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Chapter 736: Underground Magma River

Tianhao Luo called out to Qingfeng Li asking him to help Family Luo. Casting him an indifferent glance, Qingfeng Li ignored him.

Qingfeng Li disliked Tianhao Luo in a very bad way and naturally would never help him.

"Ahh!" Tianhao Luo screamed. When he was calling to Qingfeng Li, Tianhao Luo was struck by a palm and blood was spat from his mouth.

In order to get Water Moon Sword, the rare grandmaster-grade weapon, everyone was trying their best, making the battle extremely fierce.

"Wolf King, you won't help the Luo Family?" Shiwei Guo asked with a frown.

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said, "Niching Luo is my friend and I will help her when she's in danger. As to the others, I don't care if they die or not."

At the same time the battle for Water Moon Sword had become even more horrifying with more than one dozen deaths from all forces including Family Luo and Fiery Emperor Palace while Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin were temporarily unscathed.


With Cuilan Tie blocking their enemies for him, Jianlong Gu leapt onto the stone platform at a startling speed and grabbed Water Moon Sword in his hand.

Seeing Jianlong Gu take the sword, Niching Luo, Xianzhi Qin, Baidao Jiang, and Yun Tang surrounded him, trying to take it from him.

But Jianlong Gu just laughed, saying, "Hell King, Cold blood, come help me!"

At his words, Hell King and Cold Blood rushed over

to join him. Including Cuilan Tie, they formed a group of four strong fighters, looking coldly at Niching Luo and others on the opposite side.

"Jianlong Gu, as a member of Family Gu from Tianjing City, how could you collude with Ghost King Palace and Crimson Blood sect. Do you still call yourself an orthodox?" A flash of fury appeared on Niching Luo's face, her voice full of challenge.

There was nothing wrong to fight each other for Water Moon Sword, the highly tempting grandmaster-grade weapon, and so was the partnership between Jianlong Gu and Iron Fist sect since they were both orthodox forces. However, with their evil reputations, Ghost King Palace and Crimson Blood sect were regarded as the unorthodox forces.

With a chilling sneer, Jianglong Gu said, "The winner takes all. You can come fight me if you don't like it."

At Jianglong Gu's shameless answer, Niching Luo's face darkened with fury. However, with Cuilan Tie, Hell King and Cold Blood joining Jianlong Gu, she was afraid that she couldn't fight them all.

With Water Moon Sword in his hand, Jianlong Gu infused vital essence into the weapon which immediately emitted a streak of silver light. The sword was so sharp that it cut a deep groove in the ground.

"What an amazing sword! No wonder it is a grandmaster-grade weapon." Hell King complimented with a smile.

A flash of heat appeared in Cold Blood's eyes. His father possessed a

a grandmaster-grade weapon while he had none even though he ranked the first place on the Higher Heaven List.

"Hell King, Cold Blood, the next treasures we find will be yours." Jianlong Gu smiled.

The truth was, before entering the tomb, Jianlong Gu had secretly reached an agreement with Hell King and Cold Blood that the first treasure would belong to any of them who grabbed it first and the treasures found after would go to the other party.

The partnership among Family Gu, Iron Fist sect, Ghost King Palace and Crimson Blood sect was super powerful and forced even Xianzhi Qin of the Fiery Emperor Palace to back off temporarily, not to mention the Luo Family.

Qingfeng Li narrowed his eyes in which a flash chilling light glinted. He had planned for his enemies to kill each other but he had never expected that they would have formed a partnership in secret.

Though some members of each force had died in the fight for Water Moon Sword but they were just subordinates while the masters remained intact, which gave Qingfeng Li no satisfaction. But he had no choice but to wait for the right time to kill his enemies.

Though everyone still coveted for Water Moon Sword that was now in the possession of Jianlong Gu, they decided to stop the fight since they could not defeat the many forces partnering with Jianlong Gu. 

"Qingfeng Li, why didn't you rescue us when

us when I called for you to help members of Family Luo?" Tianhao Luo walked over to Qingfeng Li and questioned him.

 "I only help Miss Niching Luo. I don't care a sh*t for everyone else." Smiling coldly, Qingfeng Li looked at Tianhao Luo with disdain.

"You, you, you…" Pointing at Qingfeng Li, Tianhao Luo's eyes were full of fury.

He thought Qingeng Li was too wild and arrogant. It was the Luo Family that had taken Qingfeng Li to the grandmaster's tomb and he should have refused to lend a helping hand when they were in danger.

With a sign, Niching Luo said, "Stop it, Tianhao Luo. I did take Qingfeng Li here but he has no duty to rescue you."

With two family members dead, Niching Luo was in a bad mood but she didn't think it right to blame Qingfeng Li since she knew that his only purpose here was to look for Black Crow Vine.

They continued forward after Water Moon Sword was taken. The dead bodies were left behind and no one gave them a thought.

After they left, a mysterious figure all covered in a red robe appeared from thin air.

The red-robed figure came to the bodies and opened its mouth, sucking their blood dry. These bodies soon became horrible mummies.

"Heihei, the fresh blood is so delicious." Looking in the direction of the group of people who had just left, the red-robed figure disappeared in the tunnel with the tunnel with a chilling blood-thirsty snicker.

Blessed with very acute hearing, Qingfeng Li seemed to have heard something behind, but when he stopped the sound disappeared.

"Wolf King, why did you stop?" Bafflement in her charming face, Niching Luo thought Qingfeng Li had found another trap.

He shook his head and said, "It was nothing. Let's continue."

Qingfeng Li glanced behind him and saw nothing but darkness in the tunnel. But he had the uneasy feeling that a pair of eyes were lucking there watching him.

The tunnel of the underground tomb was very large and at least 1,000 meters very deep. One hour later, Qingfeng Li led the others to the very end of the tunnel.

Before them was a huge round palace with an area of about 1,000 square meters and a dozen or so rooms all built with black marble.

However, there lay between the tunnel and the palace a giant magna river, red hot lava bubbling with a temperature as high as over 1,000 degrees.

Underground lava river?

Everyone froze with astonishment. They had known the grandmaster tomb was not a simple place but they had never imagined that the super grandmaster was buried at the underground magna river.

Looking down from the rock he stood on at the moving magna and feeling the fiery heat, Qingfeng Li's eyes flashed with astonishment.

He had now understood that the grandmaster buried here was not an ordinary one of his kind, but a super grandmaster.

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