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Hearing Niching Luo's voice, Qingfeng Li frowned slightly. Deep inside his heart, he felt a little awkward.

Niching Luo helped him at Tianjing City and at the auction house, she helped him buy the dragon blood, yet he had just cursed at her. Naturally, he felt a little awkward inside.

Yes, Xue Lin was unconscious, so Qingfeng Li was not in a good mood. This was his own problem. It had nothing to do with Niching Luo. He shouldn't direct his anger at Niching Luo.

"Miss Luo, sorry. I'm in a bad mood, please forgive me." Qingfeng Li said with an apology. Since it was his own fault, he still quickly apologized and admitted to his mistakes.

Niching Luo said, "Wolf King, your wife Xue Lin is still unconscious?"

Qingfeng Li sighed and said, "To wake her I will need the help of Yunhe Zhang, but I need the 'Black Crow Vines' to cure Yunhe Zhang. Without the Crow Vines, he will not cure Xue Lin."

Black Crow Vines?

Niching Luo frowned and spoke, "Wolf King, if we were talking about something else, there might have been a chance that I could not assist you. However, since it's about Black Crow Vines, I can help you."

"Miss Luo, Could it be that you know where the Black Crow Vines are?" Qingfeng Li face changed. His eyes had a hint of excitement.

Niching Luo nodded and said, "Do you remember the map of the Grandmaster Tomb which was bought by Baidao Jiang? There are Black Crow Vines growing within the tomb."

Qingfeng Li was a little happy since he discovered that the Grandmaster Tomb opening was coming soon. There was a strong grandmaster tier fighter buried within the Grandmaster Tomb. It was not a surprise that the grandmaster would have something unique like Black Crow Vines in his possession.

"Miss Luo, when can we go to the tomb?"

"Wolf King, I am calling you from Tianjing City to tell you that the tomb opens tomorrow. We will go together."

"Good, wait for me there. I'll head right over." Qingfeng Li hung up, his eyes full of joy.

This was truly a blessing from God. All of his efforts didn't go to waste! Qingfeng Li searched the entirety Huaxia, and did not find any Black Crow Vines, but In this hopeless situation, Niching Luo told him about the Black Crow Vines in the Grandmaster Tomb. He was so happy that he could actually die from excitement.

Qingfeng Li took care of things in Eastern Sea City so the Wolf Fang Clan and Ziyi Miao could protect Xue Lin while he was gone.

Qingfeng Li drove really fast and arrived at eleven o'clock in the morning.

The Luo Family, which was one of the four ancient martial arts family clan was profound, powerful, and had many expert martial artists.

The Luo Family Mansion had a huge estate covering a few hundred acres. All of it was built with golden marble, making the entire estate appear very luxurious.

The door was also made of gold, emanating its luster and majesty. 

Needless to say, the entire Luo Family was particularly fond of gold. The auction house was built of gold. Their company VIP cards were made of gold, and now Qingfeng could see the Luo Family mansion and door were also made of gold.

In front of the gate stood four bodyguards. These four bodyguards were big and tall. They had strong builds and defined muscle. You could tell that they were hiding really strong explosive power. They were clearly experts in martial arts.

When Qingfeng Li stepped out of his BMW, he was immediately stopped by the four bodyguards when he tried to enter the Luo Family mansion.

"Stop! Not just anybody can enter!" The first short-haired bodyguard frowned, coldly saying.

Qingfeng Li's BMW worth more than 500,000 Yuan. Normally this would be considered rich, but 500,000 was in nothing in the Luo Family. There was no difference between a $500,000 BMW and $300 bicycles from the Luo Family's guard's perspective.

One should know, the Luo family was not only one of the four family clans, but also an ancient martial arts clan. They had strived for thousands of years, and through countless dynasties. They had were involved in various industries in Huaxia and possessed a huge wealth with a net worth of over a trillion Yuan.

In terms of the list of the World's Richest People, the Luo family didn't really care about it, because they think it was below them. They were a hidden rich clan, a capital predator with wealth that could match a country's.

Even if you combined the wealth of everyone on the World's Richest People list, they may still lose to the Luo Family's wealth. Yet they were very low profile. Even those in the journalism industry did not dare to write about them.

There was a saying, the real rich people will not let you see that they have money. Only those who have no money will try to look wealthy. Similarly, people who lack money, did not truly know their place in the world, and these people will always try to prove how much money they have.

The cars coming out of the Luo Family were usually from expensive brands like Rolls Royce or Maserati. The cheapest vehicle that came out was a Land Rover Range Rover (which costed close to a million Yuan).

It could be said that any cars under one million Yuan could not be allowed to enter the Luo Family's mansion.

Since the bodyguards at the door saw that Qingfeng Li was only driving a half million BMW, they naturally despised him and identified him as a nobody.

"I'm looking for you Miss Niching Luo. I am friends with her, please let me in." Qingfeng Li smiled and spoke.

Hearing the words of Qingfeng Li, the short-haired bodyguard not only did not let Qingfeng Li inside, but even laughed at him.

"Little Boy, you make me laugh. Our Lady is like a thorny rose, known as the rose goddess. She never had a male friend, so don't try to scam us." the short haired bodyguard coldly smiled, looking at Qingfeng Li with eyes full of disbelief.

In Tianjing City, who doesn't know that Miss Niching Luo was powerful? She was known as a thorny rose because of the numerous men that have been attracted by her beauty. Yet a considerable number of men have been punished by her as well. If you dared to look at her more than once, you will end up crippled.

Qingfeng Li looked a little handsome, and from his clothes and car, you could tell that he is not a rich man. The guard thought to himself sarcastically: If this man is Niching Luo's friend, then I am Niching Luo's husband.

Qingfeng Li wanted to continue to speak, but a sarcastic voice spoke out.

"Gee, you said you are Niching Luo's friend, but I've never seen you before. Are you not a liar?" the one speaking was a youth in his twenties who had a pretty handsome appearance, with the only flaw being his meager lips. You could tell this was a person with bad karma.

The youth looked at Qingfeng Li and realized he looked even more handsome than himself. This pissed him off. To hear that he was friends with Niching Luo, pissed him off even more.

"Who are you? I am Niching Luo's friend. Why must I be recognized by you?" Qingfeng Li frowned, his voice somewhat pissed off.

What the fuck! Qingfeng Li had to drive all the way from Eastern Sea City to come, not even having time to stop for a drink, but after he ended up at the Luo Family mansion, he was being called a liar. He felt really uncomfortable inside.

"Boy, Niching Luo is my cousin! I am her cousin, and her friend! I know I have never seen you, so how can you prove that you are not a liar?" The young man smiled coldly, proudly stating. There was a trace of arrogance in his tone.


What the f*ck, Qingfeng Li cursed in his mind. After all this talk, it turned out that this young person turned out to be Niching Luo's cousin.

But this cousin and Niching Luo had totally different personalities. He only looked to the sky. His face looked so arrogant.

Qingfeng Li looked at the cocky young person and just wanted to kick him to all the way to the Himalayas. Let's see how he bullshits after that.

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