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There was a youth dressed in white following behind Baidao Jiang. He was handsome and stood very tall. His eyebrows were sharp like a sword and his eyes were like dazzling stars. When he saw Niching Luo, his eyes burned with a passion.

"Niching, long time no see! Did you miss me?" The youth dressed in white walked around Niching Luo, and said elegantly.

The young man was really attractive, not only handsome but also very gentleman-like. If it was any average woman, she would have long been fascinated by the appearance of this youth, but Niching Luo was not an average woman. Naturally, this didn't affect her.

"Jianlong Gu, my name is Niching Luo, not Niching. You are as disgusting as ever. How could I miss you." said Niching Luo said in disgust. One could tell Niching Luo didn't like this youth. Her tone was very bad and on the verge of snapping.

Jianlong Gu's faced changed. Apparently, he did not think Niching Luo would scold him in front of so many people. Niching Luo lived up to the name "Tianjing City's Thorny Rose". But this made Jianlong Gu even more enticed. There was an urge to conquer this "Thorny Rose".

Jianlong Gu was the young master of one of the four major family clans of Tianjing city. He had seen many beauties, but none of them were as beautiful as Niching Luo. He was especially attracted by Niching Luo's hot temper. The more she ignored him, the more excited he got.

At this time, Jianlong Gu saw Niching Luo beside of Qingfeng Li. He said, "Who are you, little boy? How dare you stand beside Niching Luo."

Innocently, Qingfeng Li just rolled his eyes, and was speechless. He just followed Niching Luo to attend this banquet. Suddenly, some guy was picking a fight with him. Did JiangLong think he was easy to pick on?

"Whether I stand beside Niching Luo or not has nothing to do with you." Qingfeng Li smiled. A one phrase comeback was enough to get back at Jianlong Gu.

Jianlong Gu's face changed. Getting scolded by Niching Luo was one story, but being scolded by Qingfeng Li was another. After all, he fancied Niching Luo, so even if she scolded him, he would've enjoyed it. But being scolded by Qingfeng Li made him very upset.

"Boy, are you looking for a beating." Jianlong Gu said with a cold smile. Taking a step forward, he got ready to fight.

Niching Luo frowned, stepping in front and saying, "Jianlong Gu, today is the Tianjing City Young Master gathering. Fighting is forbidden, what are you trying to do?"

Seeing Niching Luo in front of Qingfeng Li, Jianlong Gu's face changed. There was fire in his eyes. He gave Qingfeng Li a cold look, and then turned into the Tianjing Skyscrapers.

Baidao Jiang also looked coldly at Qingfeng Li, and entered the building together with Jianlong Gu.

"Miss Luo, is Jianlong Gu chasing after you?" said Qingfeng Li with an eyebrow flash.

Niching Luo nodded and said, "Jianlong Gu is the Gu family's young master, and the Gu Family is also one of the four main clans of Tianjing City. His abilities are very considerable. This person must've kept his strength a secret because he is not on the Higher Heaven ranking list.

Qingfeng Li nodded, as he had just now felt a strong aura coming from Jianlong Gu. This powerful aura was not weaker than Baidao Jiang.

The Higher Heaven ranking list was a list of top-tier martial artists who are in the realm of the Higher Heaven. Some very powerful people may choose to hide their skills, and not be on the list. Just because you were not on the list, didn't mean you weren't strong.

Tianjing City is one of the four super cities of Huaxia. There were numerous Martial Arts clans and masters within. Especially the four ancient martial arts clan. Each of them were very powerful.

Although these four ancient martial arts clan were powerful, Qingfeng Li thought nothing of them. As long as they didn't mess with him, he was cool with them. But if they messed with him, he would punish them without hesitation

"Let's go, I'll introduce you to some of the top figures in Tianjing city." Niching Luo said with a smile. Holding Qingfeng Li's arm, she entered the Tianjing Skyscraper.

The reception was held on the 138th floor of the Tianjing Skyscraper. It was actually located as high as the clouds. Looking outside, you could even see the clouds in the sky as if you were in heaven.

The hall decoration was very beautiful, everything was made of white crystal.

"Miss Luo, we have to enter the grandmaster tomb tomorrow, shouldn't we go prepare? Why are we at this banquet?" Qingfeng Li said to Niching Luo in a corner.

Niching Luo smile gently and said, "Wolf King, you may not know, but the information about the Grandmaster Tomb has been exposed. Now that the Tianjing City's Four ancient martial families and even some martial arts clan have gathered here to discuss it. This banquet is a means to combine our strengths."

Hearing the words of Niching Luo, Qingfeng Li was in a shock. He obviously did not know that the news of Grandmaster Tomb was leaked. All of these people in this banquet knew about the tomb.

Qingfeng Li frowned, he was a little concerned. He was going into the Grandmaster Tomb to get Black Crow Vines. Now that many masters and experts knew about Grandmaster Tomb, the competition will be intense.

There were many competitors. Most of whom were enemies. He needed to get familiar with these enemies.

Looking away, he saw some people at the reception that are really strong. Most of them are Misses and Young Master of Tianjing city clan family, like Jianlong Gu who was drinking with Baidao Jiang. The two were having an intimate conversation, obviously coming to some kind of agreement.

"Jianlong Gu, Grandmaster Tomb will open tomorrow, let's both go together." Baidao Jiang said quietly with a glass of red wine in his hand.

Jianlong Gu's handsome face smile gently and said, "Baidao Jiang, you hold one of the top positions on Higher Heaven ranking list. You were always above the rest, why do you want to team up with me this time?

Baidao Jiang shook his head and put his glass down and said, "Because of Qingfeng Li, the man Niching Luo brought. He is extremely powerful, beyond your imagination."

"Oh, Baidao Jiang, is there something wrong with your brain. This Qingfeng Li that I have observed is just in the Higher Heaven state early-stage. I can beat him with one hand." Jianlong Gu said with a cold smile, his eyes full disdain.

The strength of Jianlong was ridiculous, as he was in the Higher Heaven peak stage. In the Higher Heaven level, there was rarely anyone that could rival him. When he heard that Baidao Jiang said Qingfeng Li was powerful, he couldn't accept it and scoffed.

"Jianlong Gu, I just want to remind you that Qingfeng Li's true strength is different from your first impression. He is not as simple as you think, so don't judge a book by its cover." Baidao Jiang warned Jianlong Gu. Although Jianlong Gu didn't think so, Baidao Jiang still reminded him.

"Baidao Jiang, your balls are getting smaller and smaller these days. I will not join hands with you." Jianlong Gu said with a cool smile, and started to leave.

Jianlong Gu was a Young Master of an Ancient Martial Arts clan, powerful and proud. If Qingfeng Li was on the top of the Higher Heaven ranking list like Cold Blood, he may join hands with Baidao Jiang. He felt that a simple person like Qingfeng Li could simply be disregarded.

"Dumbass, if you underestimate Qingfeng Li, you will pay a heavy price." the arrogant Jianlong Gu looked away as Baidao Jiang cursed him.

Originally, Baidao Jiang wanted to tell him that even Cold Blood, the No. 1 on the Higher Heaven ranking list was defeated by Qingfeng Li, but Baidao Jiang did not bother to tell him that since Jianlong Gu was such a cocky prick.

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