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Chapter 734: The Traps in the Tomb

Everyone around him changed expressions when Baidao Jiang was shot by the arrows. They knew Baidao Jiang's tremendous strength since he was the absolute master ranking in the top three of the Higher Heaven ranking list.

But even one the top three masters was shot by the arrows, which demonstrated the power of the trap, it was obvious that there were more traps waiting for them and the dense arrow rain was just a beginning.

The arrow injury Baidao Jiang received was not a fatal one. Other members of the Jiang Family rushed over and carried him to the back for treatment.

It was lucky for him that the arrow point was not poisonous. Otherwise, Baidao Jiang would have died.

After spending great efforts to open the stone door and just entering the tunnel, they had not expected to be blocked so soon. There were small holes in both sides of the tunnel ahead and the arrows had been shot from inside of them 

"I will have a try." With a faint smile, Jianlong Gu walked forward, trying to test the power of the trap.

"Jianlong, be careful!" Cuilan Tie called from behind, showing their intimacy by calling him by his given name.

Jianlong Gu gave her a small smile to assure her. He walked cautiously forward while the people behind him watched wide-eyed.


Jianlong Gu walked only several steps when countless

arrows shot out from both sides of the tunnel, forming a dense waterfall of arrows rushing toward Jianlong Gu.


Jianlong Gu drew his long sword and swung outward in a circle of huge sword light, sending all the arrows flying.

He was lucky that he was only at the outer edge of the tunnel so the arrows didn't cause him great damage.

Baidao Jiang was wounded by the arrows due to his rashness. He just charged into the tunnel and didn't have time to react when the arrows shot out suddenly.

"There are too many arrows to force our way in." Jianlong Gu retreated with an ashen face.

The tunnel ahead ran about scores of meters long. With the hundreds of arrows shooting at once whenever one stepped inside the tunnel, it was impossible to pass it unscathed.

Jianlong Gu could have forced his way into the tunnel at the price of getting hurt. But it would be very dangerous for him if there were more traps waiting for him along the way.

After Jianlong Gu, Cuilan Tie, Hell King, Cold Blood and Duluth all went forward to test the trap they were all forced back by the arrows.

Even Niching Luo, Xianzhi Qin, Dong Qin and Tianhao Luo went forward to try their luck but the results were the same.

There were so many arrows that they seemed endless. As soon as they

they came close to the tunnel, the thick wall of arrows would shoot out. It was impossible to pass without getting injured.

At this moment, the young geniuses were filled with the frustration of the setback. They were the blessed powerful masters but couldn't even overcome a trap in a grandmaster's tomb.

Now they had a demonstration of the great power of a grandmaster who could easily block them even at death

What was a grandmaster? A grandmaster was a person who had reached the very limit of a certain field. A boxing grandmaster reached the limit of fist arts and a sword grandmaster touched the highest point of sword arts. Since the place was equipped with so many traps, was it possible that the owner had been a grandmaster of traps?

All of them cast their glances at Qingfeng Li who was startled by their attention, saying, "Hey! Why are you all looking at me? I am sure I have nothing on my face."

Qingfeng Li felt it was quite creepy with so many people staring at him while at the same time he was a bit fearful that he would be assaulted by all these people together. Of course, he would be dead meat if that was the case.

But reason told him it was impossible. Though he had many enemies, he had also friends such as Niching Luo, Xianzhi

Luo, Xianzhi Qin and Shiwei Guo.

"Qingfeng Li, can you pass this trap?" Niching Luo asked suddenly.

Qingfeng Li's enemies naturally wouldn't ask him the question. Niching Luo as a friend who invited him to the tomb did the asking.

With a slight smile, Qingfeng Li said, "I'll give it a try."

When he was little, Qingfeng Li had studied the art of traps for a while from his master and so they were nothing new to him.

He didn't venture forward since the tunnel was guarded by the arrows. He looked toward the walls at both sides of the tunnel.

The walls were engraved with all kinds of images, including animals, beasts and humans.

Along the direction of Qingfeng Li's glance, the others also noticed the pictures which they had neglected during their attempts to rush into the tunnel.

They found the pictures quite vivid but nothing else.

Qingfeng Li had a different way of observing the pictures, which was putting himself into the scenes engraved on the wall. In the picture, a group of men were hunting with arrows with a rabbit running and leaping continuously ahead of them and thus successfully dodging the countless arrows.

Qingfeng Li's eyes lit up since he had discovered that the line along which the rabbit leapt was the safe route.

"Miss Luo, Young Mistress Qin, you follow me." Qingfeng Li smiled with confidence because he had found the secret.

Niching Luo the secret.

Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin were very pleased since they both trusted him.

Along the route of the rabbit, Qingfeng Li began to leap forward in the tunnel. Yes, he leaped with both feet instead of the usual walking.

In the ground of the tunnel which ran for scores of meters, there were square rocks in the pattern of 3×3 grid. As long as they followed a certain route and leapt on the right square rocks, they would find the way through.

"One forward to three, two back to four, five forward to seven, six back to eight, eight forward to nine." Muttering to himself, Qingfeng Li leapt along the route of the rabbit and reached the other end of the tunnel.

While he leapt, no arrows shot out of the walls. He had passed successfully.

Followed by others, Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin copied Qingfeng Li and landed to safety.

After passing the second trap without injury, Niching Li's face lit up, eyes full of amazement at Qingfeng Li.

This amazing man was a miracle maker who could easily pass the second trap that had defeated all others.

While Niching was filled with admiration of Qingfeng Li, Xianzhi Qin also cast a charming glance at Qingfeng Li, unnamed feelings showing in her beautiful eyes.

Seeing the admiring glances at Qingfeng Li from the two beauties, both Tianhao Luo and Dong Qin frowned with displeasure.

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