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"Look, there's a tombstone here." All of a sudden, a surprised voice came in everyone's ears.

When hearing the words, all the people cheered up and looked toward the tombstone. There was a tombstone on the bank of the lava river, opposite to the palace.

The tombstone was black, three meters high, in a rectangular shape, and made of extraterrestrial meteorites. Its material was so special that it kept intact even if it stayed close to the lava of over one thousand degrees.

"I am Alchemy Grandmaster Yun Xiao, and people called me 'Elixir King Yun Xiao'. I devoted my entire lifetime to pursue alchemy, which helped me reach the peak of the grandmaster realm and dominate the world with my skill. I wondered if there is a higher realm above the grandmaster realm and I have never stopped seeking it, but my life is going to run out, and I am afraid I will not have the chance..."

"Here is the burial place of myself, the Elixir King. Across the lava river, in the palace ahead there lies the book in which I have written my knowledge: Alchemy of the Elixir King. In addition to that, there are some elixirs and grandmaster-tier martial arts skills as well."

"In my lifetime, I have climbed up to the peak of grandmaster realm. It is said that there is a higher realm above the grandmaster realm, but it is a pity that I could not see it. If someone who comes later happens to inherit my legacy and they manage to break through to the grandmaster realm someday, be sure to tell me so I can rest in peace. "

The inscription on the tombstone was very detailed, with an introduction of the tomb's owner and the stuff he left.

After reading tombstone, everyone was wearing a shocking face with their mouth open, preoccupied by what they had just seen.

"Elixir King Yun Xiao, it is unexpectedly the number one Alchemist in Huaxia from fifty years ago. That Yun Xiao!"

"Unbelievable, he was an incomparable Elixir King who was well-known for not only his outstanding alchemy skill, but also his strength in cultivation."

"Yes, I've even heard from my father that Yun Xiao was the top genius in Huaxia fifty years ago, with great talents in alchemy and martial arts."

With shock and admiration in their eyes, the people around were excited to discuss the tomb's owner. Since they were disciples of big family clans and big powers, they surely had heard of the name of Yun Xiao.

In Huaxia, apart from ancient martial arts, there was also alchemy. In ancient times, some Daoists served Emperors by providing elixirs and pills to them in order to increase their life spans, or making and extracting medicinal pills for disease treatment.

Even in modern society, the application of elixirs was very extensive, the most of which was used by traditional Chinese medicine. Most Chinese medicine pills could be put in the category of elixirs, such as the Six Flavor Rehmannia Pill, Waist and Muscle Strengthening Pill and so on.

The traditional medicine pills for the ordinary, of course, were different from those for martial warriors, and the latter's pills were made of precious herbs like ginseng, ganoderma, snow lotus and so on, collected by alchemists. The extracted pills contained vital essence that could help promote a martial warriors' strength.

In Huaxia, alchemists had very high status, and were the targets that many big powers competed for to chase and rope in. Alchemists were capable of making pills which could not only increase martial warriors' strength, but also prolong the life of some people, and thus were very popular. To become an alchemist, however, was extremely difficult, because the first requirement was to possess a compatible alchemy skill, and the second was to have talent in alchemy. There were very few people who met both requirements.

Take the Fiery Emperor Palace for example, there were alchemists there, but those were average and had a very long way to go to become alchemy grandmasters. Among the numerous disciples of the Fiery Emperor Palace, there were only three with genuine talent in alchemy, and Hei Qin was one of them. As the young lady of Fiery Emperor Palace, Xianzhi Qin was talented and smart, but she merely did well in martial arts instead of alchemy.

From the side of the lava river bank, the group of people could even see the elixirs and martial arts skills in the palace that was opposite to them. The elixirs were extracted by the Elixir King and the martial arts skills were for grandmasters. All of the people's eyes turned red, and they were very eager to fly past and grab those treasures.

Qingfeng Li's eyes turned red as well, because he saw a Black Crow Vine in the middle of the palace, which was placed on an alchemy furnace. Apparently the Elixir King intended to extract elixirs with it when he was still alive, but he did not finish it since he died.

"No wonder the Black Crow Vines appeared in the Grandmaster Tomb. It turned out to be the tomb of the Elixir King." Qingfeng Li nodded, suddenly enlightened.

To seek the Black Crow Vines, a kind of rare medicinal herb, Qingfeng Li had made every effort all over the country, ending up with nothing, as the Black Crow Vines had been extinct for fifty years. Therefore, Qingfeng Li did not believe it when Niching Luo told him that there could be Black Crow Vines in this Grandmaster Tomb. Now, he totally believed that the herb was definitely here, since it was the tomb of the Elixir King who had all of the herbs, even those being extinct in Huaxia.

Qingfeng Li also had never heard about the Elixir King, a dominant figure in Huaxia's alchemy field fifty years ago.

"Qingfeng Li, think about how to get there." Looking at Qingfeng Li, Jianlong Gu said with a faint smile.

The group of the people relied upon Qingfeng Li mostly to enter this Grandmaster Tomb. Since the first trap of stone gate and the second trap of arrows were figured out by Qingfeng Li, Jianlong Gu still wanted him to work out how to pass the lava river.

"The lava river is formed by the magma underneath the earth. I can't fix it, it won't go away automatically." Qingfeng Li said indifferently with a hint of impatience in his tone.

To be honest, even if he knew how to pass the third trap of the lava river, Qingfeng Li would not say it out either. On the other side of this lava river, the real tomb of Elixir King was just there with endless treasures in it, which Qingfeng Li did not want to miss.

The reason why Qingfeng Li entered the tomb with the group was that he wanted his enemies to kill each other, but he had not expected that Jianlong Gu, Cuilan Tie, Hell King and Cold Blood joined together to go against him, destroying his wishful thinking.

Qingfeng Li was not a fool, and he knew that he would get nothing if those people followed him to go across the lava river and rushed to grab the treasures. He would be done if people like Jianlong Gu found the Black Crow Vines.

"Qingfeng Li, I know you're knowledgeable in traps. Obviously, the Elixir King is a trap master and he set up lots of traps, so there must be some sort of mechanic system in the lava river. You go and find it out right away." Cuilan Tie smiled coldly, ordering Qingfeng with an arrogant look.

Due to the fact that her younger brother was killed by Qingfeng Li, Cuilan Tie had been resenting him for a long time, and she would have started a fight earlier if she had not wanted to get the treasures in the Grandmaster Tomb. Now that it was the last trap in the tomb, she turned nasty at last.

"Who do you think you are, daring to order me?" Qingfeng Li replied with a faint smile.

Even the people like Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin, were not qualified to order Qingfeng Li to do anything, let alone Cuilan Li. He only acted according to his own will, rather than anyone's order.

"Qingfeng Li, how dare you curse at me. You're going to die." Cuilan Tie smiled brutally with a touch of murderous intent appearing on her pretty face. She stepped forward, ready to start a fight with Qingfeng Li.

As the sect master's daughter of the Iron Fist sect, Cuilan Tie was very talented in cultivation and had reached the peak of the Higher Heaven realm. What Qingfeng Li said just now was right a provocation to her

"Cuilan, wait a moment, you can't kill Qingfeng Li now, as we are still relying on him to pass the third trap. We can kill him after passing the lava river." Jianlong Gu said, smiling slightly and stopping Cuilan Tie.

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