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"Motherf*cker, how dare you spill red wine on me?" scolded Dong Zhang, his body was covered with red wine.

Dong Zhang was feeling too embarrassed today. No matter what, he was a young master of the top ten family clans in Tianjing City, but now an outsider dared to splash red wine on him. How dare Qingfeng Li make fun of him in front of everyone.

You dare to mention my mom?!

Qingfeng Li smiled coldly. Raising his right hand, he slapped Dong Zhang on the face.


A very crisp sound came from Dong Zhang's face, and a bright red handprint appeared on Dong Zhang's face. His face instantly started swelling because Qingfeng Li slapped him so hard that his teeth came out.

He was completely dumbfounded.

Dong Zhang was completely dumbfounded. I am the young master of a clan with hundreds of billions of assets. An outsider like you dares to hit me?

"I'll f*ck your mom ... ..." Dong Zhang breathed heavily, but continue to scold.

~Slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap...

Qingfeng Li was really angry this time. Dong Zhang was really looking for his death. Cursing Qingfeng Li one time after another. He was really messing with himself.

Qingfeng Li raised his palm again, and slapped Dong Zhang's face a few dozen times. Both sides of his face had become swollen like a pig. It was a huge swollen mess and a few teeth had flown off.

At the end, Qingfeng Li slapped Dong Zhang onto the ground and coldly said, "Will you still curse me?"

"No, no, I won't curse you anymore. Please don't hit my face again." Dong cried. The arrogance in his voice disappear, replaced by fear. He was truly terrified.

The young man standing in front was truly a fiend, too scary. He ended his verbal argument with violence only.

Dong Zhang knew that if he didn't submit, this young man would slap him to death. As for those around them, they just couldn't help themselves but laugh.

"Then give me an apology." Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and said in a cold voice.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I will not curse you anymore." Dong Zhang's head was down. Although he still couldn't speak clearly, he stilled apologize.

This was the first time Dong Zhang apologized. Although he didn't mean it, he still apologized, because he didn't want to get slapped to death.

After hearing his apology, Qingfeng Li said to him coldly, "F*ck off."

His tone was full of disdain.

Dong Zhang got up and quickly left. The young man in front of Dong Zhang was too terrifying. However, when he left, his heart was full of anger. He had already thought of a way to get back at Qingfeng Li.

"Niching Luo, this man you have brought here is too irrational. He easily let his words turn into action." Apparently, Yun Tang was shocked by the behavior of Qingfeng Li. She said this in a disapproving tone.

One should know, this banquet was a gathering place for Young Masters in Tianjing city. It was a renowned and famous gathering.

Everyone here was from a big clan. Under normal circumstances, there should not be any violence, even if an outsider was involved.

However, Qingfeng Li is different. From his perspective, if someone dared to curse him, even if it was a banquet, there was only word to respond with: Fight!

Because of Qingfeng Li's domineering aura and his tendency to ignore proper etiquette at a banquet, no one dared to approach him. People didn't want to get hit on the face so they avoided trouble with him. They didn't want to become the second Dong Zhang, so Qingfeng Li was finally able to get some peace.

"Wolf King, let me introduce you, this is Yun Tang, the young lady of the Tang family, one of the Four big martial art families in Tianjing." Niching Luo went over to Qingfeng Li's side to introduce Yun Tang.

Although he did not know why Niching Luo introduced him to this woman, he still extended his hand and politely said, "Hello, I am Qingfeng Li."

However, after seeing Qingfeng Li's frustration, Yun Tang didn't want to shake his hands and just gave a cool look.

"Wolf King, this name is a bit domineering, and you beat people in a banquet. That is not right." Yun Tang said with a slight frowning tone. Her tone had a trace of accusation.

Qingfeng Li felt uncomfortable, I took my hands out to greet you, and you ignored it. I respected you, you cocky sassy bitch. Is everyone in Tianjing city like this, thinking they are all big shots.

Pretty much everyone except for Niching Luo was like this. Although this woman was also a big Miss of Tianjing city, her attitude towards Qingfeng Li was much better.

Since Yun Tang didn't shake his hand. Qingfeng Li does not want to deal with this woman and took his hand back.

As Yun Tang said he was causing a scene at the banquet, Qingfeng Li responded, "That Dong Zhang splashed red wine at me, then cursed me. So I ended up slapping the sh*t out of him, that's what happened."

Yun Tang's reaction changed. She did not expect this Qingfeng Li dare to refute her. Her charming face immediately turned angry.

"Wolf King, Dong Zhang is my cousin, and this red wine party is organized by me. Not only did you hit my cousin, but you also damaged my reputation at this gathering. You tell me whether I should teach you a lesson." Yun Tang said with a cold smile and a very unhappy tone.

"Teach me a lesson? Take a look at yourself, you think you have the right and ability to teach me a lesson?" Qingfeng Li smiled coldly, satirizing her.

Qingfeng Li was actually very approachable, if you didn't mess with him, then he wouldn't mess with you. But if you mess with him, he will mess with you for sure. If you are nice to him, he will be nice to you. If you are mean to him, he will be mean to you.

If this Yun Tang and Qingfeng Li had a nice conversation, he wouldn't be angry. She didn't shake his hand and wanted to teach him a lesson. She really thought she was a big shot.

Even when Miss Xianzhi Qin from Fiery Emperor Palace met Qingfeng Li, she did not dare to speak to him this way.

"Wolf King, don't think that just because you are a friend of Niching Luo I can't touch you. If you anger me, you will not live to see another sunrise." Yun Tang said with a cold smile. Her tone had a trace of threat.

Hearing the threat of Yun Tang, Qingfeng Li did not speak. Niching Luo was angry and said, "Yun Tang, what is the meaning of this? I brought the Wolf King here."

"What's the meaning? Niching Luo, my point is simple. Didn't you want to join me in Grandmaster Tomb? I'll work with you as long as you give me the Wolf King."

"Impossible, I will not give you Wolf King."

"Niching Luo, if you say that, then we can't cooperate." Yun Tang said in a cold voice with a faint smile.

Niching Luo stared coldly, Yun Tang really pissed her off. Niching Luo held Qingfeng Li's arm and left.

This cocktail party was organized by Yun Tang. Niching Luo originally wanted to cooperate with Yun Tang. Now that Qingfeng Li offended Yun Tang, it was no longer possible. For the sake of Qingfeng Li, Niching Luo took him and left.

"Miss Luo, sorry, because of my actions you have offended Yun Tang." Qingfeng Li walked outside with a trace of regret and apologized.

"It is nothing, we will go to Grandmaster Tomb tomorrow. I am afraid no one will cooperate with us." Niching Luo said with a wry smile and pouted.

Tianjing city had four ancient martial arts clans, the Gu family's Jianlong Gu, Jiang family's Baidao Jiang, and Tang's family Yun Tang. Niching Luo had offended all three family clans. She can only rely on her own ability and Qingfeng Li to get into the Grandmaster Tomb.

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