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When they saw Qingfeng Li come into the arena, the eyes of the fifty people opened in surprise.

The person that Miss Niching Luo brought actually dared to join the selection trial. The selection process prepared by Miss Niching Luo was really difficult and cruel. Does he truly know how cruel and scary trials will be, or was he just boasting?

The Grandmaster Tomb was the burial site for a grandmaster of a generation. Although there were many treasures inside, it was also very dangerous. If you were not strong enough, the only way to escape was death.

That's the reason why Niching Luo needed to have these harsh trials, so that she could select the nine best masters to go in with her.

"Wolf King, do you really want to participate in the selection process?" Niching Luo said with her exotic red lips.

Based on what Niching Luo said, Qingfeng Li did not need to participate in this kind of trial if he wanted. With Qingfeng Li's strength, it was crystal clear to Niching Luo that he would be selected. At his full force, even Cold Blood, the top peak of Higher Heaven, would not be Qingfeng Li's opponent.

Although these 50 people were very powerful, there was still a gap between them and Qingfeng Li.

"Miss Luo, I do not want them to think I was selected due to my connections." Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

Qingfeng Li understood under any situation, the best way to shut someone up is to defeat them. They would only be content if he showed them his overwhelming strength.

Niching Luo nodded and said, "Well, I agree that you should participate in the selection process. The trials are very simple, it will be a Battle Royale. We start with 50 people. The last remaining 9 people will go to the Grandmaster Tomb with me."

Niching Luo's voice faded, the face's of the last fifty people changed. They all had their guards up against the people around them, fearing that the others around them would suddenly attack them.

This trial was very cruel, but also very practical. It was basically one simple word, 'Battle', and only the strongest will stay up.

Because Qingfeng Li was brought in by Niching Luo, the people around him isolated him. Not just isolating him, there were four people who ganged up on him. There was someone against Qingfeng Li in the front, the back, the left and the right, all ready to attack him.

Qingfeng Li looked at the four of them and just smiled calmly. These people were nothing in his eyes. This made them feel very angry. After all, they were from the Luo Family. They were very powerful on their own. Yet even though they were Higher Heaven elites, they were looked down upon by an outsider.

This trial was truly a brawl. Sometimes it was a one on one, but sometimes there many against one.

Qingfeng Li was an outsider and he was already isolated.


Suddenly the four people yelled angrily at the same time. Weaving their hands into fists, palms, and claws, they launched their attacks at Qingfeng Li.

Faced with attacks from four people, Qingfeng Li stood motionlessly as if he did not see them.

"Is this guy stupid? Why is he not trying to dodge it?" the people around him seemed surprised. They did not understand Qingfeng Li's behavior.

It was not just that the people around him were confused, the four people attacking Qingfeng Li were also confused. Does this guy that our Lady brought back really not know how to dodge?

Boom boom boom boom! ! ! !

All four of their attacks landed on Qingfeng Li's body, but it felt like their hands had struck hard stones instead. The first attacker used too much strength and broke his finger and fractured his knuckles.

Qingfeng Li's body underwent the transformation of the dragon's blood. Whether it was his skin or bones, they were both extremely hard. In this state, no one could break his defense.

"All trash!" Qingfeng Li spat out two words, his eyes full of disdain.

Qingfeng Li stood in the middle and didn't move. Yet these people couldn't beat him, if they weren't trash, what were they?

After the four of them heard what Qingfeng Li said, they were furious. They were ready to keep attacking Qingfeng Li, but Qingfeng Li did not give them a chance.

"Die!" Qingfeng Li did a 360 revolving lightning kick. He kicked all four of these individuals and they were knocked into the air. Landing heavily on the ground, they became unable to move.

"Oh my God, this guy is too good. He sent four Higher Heaven early-stages flying with one kick."

"M*therf*cker, this guy is a sandbagger! I thought he was an easy pick, but it turned out he is strong and ferocious like a tiger. "

"Good thing I did not attack him just now, or I would have been eliminated."

Everyone was muttering about Qingfeng Li. They looked shocked, their eyes in disbelief.

Qingfeng Li was so powerful that it is beyond their imagination.

If Qingfeng Li dozens of hits to beat the four individuals, the people around will not be so surprised. The key point was that Qingfeng Li sent these people flying with one kick. This truly scared all the people.

Instantly, everyone within the martial arts arena took a step back away from Qingfeng Li.

Those who were originally close to Qingfeng Li wanted to attack him, but now they all took a step back as they were scared away by just one kick.

"Who else is dissatisfied with me?!" said Qingfeng Li looking at those around him. He smiled coldly.

Everyone shook their head, no one dared to attack Qingfeng Li. They had no choice but to attack each other. After all, the selection was for nine people out of 50 people.

An hour later, the battle was over.

Out of the 50 participants, a total of nine people remained. Namely Qingfeng Li, Tianhao Luo and seven other people.

Qingfeng Li observed that that this Tianhao Luo was in the Higher Heaven realm late-stage. He was an elite. The remaining seven individuals were also Higher Heaven territory mid-stage, their strength were very strong.

With nine individuals selected, the rest of the participant had no choice but to leave. Some of them were regretful because they missed the opportunity to enter the Grandmaster Tomb.

"Everyone go home. We will meet here tomorrow at 8:00 am. We will go to the Grandmaster Tomb together." Niching Luo waved and let the nine people leave.

When Qingfeng Li was ready to leave, Niching Luo stopped him.

"Wait a minute, will you stay with me tonight? There is a cocktail party." Niching Luo said smiling, holding Qingfeng Li's arm.

Qingfeng Li did not want to go, and he wanted to focus his mind on entering the Grandmaster Tomb, but he needed to rely on Niching Luo, so he nodded.

This cocktail reception was actually a gathering of the upper class in Tianjing city. It would be held at Tianjing Skyscraper.

The Tianjing Skyscraper was over 100 storeys high. It was a huge luxury building, and one of the landmarks of Tianjing city.

The building was extremely luxuriously decorated, the exterior was built with silver crystal and transparent glass. The door with white crystal, and it looked particularly beautiful.

Niching Luo's car was a global top limited edition Lamborghini, with a fiery rose color. The exterior also had two painted rose patterns, looking particularly beautiful.

One must say that Luo Family was really too rich. This top Lamborghini was one of a kind. Only one was produced and it was bought by Niching Luo.

When Niching Luo came to the Tianjing Skyscrapers with Qingfeng Li, Qingfeng Li saw someone he knew at the door, Baidao Jiang.

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