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White Impermanence had just swallowed a pill called Higher Heaven pill, allowing him increase his level by a small realm. Its effects were temporary however, as it would fade after the battle.

Even so, this pill held great powers. The thought of a spill with the power to increase realms was an impossible phenomenon in itself. In battle, if a fighter’s strength suddenly increases, then killing the enemy would be as easy as pie.

"Wolf King, do you want my help?" Shiwei Guo asked from the sidelines, his face worried.

Shiwei Guo sensed White Impermanence’s great increase in strength and was afraid for Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li waved his hands and said, "no need, regardless of the increase, he’s still a weakling."

White Impermanence had used his last trick, and Qingfeng Li still had Totem Bloodline. He didn’t want to use it until it was absolutely necessary.

Now that White Impermanence increased his strength by too much, he was two small realms higher than Qingfeng Li. Qingfeng Li needed to use Totem Bloodlines to defeat White Impermanence.


Qingfeng Li howled, roaring as if he were an ancient wolf king. The blood in his body boiled into activation, his eyes crimson, his entire body cardinal red. With every burst of blood, it was as if his body was swimming in a volcano, completely blood-red.

Visible to the naked eye, Qingfeng Li’s body rapidly expanded, in a full circle, his body bursting with a powerful force.

When Qingfeng Li activated Wolf King bloodline, the dragon blood in his body seemed to have been stimulated as well. It began to churn, making him even more powerful.

Dragon blood activated as well?

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed, his eyes appeared overjoyed. The dragon blood was way too powerful. Qingfeng Li’s energy increased as a fast as a rocket, going from Higher Heaven beginner straight to Higher Heaven late stage.

My god, this dragon blood is badass, giving me an increase of two small realms. Qingfeng Li was stupefied by the incredible power he felt in his body, feeling incredible excitement.

White Impermanence’s rare pill only increased his strengths by one small realm. The dragon blood, on the other hand, had increased Qingfeng Li’s strength by two small realms through the simple activation of his bloodline.

The two were now equal in strength, both in Higher Heaven god tier.

"Hahaha, White Impermanence you are so dead. I’m going to blow you up with three punches." Qingfeng Li laughed loudly, his eyes full of arrogance.

Qingfeng Li was invincible when fighting within realm. Now that he was as powerful as White Impermanence, the latter shall suffer an abusive death.

Blow me up in three punches?

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s arrogant words, White Impermanence’s face grew dark and his eyes turned cold.

Humiliation, this was absolute humiliation, in front of everyone too.

White Impermanence was Ghost King’s first disciple, an important man in Tianjing city. Qingfeng Li’s words to blow him up with three punches was a complete blow to his ego.

"Qingfeng Li, I’m going to kill you." White Impermanence roared in anger, he whipped out the long black knife in his hands and ruthlessly slashed towards Qingfeng Li’s body.

White Impermanence used up all of his vital essence in this strike, tearing apart the air, forming a huge whirlwind. He wanted Qingfeng Li in pieces.

Only the splitting of Qingfeng Li would resolve White Impermanence’s hatred.

 Both the dragon blood and Wolf King bloodline boiled within Qingfeng Li’s body. He felt a surge of violent energy that he needed to release.

Qingfeng Li withdrew the Red Fiery sword and was going to counter the black knife with the sheer force of his body.

Qingfeng Li focused all his power into his fist and struck a blow. His fist was so powerful that it created a true dragon phantom and a wolf king phantom.



Qingfeng Li’s punch emitted the sounds of a dragon’s roar and a wolf’s howl, coming from the powers of the bloodline, only audible to him, others unable to hear.

This strike embodied every bit of Qingfeng Li’s vital essence energy. The dragon phantom image and the wolf king phantom image followed his fist, bringing an unrivaled ruthless force onto White Impermanence’s long knife.


The incredibly strong long knife, crafted with the rarest of metals, broke under Qingfeng Li’s single blow.

"Ah! My blade!." Seeing his weapon break, White Impermanence screamed, his face turning pale.

He had carried this knife with him for a very long time. It accompanied him in many battles, it meant a lot to him. Now that Qingfeng Li broke it with his fist, White Impermanence’s heart was bleeding.

Qingfeng Li entered a state of madness, as if the dragon blood in his body was about to burst out of him.

Dragons are violent, and they are incredibly powerful. Their favourite method of attack was with their body. The legend says that dragons were invulnerable and even current warfare technologies such as missiles and bombs wouldn’t be able to kill a dragon.

After breaking White Impermanence’s long knife, Qingfeng Li became even more manic. He needed to continue the release of dragon blood powers.

"Second punch." Qingfeng Li roared, striking his fist out once more, the true dragon shadow and the wolf king shadow appearing once again.


 This time, Qingfeng Li struck his fist onto White Impermanence’s chest, instantly creating a hole, his internal organs now visible.

"Impossible, how are you this powerful?" White Impermanence’s face flushed pale, his face terrorized.

The present Qingfeng Li was too powerful. It was as if he was possessed by Ares himself, killing any divinity or monster who crossed his path, invulnerable as god himself.

"Third punch, I’ll blow you up." Qingfeng Li’s face was manic. He immediately caught up to White Impermanence and struck his right fist towards the latter’s head.

"No….." Seeing the frightening fist, White Impermanence screamed as he felt his impending doom.


Qingfeng Li’s punch ruthlessly landed on White Impermanence’s head with unrivalled violence and force, blowing it to pieces. Blood splattered everywhere. His body fell to the ground.

First disciple of Ghost King Palace, Tianjing city’s renowned grand master, White Impermanence-----------Dead

Dead silence.

It was dead silent all across the palace.

Everyone entered a state of shock, Sky Elder and Cold Blood had even stopped their fight, both staring at Qingfeng Li with disbelief.

Holy f*ck, is this guy a man or a god? How is he so violently powerful?

At this moment, everyone was in a complete mess and in complete shock. After Qingfeng Li had activated the bloodline in his body, he was as powerful as Popeye after he’d eaten spinach, ridiculously powerful, blowing White Impermanence into pieces with three punches.

Nishang Luo watched Qingfeng Li with a glisten in her gaze. The others might not have known the reason behind his powers, but she knew, it had to be that drop of dragon blood.

During the auction held in Tianjing city, Nishang Luo had helped Qingfeng Li make the bid for the dragon blood. Naturally, she knew of its effects on Qingfeng Li’s body.

Nishang Luo was delighted, because she had already established a partnership with Qingfeng Li in Tianjing city. Now that she witnessed of his immense powers, she was overjoyed.

"Sh*t, the power in my body is too violent, I still need release." His face suddenly changed, feeling as though he’s lost control of his body.

His body was stimulated by the dragon blood, becoming rabid. He just wanted fight, fight, and fight.

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