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Chapter 725: Splashing Someone with Red Wine

Niching Luo, as Tianjin City's top beauty and a member of one of the Big Four family clans, was very popular at the dinner party. Many people were fighting to greet her and wanting to be close with her.

When everyone saw Qingfeng Li beside Niching Luo, their faces changed because of Niching Luo's nicknamed "Thorny Rose". She never had a boyfriend in Tianjing city and would not be seen traveling with any men. Qingfeng Li was the first exception.

The first person to walk with this beauty, Niching Luo, would be envied by all men.

One should know, even the young master of one of the Four Ancient Martial Art clan, Jianlong Gu was not eligible to walk beside Niching Luo. We can see how picky Niching Luo was.

Qingfeng Li was the only male companion to walk beside Niching Luo. This drew most of the attention in the crowd, of course, most of these eyes were full of jealousy and hostility.

As a beautiful woman, Niching Luo was the object of love considered by many people. She was their goddess. Even if she was unattainable, they could not let others get her. With the appearance of Qingfeng Li, the first man to walk beside Niching Luo, a lot of people decided that Qingfeng must be dealt with.

Men always focused on the beautiful women, especially Niching Luo, Tianjing City's top beauty. She was definitely the center of attention.

Qingfeng Li naturally felt all the hostility from around him. He also knew why, because he was with Niching Luo today. He didn't mind the hostility because

he needed this woman for his venture into the Grandmaster's Tomb.

Qingfeng Li took a glass of red wine and went aside. He did not want to take care of these people, because there was no point and no meaning. These people may be very famous in Tianjing city, and have hundreds of billions, or even trillion in assets, but to Qingfeng Li, all of this meant nothing.

Money meant nothing to Qingfeng Li. In terms of strength, Qingfeng Li was absolutely invincible as long as they are not in the grandmaster realm. There was no need to care about what these people think.

Qingfeng Li did not want to deal with this group of people at the reception. But there were always people looking at him looking for trouble. A youth with a buzzcut and a jade ring on this thumb and a Patek Philippe watch came with a proud face.

"Little Boy, what is the relationship between you and Niching Luo?" The youth with the buzzcut had an arrogant tone in his voice. His tone sounded like everyone else was trash compared to him, which annoyed Qingfeng Li a bit.

Qingfeng Li stood aside, carefully tasting the red wine in his hand and ignoring this guy.

He saw that Qingfeng Li had ignored him, which made him very angry. He felt as if his own dignity was challenged. To him, this was definitely a provocation. His blood pressure rose and his heart's burned with anger.

"Little boy, I am talking to you, are you deaf?" The youth buzzcut was no longer arrogant, but angry instead. He spoke

spoke very loudly and the crowd around had their attentions drawn over by him.

Those who heard the angry voice, focused their attention on the two with eyes of disapproval.

At the cocktail party, fights for women occured from time to time, and these people were happy to see this kind of thing. It was just fun to watch, and no one went up to stop the fights.

"Wow, did you see that. It was Young Master of Tianjing city's 10th largest family clan."

"Yes, Dong Zhang Young Master has always liked Niching Luo. This Qingfeng Li is in danger."

"Speaking of which I have never heard of Qingfeng Li. He dared to walk beside Niching Luo, isn't he looking for a beating?"

"I dare say that Dong Zhang Young Master will deal with Qingfeng Li for sure."

The people around were all chatting, their eyes full of ridicule.

Jianlong Gu was on the other side. Looking at the situation here, he smirked. He had wanted to give trouble to Qingfeng Li personally, but now someone is doing his dirty work for him, he was also happy to see it.

Not far away, Niching Luo was drinking wine and chatting with another woman.

The woman's face was charming, pale-skinned. Her nose was tall, eyes were bright, truly a beauty. She was wearing a white dress, which gracefully wrapped her elegant body making her even more attractive.

"Niching Luo, the man you brought in is in trouble. Are you not going to help him?" The white dress woman laughed and said.

Niching Luo shook her head and said, "Yun Tang, you do not have to worry

to worry about it, Dong Zhang is just a clown. I believe in Qingfeng Li, he can handle this."

Upon hearing that, Yun Tang smiled, revealing her glamorous smile. Her eyes showed a sense of awkwardness.

"Yun Tang, the Grandmaster's Tomb will open tomorrow, let's team up together." said Niching Luo looking at the women around her.

Yun Tang's status was not simple. She was also someone of the four major family clans in Tianjing city. She was the Tang's family eldest daughter. Just like Niching Luo, both of them were women, so Niching Luo wanted to cooperate with her.

The Grandmaster's Tomb contained a lot of treasure, but there were also many strong individuals within. Niching Luo does not consider herself invincible, so looking for a partner will increase her chance of success.

"Niching Luo, you would like to cooperate with me, but how do you want to split the treasure?"

"Very simple, half-half, what do you think?"

"Very well, I will cooperate with you." Yun Tang smiled and promised to cooperate with Niching Luo.

After, the two women's eyes focused on Qingfeng Li. Niching Luo wanted to see how Qingfeng Li will handle this matter. Yun Tang is curious about Qingfeng Li. After all, to be able to stand beside Niching Luo, he must be someone extraordinary.

"Little Boy, I'll warn you now, stay away from Niching Luo from now on, or else I will make sure that you will die." Dong Zhang threatened Qingfeng Li as he smiled with a glass of red wine.

Threaten me?

Qingfeng Li frowned, his eyes looked cold. I do not know of any Dong Zhang. any Dong Zhang. He had committed the taboo towards Qingfeng Li, which was threatening them. Qingfeng Li hated to be threatened by others.

"F*ck off!" Qingfeng Li spit these words out with a cold and harsh voice.

After hearing Qingfeng Li telling Dong Zhang to scram, people were shocked. Their eyes full of disbelief.

Who was Dong Zhang? He was a Young Masters from Tianjing city's top ten family clans. This clan's net worth was in the hundreds of billions. He was the second generation of this super rich family, truly amazing.

In Tianjing city, only the four Ancient Martial Arts clan people could tell him to scram. No one else was qualified to say this to him. Qingfeng Li even dared to directly swear at Dong Zhang, telling him to f*ck off.

Have to say, Qingfeng Li's courage had shocked everyone. They all cast a surprised look on their face.

"Little Boy, you dare to scold me?"


"Little Boy, you are ruthless, I am going to splash this glass of red wine on you." Dong Zhang's face was furious. He felt insulted, holding the glass of wine and spilled it towards Qingfeng Li.

Dong Zhang was very angry, he wanted to splash the red wine onto Qingfeng Li to shame him.

Looking at the wine that Dong Zhang was hurling towards him, Qingfeng Li moved in a flash and avoided it.


Qingfeng Li picked up the wine flying towards him with his glass and redirected it onto Dong Zhang's face instead, causing the red wine to flow down his head. The flow of the red wine made his body looked like a drowned chicken.

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