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Chapter 740: A Fierce Battle with Jianlong Gu

Jianlong Gu starred at Qingfeng Li with a worried look, as he was reminded by Hell King that Qingfeng Li definitely had learnt a grandmaster-class cultivation technique.

In fact, Jianlong Gu did not know that Qingfeng Li's True Martial Emperor Technique was emperor-class, which was even more powerful than grandmaster-class ones. However, it was not a full version, as it was incomplete with only the first three stages left, making it roughly equivalent to a grandmaster technique. Even so, Qingfeng Li was unbeatable within the same realm, and his Red Fiery Sword Technique was a grandmaster-class martial arts skill. Ultimately, he was not afraid of Jianlong Gu.

"Qingfeng, I don't care what you have learnt. In the end, you must die today." Jiangong Gu smiled coldly, with obvious killing intent in his eyes.

Indeed, Qingfeng Li had learnt a grandmaster-class martial arts skill. As the young lord of the Gu Family, one of the four great families in Tianjing City, Jianlong Gu had learned a grandmaster-class martial arts skill as well, since the Patriarch of Gu Family was in the grandmaster realm.

Jianlong Gu had realized that the iron chain bridge could only withstand two persons and was the only access to the Elixir King Palace on the other side. In this case, Qingfeng was no longer useful, and must be killed.

"Clear Water One Sword." Jianlong Gu growled, and suddenly slashed out his Water Moon Sword, and the vital essence in his body condensed into another long sword that was like a white water blade, attacking Qingfeng Li at the same time.

Manifestation of vital essence?

At the sight of what had happened, the people around were all shocked. As one might know, the vital essence was stored inside the body

as human energy, which did not take visible shape or form. Only an extremely talented person who learned a grandmaster-class martial arts skill was able to manifest vital essence.

The fact that Jianlong Gu was able to turn his water-elemental vital essence into a water blade and use it to fight, had indicated that he was a genius and even a genius with rare talent.

"Do you think you're the only one who can manifest vital essence?" Qingfeng Li smiled emotionlessly with cold light flicking in his eyes. Now that the opponent used a martial arts skill, so would Qingfeng. He wanted to see which martial arts skill was stronger, the Sword King's or the Gu Family's.

"Red Fiery Blast." Qingfeng Li suddenly swung out the long sword in his right hand, which shot out a flash of red fire blade. The vital essence he cultivated was fire-related, as a result of which it was a fire blade after the manifestation.

The water blade of vital essence crashed into the fire blade of vital essence with a world-shaking loud noise. The damage caused by the two forces of energy was so serious that the lava river below rolled violently like a fire wave, and the iron chain bridge had begun shaking intensely with squeaking sounds.


Jianlong Gu backed up one pace while Qingfeng Li stayed still. In this collision of the grandmaster-class martial arts skill, Jianlong Gu looked inferior even though the vital essence strength of Jianlong Gu was higher than Qingfeng's by two stages. He actually lost to Qingfeng! Even though he only took one step back from the clash, that was still a sign of defeat.

Jianlong Gu was surprised and felt fortunate that Qingfeng Li's strength was lower than

than him, because if Qingfeng Li's strength was the same as his, then the blow of the sword would have killed him.

I can't let this guy live! I must kill him right away! Jianlong Gu thought siliently.

Jianlong Gu was very afraid of Qingfeng Li, as the latter was a monster. He still lost to Qingfeng Li even if his sword technique was the Gu Family's grandmaster-class martial arts skill.

"The Red Fiery Sword Technique is indeed awesome." At the sight of Jianlong Gu who was forced to step back by his sword, Qingfeng Li had a delighted look on his face. With the increase of his strength and vital essence, the power of the Red Fiery Sword Technique that Qingfeng Li could exert had become stronger.

Although the Gu Family of Tianjing City was powerful, they were still a bit inferior to the Sword King Wusuang Nie. After all, Wushuang Nie was regarded as the top master of the Sword Dao fifteen years ago, and none of the Sword Dao masters in Huaxia was able to fight against him.

"Kill." Jianlong Gu shouted with rage, slashing at Qingfeng with the Water Moon Sword once again. He had to kill Qingfeng Li today, the bastard could not leave alive, as the opponent was so talented that he felt scared.

"Kill." Qingfeng Li was full of murderous intent as well, and started to fight against the opponent with the Red Fiery Sword.


The Water Moon Sword and the Red Fiery Sword collided together many times. A fierce battle between the water-related vital essence and the fire-related, which were natural enemies to each other, occurred over the iron chain dangling over the lava river. For a while, the sword light flashed

light flashed around and vital essence flew out freely. The iron chain kept swinging, and the lava river below was boiling with waves of lava flying out several meters high.

The people on the river bank also kept stepping back. Both of them were so strong that the collisions of the grandmaster-class martial arts skills and weapons had torn up the air, and the immense force energy had made these people terrified.

Since Qingfeng broke through to the Higher Heaven mid-stage, his strength had increased a lot, so he could fight with Jianlong Gu equally without using his bloodline power.

Jianlong Gu would already have died if Qingfeng Li used his bloodline power, but Qingfeng Li would rather not use it because there was the sequelae of the bloodline power. Once he turns weak after killing Jianlong Gu, he would definitely be killed by the other people lying in wait, including both Hell King and Cold Blood.

Therefore, Qingfeng Li would not use his bloodline power unless he was in a life-threatening danger.

The Water Moon Sword and the Red Fiery Sword were both the grandmaster-class weapons, which kept clashing onto each other, spilling vital essence and disturbing the lava river.

The Water Moon Sword also had a great background as it was the weapon of Water Moon, the Elixir King's wife, who was not only a grandmaster but also a master of traps. Evidently, all the traps here were set up by Water Moon.

This place was not the tomb of only one grandmaster, but two grandmasters. The Water Moon Sword, as a grandmaster-class weapon, was very powerful as well and fortunately, Qingfeng Li had the Red Fiery Sword of Sword King Wushuang Nie. Otherwise he would have been in danger.

It costed a lot costed a lot of vital essence to fight. Although Qingfeng Li's strength was inferior to that of Jianlong Gu, there was an advantage of the True Martial Emperor Technique in that the vital essence could be constantly supplemented by absorbing the vital essence from the air at any time.

As a result, Qingfeng Li was more and more vigorous with an increasingly strong strength while Jianlong Gu was becoming sort of pale with a little sweat on his forehead. He was definitely starting to feel tired due to the huge depletion of his vital essence.


When it was the thirtieth movement, Qingfeng Li took advantage of Jianlong Gu being exhaust, and hacked his sword towards Jianlong Gu's arm, leaving him with a bleeding wound.

"Damn it, how could Qingfeng have so much vital essence. It feels like it hasn't depleted at all!" Facing Qingfeng Li who was becoming more and more energetic, Jianlong Gu paled with rage.

At this moment, even a fool would realize that Qingfeng Li's cultivation technique must be special and it could recover vital essence quickly.

Be merciless with bad guys even if they're down. At the sight of injuring Jianlong Gu, Qingfeng Li slashed his sword once again, with a touch of cruelty in his eyes. This time, he was aiming at Jianlong Gu's neck, as he intended to cut off his head.


Just then, a hidden weapon flew out from the other side of the lava river, shooting violently to Qingfeng Li's body.

"Fuck, how dare you sneak attack me?" Qingfeng Li's facial expression changed, and a touch of anger appeared in his eyes. It was Hell King who shot out the hidden weapon. At this critical moment, he unexpectedly attacked Qingfeng Li in a sneaky way.

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