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Chapter 722: Niching Luo's Friend

"You said you are Niching Luo cousin, but I have not seen you before. Who knows if you are the liar instead?" Qingfeng Li smiled ironically.

The young handsome man was not happy. He coldly said, "Asshole, my name is Tianhao Luo.
Naturally, I'm Niching Luo cousin."

"Tianhao Luo, I've never heard of it, maybe you are the liar." Qingfeng Li shook his head as
he spoke.

At this point, Qingfeng Li no longer cared if this youth was Niching Luo's cousin or not, because he just wanted to see Niching Luo.

Qingfeng Li didn't want to bother with Tianhao Luo anymore. He just took out his phone and
called Niching Luo directly.

A short while later, Niching Luo walked out from the mansion. Niching Luo was very beautiful. She was a total vixen, with a glamorous look, two bright crystal eyes that you couldn't resist to admire. Her little mouth was like a little cherry, that you would just want to take a sweet bite out of.

She wore a red dress, her huge chest bulging like two cantaloupes. Her body emitted a sweet irresistible aroma. Her butt was like a pair of large watermelons, revealing a strange lure.

Niching Luo was known as the Rose Fairy. She was Tianjing city's top beauty, looking very beautiful and elegant.

Seeing Niching Luo come out, Tianhao Luo's face jumped with joy. His eyes looked very horny
even though he was looking at his cousin. He couldn't help himself but have naughty thoughts.

"Hey Fraud! You see that? My cousin is here to pick me up." Tianhao Luo looked

at Qingfeng Li, his eyes full of provocation.

Niching Luo completely ignoring Tianhao Luo and walked forward to Qingfeng Li and said,
"Wolf King, you have come."

"Ah, the Luo Family has really tight security. I told them I was your friend, and they actually didn't believe me." Qingfeng said with some dissatisfaction.

Niching Luo smiled beautifully and said with a laugh, "Do not be surprised, they are
always proud and arrogant. Let's go in.

F**k! This man is really Miss Niching Luo's friend. The bodyguards opened their mouths in
awe, with a shocked look on their faces.

They had never seen Miss Niching laugh, no matter who it was. They couldn't believe that
the miss was laughing today, and it was due to a man! This was bullshit!

As for Tianhao who was standing beside them, his face became red. He was embarrassed
since he thought his cousin was here to pick him up. Instead, she picked up Qingfeng Li. He could tell Qingfeng Li and Niching Luo were very close from the conversation they were having, which made him very uncomfortable.

Since Niching Luo was not talking with him, he could only ask, "Cousin, I am Tianhao, don't you recognize me?"

Niching Luo smiled faintly and said, "Tianhao Luo, what don't you just idle at home, what are you doing here?"

"Cousin, I heard that you are raiding a grandmaster tomb. I want in!" Tianhao said with a hot face.

He knew Niching Luo would be venturing into a grandmaster tomb tomorrow and was looking for participants. Since he was chasing after Niching Luo, naturally he wanted to

to go.

"Tianhao Luo, with your strength, it will not work. You are better off staying here. Qingfeng Li is the person I want to go with."

"Cousin, this guy pretty handsome, but that's all he's got. I am afraid he's just a weakling."

"Tianhao Luo, do not think you are very powerful. In front of Qingfeng Li, you are trash." Niching Luo looked coldly at him. She no longer wanted to talk to him. She walked with Qingfeng Li toward the mansion.

Qingfeng Li followed Niching Luo walked toward the interior of Luo Family, leaving Luo
Tianhao alone outside.

"F*ck you b*tch. How dare you look down on me! I will be on top of you one day!" Tianhao Luo cursed. Several guards looked weirdly at him. Then, he entered into the Luo Family mansion as well.

"A magnificent estate." Looking at the magnificent Luo House mansion, Qingfeng Li made an admiring comment. Within, there were dozens of villas, an artificial lake, a swimming pool, a massive golf course and many other facilities. The Luo family housed hundreds of people within this estate.

Of course, in addition to these, there was a huge martial arts arena for the Luo Family clan member to practice martial arts within.

At this moment, a large number of people gathered at this huge martial art arena. These people wore all kinds of clothes and they all emitted a powerful aura.

Some of these people belonged to the Luo Family, while others were recruited elsewhere. They were all going to participate in today's selection process. The finalist of the selection

the selection process will go to the Grandmaster Tomb with Niching Luo.

When Niching Luo entered the martial arts field with Qingfeng Li, everyone looked at the two in confusion because Qingfeng Li was the first man ever brought in by Niching Luo. You could tell many of them had jealousy in their eyes.

"Everyone, let me introduce you to Qingfeng Li. Tomorrow, he will be going into the Grandmaster Tomb with me." Niching Luo announced with a tender smile.

After hearing what Niching Luo said, everyone became enraged and started to chatter.

"Miss, that is not fair! All 50 of us need to undergo selection, and only eight of us can join you at grandmaster tomb. Why does not he need to participate in the selection process?!"

"Ya! Miss, you are looking down on us."

"We won't accept him! We all want to enter Grandmaster Tomb, but we have to go through a competition of strength. Is he even strong enough?"

There were fifty people practicing in the martial arts arena. These people were upset at Qingfeng
Li, assuming he secured a spot through his connections.

One should know, there were many treasures inside the Grandmaster Tomb, so everyone wanted to
participate. There are also many martial arts technique and scrolls inside the Grandmaster Tomb. If you are able to obtain these techniques, you will become very powerful.

However, the number of people Niching Luo could bring into the Grandmaster Tomb was limited. Only nine people could accompany her. Including Niching Luo, there would be 10 people in the party. Qingfeng Li was included directly without a directly without a selection process, which made all 50 people very angry.

From what he heard in the crowd, Qingfeng Li knew that everyone was upset. He didn't go
through the selection process, so it made sense that people refused to accept him as one of the finalists. They all thought he was selected due to connections, not through his strength.

Niching Luo's face looked a little upset, she did not think this group of people would question
her. She would not be afraid if it was just one person, but all 50 individuals were questioning her. She didn't know what to do since, at the same time, she could not ask everyone to leave.

One should know, the Grandmaster tomb was a dangerous place. To raid it, she could not rely on just Qingfeng Li and herself. The party must also include others, some people with specific skillsets with tools, some people with weapons, and someone to guide the way.

"Gee, Qingfeng Li, maybe you don't know any martial arts?" Tianhao Luo walked over to deride Qingfeng Li.

Seeing all 50 people were dissatisfied with Qingfeng Li, Tianhao was very happy. He wanted to
make things worse and push him over the edge.

Qingfeng Li did not want to give Niching Luo a hard time. After all, getting into the Grandmaster
Tomb was ultimately what he wanted. The Black Crow Vines that he needed were at the Grandmaster

"Fine, I'm going with to participate with you all in this selection. Don't think I was simply selected from my connections" Qingfeng Li smiled and walked towards the fifty people.

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