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Chapter 735
Chapter 735: A Grandmaster-tier Weapon

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After Qingfeng Li, Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin had successfully passed the second trap, the others also used the method illustrated by the leaping rabbit in the picture and passed it too.

After everyone passed the second trap, they saw Qingfeng Li in a new light.

If it had been only luck that allowed Qingfeng Li tp open the door at the first trap, passing the second trap was not so simple as being lucky. It was a sign of his abilities and knowledge in the art of traps.

All of them, even his enemies, looked at Qingfeng Li with feverish eyes.

Yes, they wanted to get revenge on Qingfeng Li by killing him but the treasures in the grandmaster's tomb were more tempting. They wouldn't try to kill him before they got their hands on the treasures.

They would definitely kill Qingfeng Li because he was so powerful that many people began feeling threatened.

Seeing the following group, Qingfeng Li smiled faintly. He had too many enemies to kill one by one and that was why he led all these people into the grandmaster's tomb.

He knew the tomb was full of dangers and traps which would become his weapons to kill them.

They regarded Qingfeng Li as their prey, intending to kill him after using him, totally unaware that Qingfeng Li had the same scheme.

Though walking together in

the tunnel, they were plotting against each other.

Since Qingfeng Li knew the arts of traps, he walked in the front of the group, with Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin flanking him and the others following.

After over 100 meters into the tunnel, there appeared a huge black marble platform about 2 meters high upon which laid a silver-colored long sword with a pattern of stars engraved on it. It was apparently not an ordinary sword.

"The Water Moon Sword is a grandmaster-grade weapon?!" Xianzhi Qin uttered an exclamation.

The weapons were divided into many grades including Lower Heaven weapons, Higher Heaven weapons, and grandmaster weapons. The higher grade the weapon was, the more powerful it was, and Water Moon Sword was a grandmaster-grade weapon.

At Xianzhi Qin's exclamation, everyone looked at the marble platform with fever in their eyes. Being Higher Heaven masters, most of them only had Higher Heaven-grade weapons, none of them possessing a grandmaster-grade weapon.

Oh, only one of them had a grandmaster-grade weapon and it was Qingfeng Li whose Red Fiery Sword had been concealed by him from view.

The people inside the grandmaster's tomb came from different big families of Ancient Martial Arts in Huaxia. Besides great strength, they possessed powerful background and naturally knew what a grandmaster-grade weapon represented.

Beneath the marble platform there engraved a line of small characters which said, "Congratulations on passing the second trap! The Water

Water Moon Sword is your reward."

Seeing the words, everyone's eyes were red with greed. Water Moon Sword was a famous weapon in Huaxia which had belong to a grandmaster fifty year before.

"Wolf King, we must take the Water Moon Sword." Xianzhi Qin's face was feverish red.

Qingfeng Li shook his head, "I am not interested in it. If you want it, you take it."

Though a very powerful grandmaster-grade weapon, Water Moon Sword was not useful to Qingfeng Li who had already had a grandmaster-grade weapon---Red Fiery Sword. Besides, he was practicing the Fire-type Sword Techniques while by its name he knew Water Moon Sword was evidently a Water-type weapon which would be useless to him even he could have it.

More importantly, with so many people coveting for the sword, a fierce fight was inevitable and some of them could die here. After all, a grandmaster-grade weapon was too much a temptation for them to pass it by.

Most of the people here were Qingfeng Li's enemies and Qingfeng Li would like to see them fight each other for Water Moon Sword.

His goal was not Water Moon Sword, but Black Crow Vine for which Qingfeng Li would fight with his life in order to save Xue Lin.

Xianzhi Qin and Niching Luo was astonished when Qingfeng Li gave up the fight for Water Moon Sword which was after all a grandmaster-grade weapon used only

used only by a grandmaster.

"Junior sister, since Qingfeng Li doesn't want the sword, let's go get it." Glancing at Qingfeng Li, Dong Qin thought him a coward to give up the fight for Water Moon Sword.

Tianhao Luo, too, was urging, "Cousin, we must move now or it will be taken by others."

As the closest followers of Qingfeng Li, Xianzhi Qin and Niching Luo had been walking ahead of others thus were the closest persons to Water Moon Sword. They made a dash for the sword.

Seeing them dash for the sword, the others were afraid to be left behind and also dashed to the platform.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Drawn by the great temptation of the grandmaster-grade weapon, they began to fight each other in front of Water Moon Sword. With Jianlong Gu and Cuilan Tie in one group, Baidao Jiang and Yun Tang in the second group, Hell King and Cold Blood in the third group, the killer camp coach Duluth in the fourth group, and Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin forming a temporary fifth group, each group was fiercely fighting all the other groups.

Qingfeng Li had stepped aside and quietly watched the battle.

"Wolf King, why don't you go fight for Water Moon Sword which is, after all, a grandmaster-grade weapon?" Shiwei Guo walked over to Qingfeng Li and asked in surprise.

As a friend of the Wolf King, Shiwei Guo knew Qingfeng Li's personality. Qingfeng Li's personality. As the leader of the Wolf Fang team, Qingfeng Li had fought for any treasure he saw but now he stayed behind when such a powerful treasure just stood before his eyes.

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly, "I am interested in nothing but the Black Crow Vine."

Tempting as the grandmaster-grade weapon was, Qingfeng Li wouldn't join the fight since he was reserving his strength for the battle for Black Crow Vine.

"Wolf King, I do admire you. In your heart, your wife Xue Lin is more important than a grandmaster-grade weapon." Shiwei Guo smiled, his eyes full of approval and appreciation for Qingfeng Li.

No one but Shiwei Guo knew that the reason Qingfeng Li came to the tomb was to find the Black Crow Vine to save Xue Lin.

Those who could enter the tomb were all Higher Heaven masters and so were the subordinates they brought. The battle among them was thus extremely fierce.

Shortly some subordinates of the big families and forces began to die and their blood splashed all over the tunnel.

As far as Qingfeng Li could see, some members of the Gu, Jiang and Tang and families had died while the Luo Family and Fiery Emperor Palace were temporarily intact but with some of them injured.

"Qingfeng Li, you came with our Luo Family. Hurry over and help us!" Tianhao Luo looked toward Qingfeng Li and yelled.

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