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Qingfeng's heart was filled with tenderness, as he quickly made his way towards Xue Lin. Seeing her in a state of unconsciousness, his heart was wrenched in pain.

He and Xue Lin had come a long way since the beginning of their relationship, going through too many ups and downs. From the initial misunderstandings to ultimately trusting one another, to love, and then to separation.

As for Xue Lin leaving, Qingfeng Li didn't blame her. Instead, he felt very guilty. With news of her husband having a child with another woman, if he were Xue Lin, he would have left as well.

Qingfeng Li felt nothing but guilt towards Xue Lin. But everything was too late, as she was already unconscious.

"Young master, the young madam had entered a self-induced hypnosis due to overwhelming sadness. I've given her medication, but she doesn't want to wake up." Sky Elder walked towards Qingfeng Li, speaking respectfully.

Ever since his acknowledgement of Qingfeng Li as the son of Conqueror Third Master Li, he had turned very obedient, viewing himself as a servant.

Others might not have known of Third Master Li's greatness, but Sky Elder was crystal clear. Back then, the assassin who chased after Sky elder was extremely skilled, but Third Master Li still managed to stop him.

Self-induced hypnosis?

Hearing these words, Qingfeng Li's expression changed drastically, his eyes flashed with panic. This condition was worse than being in a vegetative state, as it was unsolvable in all of medical history.

Vegetative states were caused by bodily injuries and brain damage. This was why people fell into comas and were unable to be woken.

Self-induced hypnosis, however, is a state of profound unconsciousness caused by the overstimulation of the nervous system and a deep sadness. The patient prefers to sleep, being unwilling to wake up, because they want to escape reality.

"Baby, I'm so sorry, everything is my fault." Qingfeng Li's face was pale, tears about to flow from his eyes.

It was said that men do not cry easily, but that's because they've not yet reached true sadness.

Xue Lin had hypnotized herself, not wanting to wake up, not wanting to see Qingfeng Li. She was deeply saddened, bringing Qingfeng Li incredible guilt.

Qingfeng Li thought about Xue Lin's childhood. Her father had kicked her out for the sake of another woman. This was her deepest, most painful scar.

Due to her childhood experiences, Xue Li hated men, especially men who had women on the side. As far as she was concerned, Ruyan Liu was the other woman, the poison who tried to steal away her husband.

Now that her husband slept with Ruyan Liu behind her back, even impregnating her, it was all too much for Xue Lin to handle. Luckily, she didn't lose her mind, she had just fallen into deep sleep.

"Let's go, I'm bringing you home." Qingfeng Li wiped away his tears, lifted Xue Lin into his arms, and walked out.

Sky Fate Demon King wanted to follow Qingfeng but was stopped by him. Right now, he just wanted to spend some time alone with Xue Lin without anyone else's disturbance.

Qingfeng Li had asked Shiwei Guo to leave by himself. He carried Xue Lin alone, leaving Sky Mountain.

Qingfeng Li drove his car, bringing the unconscious Xue Lin back to ES city.

That moment in the mansion, Xue Lin's parents, Mayor Jianguo Tang, Mengyao Xu, King Kong, Ziyi Miao and the rest of the gang were waiting in the living room.

The disappearance of Qingfeng Li's wife was a huge deal, enlisting the efforts of the entire Eastern Sea city for her retrieval. They had also stayed home, waiting for news from Qingfeng Li.

Everyone was relieved when they saw Qingfeng Li return with Xue Lin in his arms. But seeing Xue Lin in an unconscious state, their hearts shot back to their throats.

"Xue Lin is back. I need some time to myself. Everyone please, leave." With Xue Lin in his arms, Qingfeng Li said to the rest.

Hearing Qingfeng Li's words, everyone moved their mouths, as if they wanted speak. Ultimately, they all left without saying a word.

Jianguo Tang, Mengyao Xu, King Kong and most of the people left, leaving on three: Shi Lin, Xiaoyun Mu, and Ziyi Miao.

"Qingfeng, what happened to little Xue?" Xiaoyun Mu asked as she quickly walked towards Qingfeng Li, pale-faced.

Qingfeng Li's face looked dim, he said, "Little Xue entered a self-induced hypnotic state, she doesn't want to wake up."


Xiaoyun Mu shook her head in confusion, not knowing what that was. She had never practiced medicine and was unfamiliar with these terms.

Qingfeng sighed and explained, "Mom, Xue was over stimulated by deep sadness and didn't want to see people in reality, so she went into the self-hypnosis state.

Overstimulation, deep sadness?

Xiaoyun Mu caught on to these words. She was very familiar with her daughter's personality. Not only was Xue Lin incredibly bright, she was also proud.

In the past, Xue Lin wasn't even sad when Shi Lin kicked her out of their home for the sake of his other woman. What could have possibly caused this level of sadness, to the point where she conducted self-hypnosis, unwilling to wake up?

"Qingfeng, did you hurt Little Xue? I know her, she's a strong girl. She wasn't even this sad when her grandfather passed away." Xiaoyun Mu said with a dissapointed tone, glancing at Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li opened his mouth, as if to say something. He didn't know what to say. The woman standing in front was his mother-in-law, the mother of Xue Lin. It was understandable for her to be disappointed in him after seeing her daughter suffer.

"Mother-in-law, I'm very sorry, it's all my fault." Qingfeng Li's face suddenly changed, his eyes full of sorrow.

Truthfully speaking, when he saw an unconscious Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li rather be the one getting hurt than seeing Xue Lin like this.

Qingfeng, don't blame me for criticizing you, but recently Little Xue calls me every single night. She tells me about how you treat her so well, how you love her, and how she loves you back. Your marriage ceremony is within half a month, Little Xue said that after the ceremony she would give you a baby. And now you upset her? You..."

Faced with Xiaoyun Mu's criticisms, Qingfeng Li's face turned pale. He stayed completely silent, unable to speak a word. What could he say? He naturally knew of Xue Lin's deep affections for him, and he was also fully aware of her disliking towards Ruyan Liu.

Xue Lin's self-hypnosis, her current miserable condition, was all because of him.

"Enough, stop talking so much. Qingfeng didn't want this either." Seeing Xiaoyun Mu ramble on, Shi Lin furrowed his brows and gave her a glare.

"I should stop talking? When have you ever cared about Little Xue, you didn't care for her when she was younger, and now that she's in a state of unconsciousness you still don't care. What kind of father are you?" Due to Xue Lin's condition, Xiaoyun Mu was extremely angry, even yelling at her husband.

Normally, Xiaoyun Mu was very scared of Shi Lin and very obedient to him. But for the sake of her daughter, she criticized him harshly.

"What are you saying? She's my daughter, how am I not worried? What we need to focus on right now is waking her up, not criticizing each other. Shi Lin said, furrowing his brows.

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