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A+ A- Chapter 708: Sky Fate Demon King

"Go away." Qingfeng said arrogantly when he was faced with Ying Lu's threats.

Qingfeng detested the young man ahead of him deeply. Perhaps it was because they were both men but he hated it when handsome men had contact with Xue Lin. It was a protective mechanism towards his wife.

"Fellow, don't be so arrogant. This is the territory of Sky Fate sect, who are you to bring her away?"

 "I am her husband. Is that a good enough reason?"

"Hmph, who knows if you are lying? Put her down," the handsome young man said coldly. He had affections towards the beauty. Naturally, he refused to let Qingfeng take her away.

"I will kill whoever dares to block my way," Qingfeng said with a cold smile. He suddenly kicked towards Ying Lu's body. The kick contained immense power and sliced through the air.

Ying Lu dared not be careless when he felt the immense power in the kick. He quickly tried to block the kick with his right leg.


The two legs collided in the air with a loud boom. Qingfeng remained unmoving whereas Ying Lu took a few steps back.

Such strong power!

Ying Lu's expression became serious. The young man ahead was too powerful. He was as strong as a bull.

At this moment, Niching Luo said, "I can prove that this beauty is Qingfeng Li's wife. He has the right to take her away."

She was trying to bring Qingfeng

to her side. Furthermore, Qingfeng promised her three favors so Niching Luo decided to help Qingfeng when he was in need.

Xianzhi Qin's eyes gleamed when she glanced at Niching Luo. She said, "I can also prove that this beauty is Qingfeng's wife."

Qingfeng was dazed for a moment when he heard Xianzhi Qin speaking up for him. He knew that he had rejected Xianzhi Qin's invitation many times. He did not expect that she would help her during his time of need.

Ying Lu was livid and his expression turned dark. He had just called Qingfeng a liar but he was immediately rebuked by Niching Luo and Xianzhi Qin.

"Hehe, so what if she is your wife? I want this beauty," Cold Blood said arrogantly with cold smile.

White Impermanence joined in and said, "I am interested in this beauty even if she is married."

"This beauty is pretty good," Baidao Jiang, one of the top three fighters on the Higher Heaven ranking list, also said.

Qingfeng's expression has darkened. Previously, he was happy that the two women had spoken up for him. However, in the blink of an eye, three strong fighters were fighting with him for his wife.

Qingfeng was already an Higher Heaven tier fighter so he was very sensitive power. He could sense that the men in front of him were all stronger than him.

The Sky Fate elder frowned when he saw so many people fighting

fighting for Xue Lin. He said lightly, "Let me tell you guys something. Even though this woman is born with a destined body, she is cursed with the Death Curse. She is unable to activate the power of her bloodline or become a fighter. She can only be an ordinary person."

Death Curse? She can only be an ordinary person?

Everyone's expression changed when they heard Sky Fate elder's words. They needed a destined person who could become a martial warrior, not a person who was cursed and could die anytime.

"Since this beauty is cursed by the Death Curse, I don't want her anymore," Baidao Jiang said with a light smile.

Even though Baidao Jiang decided not to fight for Xue Lin, Qingfeng's expression was still icy cold. This fellow treated his wife as an object that could be discarded anytime. This realization made Qingfeng furious.

"When I become stronger, I will definitely defeat you," Qingfeng thought as he looked at Baidao Jiang. His heart was raging with anger.

"Even though this beauty cannot become a martial warrior, she is so beautiful. She would be a good choice to warm my bed," Cold Blood said wickedly.

"A bed warming woman. That's a good idea," White Impermanence said.

In reality, White Impermanence had already recognized Qingfeng. Ghost King had started collecting Qingfeng's information after Black Impermanence was killed.

White Impermanence had two motives for coming to Sky Fate Mountain. The first was to

was to fight for Xue Lin, the second was to kill Qingfeng. Now that he had met Qingfeng, naturally, he would not let Qingfeng go.

"You guys are courting death," Qingfeng said with killing intent in his eyes.

Cold Blood and White Impermanence were looking to die. How dare they insult his wife? Qingfeng's anger was completely released, it was about to explode anytime.

The atmosphere was very tense as the hostility raised. A battle was about to explode anytime.

"It is good that I came. If I came a moment later, a fight would have broken out." Daocang Lu said as he hurried into the room.

After receiving Qingfeng's phone call, Daocang Lu hurried towards Sky Fate Mountain. He finally managed to arrive before the fight broke out.

As he looked at the people in the hall, Daocang Lu shuddered at the potential danger that Qingfeng was placed in. These people were all representatives of the super powers of Huaxia. Even though Qingfeng was a Higher Heaven tier fighter, he was still the weakest fighter in the group.

"Daocang Lu, why are you here?" Sky Fate elder asked when he saw Daocang Lu.

Sky Fate elder was naturally acquainted with Daocang Lu, who was the lord of Wu Dang Mountain. 15 years ago, Daocang Lu was a legendary fighter. However, his strength declined steeply after he was sneak attacked.

Daocang Lu glanced at Sky Fate elder and said, "You call yourself Sky Fate yourself Sky Fate elder but I think you are just an old fool."

"Daocang Lu, even though we were friends, you still shouldn't call me an old fool."

"What? You don't agree with my words? Do you know who Qingfeng Li is?"

"How should I know who he is?"

"Let me tell you, Qingfeng Li is the son of the Conqueror, the Third Master of the LI Family. Aren't you a fool? You don't even recognize your Young Master," Daocang Lu said coldly as he looked at Sky Fate elder.

It was well-known through Huaxia that there were ten demon kings under the Conqueror. However, not many knew the identities of the ten demon kings. Daocang Lu only knew incidentally that Sky Fate elder was one of the ten demon kings.

What? The son of the Conqueror?

Sky Fate elder's expression changed when he heard Daocang Lu's words. He asked, "Are you really the son of the Conqueror?"


Qingfeng took out the Conqueror's badge and said coldly, "This is the Conqueror's badge. I am the son of the Conqueror."


The Sky Fate elder kneeled on one knee and said respectfully, "Greetings, Young Master. I am Sky Fate Demon."

15 years ago, Sky Fate elder almost died during an assassination attempt. It was the Conqueror who saved him on the condition that Sky Fate elder would become his subordinate and one of the Demon Kings. This was a secret that was known only to a select few.

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