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A+ A- Chapter 712: Bringing Xue Lin Home

"Cold Blood, die!" Qingfeng Li roared as he rushed towards Cold Blood.

Qingfeng Li’s body was filled with power as the dragon blood in his body exploded. All he wanted to do was fight and kill, needing to release the excess powers within.

Qingfeng Li struck a punch, focusing all of his vital essence energies into his fist. The true dragon shadow and wolf king shadow weaving around his fist, making him violently powerful. His fist directly blew up the atmosphere, creating a vortex in the air, ruthlessly striking towards Cold Blood.

Cold Blood began preparing himself against Qingfeng Li’s strike. His expression changed, the energy in his body quickly channeled.

"Blood Demon Fist!" Cold Blood roared. His right fist turned blood-red, fiercely striking towards Qingfeng Li’s fist.


The two fists collided as if fast-moving vehicles on a highway, creating a deafening blow, sucking in the surrounding air. Not only this, the violent force spread out towards its surroundings, directly creating two large holes in the ground.


Cold Blood puked out a huge gush of blood, his face colorless, eyes full of shock.

The sight of Qingfeng Li injuring Cold Blood left the surrounding people stunned. They were all familiar with Cold Blood’s immense power. He was the number one fighter in all the realms under the grandmaster realm.

But now, the number one fighter had been wounded by Qingfeng Li’s single punch. Both Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin’s eyes flashed a touch of splendor. It was the kind of splendor women

have in their eyes when they witness a powerful man.

Baidao Jiang’s face darkened. He was also ranked top three on the Higher Heaven ranking list, similar in strength to Cold Blood. If Qingfeng Li was able to defeat Cold Blood, Qingfeng Li would also be able to defeat him.

Truth be told, Baidao Jiang wanted to join hands with Cold Blood to kill Qingfeng Li. He felt completely threatened by Qingfeng Li’s constant evolvement and his ability to constantly create miracles.

However, just as Baidao Jiang was about to strike, Niching Luo stepped out and blocked his path, as if she read his mind. If he dared to move, she would too.

Even though she wasn’t strong enough to battle Baidao Jiang, as the elder daughter of one of the four largest clans in Tianjing, she was strong enough to stop him.

Xianzhi Qin also stepped out from the sidelines. Although she and Niching Luo were enemies, she liked Qingfeng Li because he was fighting all these men to save his wife Xue Lin.

Women are all emotional creatures. Seeing Qingfeng Li take on the world for a woman made her admire him. Plus, she wanted him on her side, so naturally she wanted to help Qingfeng Li win.

At the sight of Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin helping out Qingfeng Li, Baidao Jiang furrowed his brows and halted his strike. He knew that if these two women had actually joined forces, he was no match for them.

Fuck, Qingfeng Li actually managed

managed to have beauties like Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin help him. Baidao Jiang’s heart filled with envy.

"Such incredible powers." Cold Blood’s eyes were filled with shock, along with a trace of bewilderment.

Cold Blood was at Higher Heaven peak stage, ranked number one on the Higher Heaven ranking list, immensely powerful. Having been injured by Qingfeng Li, a late stage Higher Heaven fighter, he was humiliated.

Cold Blood did not know, however, that Qingfeng Li’s dragon blood and wolf king blood gave him the power to be invincible in his own realm, not to mention the ability to battle in upper realms.

If Cold Blood was of the grandmaster realm, Qingfeng Li would have been afraid of him. Unfortunately for him, as a peak in the Higher Heaven realm, he didn’t pose a thread towards Qingfeng Li.

"Again." Qingfeng Li roared. The violent energy exploding in his body once more, his body crimson, fist striking towards Cold Blood once more.


Without fail, Cold Blood’s body flew out again, his mouth spewing out blood once more.

"F*ck, this guy’s Popeye on spinach." Cold Blood cursed. He knew that Qingfeng Li was in a manic state, his powers too violent.

Run, I’m running!

Cold Blood suddenly turned and began to run. As the young lord of Crimson Blood sect, number one fighter on Higher Heaven ranking list, it had always been him killing others, making others run for their lives. But now, he was the one running away.

"Want to run away? No way. Die!." Qingfeng

Die!." Qingfeng Li roared once more, his face filled with violent rage.


Qingfeng Li waved his fist out once more, striking Cold Blood’s back ruthlessly, immediately breaking his ribs. If Cold Blood’s body weren’t so strong, this punch would have blew him up.

Cold Blood spewed out blood once again, eyes full of horror. Qingfeng Li was too scary, too powerful.

"Essence Blood Ignition, Blood Demon Escape." Faced with grave danger, Cold Blood boiled up the essence blood in his body. Using Crimson Blood sect’s escape technique ‘Blood Demon Escape’, his body turned into a lightning bolt, three times faster than before, disappearing from the palace.

Blood Demon Escape was the number one escape mechanism of Crimson Blood sect. It is extremely quick, trading essence blood for the increased speed. Even if the user manages to escape, there would be grave consequences.

Seeing Cold Blood escape with heavy injuries, Qingfeng Li’s face changed. He wanted to chase after Cold Blood, but his body suddenly felt weak, his head spinning.

Qingfeng Li’s face was pale, the powers in his body all but disappeared, returning from Higher Heaven late-stage to Higher Heaven early-stage. The powers from the dragon blood and his bloodline had dissipated, their sequelae appearing.

The sight of Qingfeng Li’s pale face and trembling body worried Daozang Lu. He knew of these after-effects.

Qingfeng, are you alright?" Daozang Lu quickly walked towards Qingfeng Li. He delivered a breadth of vital essence into the latter’s body in order to help him recover.

Qingfeng Li shook his head shook his head and said, "I’m ok, it’s just the after-effects. I cannot use energy."

Qingfeng Li felt a great deal of relief in his heart. Thank heavens he was able to injure Cold Blood with his previous three punches, making him run away.

If Cold Blood had stayed any longer, Qingfeng Li would have been in great danger as his bloodline powers disappears. After all, Cold blood was the number one fighter on Higher Heaven ranking list, immensely powerful. He only managed to defeat Cold Blood by the powers of dragon blood.

"This guy’s power can only sustain for a while, it’s not long-term." Looking at the weakened Qingfeng Li, Baidao Jiang’s eyes flashed a color of delight.

Baidao Jiang was just worrying about not being strong enough to fight Qingfeng Li, but now, fate has shown him Qingfeng Li’s weakness.

Baidao Jiang’s heart filled with excitement. He knew that the trick to fighting Qingfeng Li was to wear his bloodline powers away. 

"Stupid Cold Blood, he would have beaten Qingfeng Li if he stayed a few minutes longer. Can’t believe he ran away." Baidao Jiang cursed in his heart, incredibly irritated.

Daozang Lu transferred his vital essence into Qingfeng Li’s body, helping him heal. After a short while, Qingfeng Li’s physical strength was restored. Although he couldn’t use force, but he had no problem walking.

"Honey, I’m bringing you home." A touch of tenderness appeared on Qingfeng Li’s face as he walked towards the ice bed that was carrying Xue Lin.

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